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Greener Gadgets: Cell Wrap


CLDFX has a good look at an interesting phone concept by product designer Fernando A. Robert, entered into the Core 77 Greener Gadgets Competition. The basic idea is about stripping a phone down to its minimum and critical functionality. Without all the additional stuff, there is way less waste produced. The end of life cycle is really fascinating too"“ when the consumer is finished with the phone, the internal circuit board can be sent back to the manufacturer and reused in future phones. Smart thinking. Check out more info and pictures here.  Conceptual, but inspiring nonetheless.

Barbie Jawbone

Barbie’s always been plugged in to the latest and greatest — from her pink Corvette to her Malibu dream house, she lives a life of wealth and fame without any of the paparazzi. For her 50th anniversary in France, Colette is going to help you look like a bit more like this icon (no surgery required) by offering a limited-edition light pink bluetooth headset, manufactured by the fashionable designers at Jawbone. Just don’t wear it out to dinner with Ken. Total turnoff.

Case Mate's Backpack and Privacy Screen


I’m rocking out with Case Mate‘s latest creation — the Blackberry Bold Backpack. It’s a form-fitted, leather covered shell that replaces the original, fake leather battery cover. It adds sophistication to the already very grown up device. The crocodile-like embossed leather is available in three colors, and each piece is totally unique.

Also, I’m loving the Privacy Screen, a small piece of tinted plastic that keeps prying eyes off your texts, emails, and sexy picture messages (gasp!). It’s available for a variety of phones. If you’re at all worried about folks on the subway or airplane reading over your shoulder, it’s a must have.

Gift Guide: Cell Phones

Blackberry Storm: Buy It ($199)
We love the touchscreen functionality of the iPhone, but we’re still not floored by its usability when it comes to email or texting. Blackberry‘s newest phone gives us that ability to get tactile with our phone but also features a haptic keyboard that makes sending coherent texts that much easier.

T-Mobile G1: Buy It ($179)
Google’s first phone is geared for those who are pathologically undecided. The phone – which comes in bronze, black, and white and runs on Google’s open-source Android system – features both a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard (a touchscreen keyboard is coming early next year) that slides out. As a result, it’s just a glorified Sidekick that’s still kind of glorious.

Foof Cases: Read JS Review | Buy It ($13)
These cases come in a variety of gorgeous fabrics and protect your phone by holding it snug and wrapping it in satin. We’re totally jealous of our phone. They’re also available for your other portable Mac items.

Speck Cases: Read JS Review | Buy It ($30)
They offer a wide range of designs, but their newest are so preppy they make us want to rename ourselves Muffy and go play some croquet — in a totally non-judgmental way.

Jawbone Bluetooth Accessory: Read JS Review | Buy It ($130)
You may be a Bluetool, but you don’t have to look like one all the time — at least not with the sleek device that’s also incredible at eliminating background noise. Ok, so you still look like a tool, but if it’s between sounding good and looking good…

Incase x Parra iPhone Case: Read JS Review | Buy It ($60)
Stay protected, stay sexy, and grab a colorful — but expensive — hardshell case produced by Dutch artist Parra for reliable manufacturer Incase. Our phone gets to stay safe and we get to enjoy the acid flashbacks.

Hulger Handsets: Read JS Review | Buy It ($40 – $190)
Sometimes we long for those good old days of ginormous handsets. Hulger captures our nostalgia by wirelessly connecting or plugging a nice chunky receiver into our cellphone or our PC to chat via Skype.

Brian Eno x Bloom iPhone App: Read JS Review | Buy It ($4)
Coutesy of Brian Eno, Bloom lets you create sounds and images just by touching your screen. It also features nine mood settings — though we don’t think holiday stress is one of them.

