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These Creatures

Most household pets are simple animals who fancy the occasional treat and a ferocious belly rubbing every few hours, but who’s to say they can’t have an appreciation for excellent, eco-friendly design work. These Creatures, a new Seattle-based design studio featuring the talents of Frank Mansfield and Dez Stone Menendez, put their focus on creating sustainable stainless steel pet products for your modern canine or feline. The company’s line of breed-specific and kitty-friendly hanging feeders are envisioned and manufactured under one roof as to cut down on the amount of material waste, helping make for a better environment for you and your favorite domesticated darling.

Japanese Cat Cafes

Clever as ever, the Japanese have combined an animal shelter with a teahouse to create the Tokyo phenomenon known as “cat cafes.” To understand why the Japanese would pay ($8-$12 an hour) to play with someone else’s cats, you have to consider their culture. Tokyo is one of the most overworked cities in the world, with its denizens facing long commutes and hours of unpaid overtime. Residents lack the time and space to devote to pets of their own, but need the stress-relieving benefits of a feline companion. Successful cafes like Neko no Mise have a dozen cats on staff, play relaxing music and provide comics for their patrons. Sounds pretty great to me. Any benefactor interested in starting up a cat cafe stateside…Meow, Music and Manga?

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