Glass iPhone

Steve Jobs, here’s what we want for Christmas. The “Glassy Glassy” phone is a new concept by designer Mac Funamizu; absolutely gorgeous and looks straight out of Minority Report. It features a double-layered glass body — great for sex appeal, not so great for oily-fingers. But the real questions: Will it shatter into a million pieces when your inevitably drop it? Will people across from me be able to read my text messages? Would Apple charge $1000 on top of a three year service agreement for it?

Via Yanko Design



We all love having Facebook and Twitter to talk to our friends no matter where you are. But what about when you’re out and want to see where your friends are? Enter Brightkite. It isn’t exactly a “new” idea, since the iPhone, and well before it, there have been failed attempts at creating a location based social network. Well Brightkite might have it down — a clean interface, and easy friend and privacy settings. You can integrate it with Twitter and Facebook, review places (I used it last night to find a place to eat), meet people nearby or just find out about an area (currently house hunting with it). As we go around the globe focused on what the hippest of the locals are doing, this might be our new Rosetta Stone. Currently it’s private invite only (send them an email see what they can do), but since the release of their iPhone app BrightKite has gone from just a fun tool, to a really really useful one. The platform works with almost any mobile phone and you can update from the website.

UPDATE: The nice people at Brightkite have given us a link to sign up here.

Please Fix the iPhone

When you first purchased your brand new iPhone you probably thought you were getting the most malfunction-free electronic device since Benjamin Franklin invented the digital watch (or something). What you’ve most likely since discovered is that the Apple gods are indeed fallible and that no product is without its glitches. In an attempt to solve the shortcomings of your superphone, Fullsix NY has launched Please Fix the iPhone, a site dedicated to improving the functionality of your iPhone and alerting Apple to the specific defects infecting your phone of the future. The site allows owners to vote on which issues plaguing their jack of all electronics are the most pressing, so that Steve Jobs and the rest of the nerds can retire to their nerditorium and finally get your favorite gadget working properly. There’s even a version of the site specifically for your iPhone so you can make suggestions as you encounter them.

Speck iPhone Cases

Are you taking your naked iPhone out in public? If so, it’s about time you dress up your little buddy. Speck has just released their new line of stylish fitted cases for the iPhone 3G. Each case consists of a soft form-fitting lining protected by a polycarbonate hard-shell, and wrapped in your choice of three fabric patterns. At this point you can choose from houndstooth check, black-and-white plaid, and black herringbone with pinstripes, with new styles coming soon. There’s no more need to cover your iPhone with an ugly, bulky cover in order to keep it safe.

Big Ticket Tuesday: Hulger Phones

Greetings. Salutations. Time to win some free #$#% again!

If you’ve kept up with the site, you know about Hulger and their desire to see the whole mobile phone carrying world go retro. This week we’re giving you the opportunity to take home any of their chunky, corded handsets that connect to your slim, cellular phone.

The Prize: One Hulger handset of your choice (retail value, from $39 – $190)

This Week’s Rules: We’re feeling a little jaunty this week, so here’s a pop culture themed phone question: What is the worst cell phone product placement in a movie? Everyone has seen a flick that either puts the brand name front and center, uses the phone as a major plot device, or — if you’ve been out recently, as we have — just puts a whole f-ing commercial before the film. Point these out to us, and the one that makes us groan the loudest wins. Winners announced on Friday.

iSkin Brasil

These great portable device adhesives are from the debut collection of iSkin Brasil, but they look so good you could stick one of these honeys on a sketchbook cover or skateboard. Sixteen Brazilian artists, organized by art promoters/non-profit group Aprendiz, each came up with a design that was translated by iSkin into covers, figuring iPods and laptops are an easy way for consumers to inject art into their daily lives. Themes run from Japan (definitely the most popular in the country this year) to São Paulo’s hopelessly polluted Tiete river, portrayed with lots of imagination, color and fertile talent. Unfortunately, you can only buy them through the country’s FNAC bookstore and electronics chain — but with a little ingenuity (and possibly a friend who speaks Portuguese) you can manage to order one online.


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