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Yves Behar For Herman Miller: SAYL


The new SAYL chair by Yves Behar and Fuseproject was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. More pictures and details at Core77. He is quickly becoming one of the most iconic designers of our generation.

You can pre-order the chair here, from $399-$499 depending configuration.

Its unique, frameless back mimics the tectonics of suspension bridges, providing ergonomic support with no hard edges. Though prototyping began in wood and rope, the trademarked “3D Intelligent Suspension Back” is enabled by a proprietary urethane and two additional trademarked inventions.

In addition to maximizing the chairs visual impact, the minimizing of details also means that less materials are consumed in fabrication, following what Béhar has termed an eco-dematerialised&tm approach (there’s that trademark again). Herman Miller ensured that the materials used are sustainable, targeted to achieve the MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver, BIFMA level 2, and GREENGUARD certifications.

Finally, the name SAYL comes from the sailing vessels that pass beneath suspension bridges, with the Y recalling the Y-Tower structure in the back of the chair.

Bicycle Inspired Chairs


When designer Torgny Fjeldskaar isn’t designing bicycles (he is the head of industrial design at Cannondale), he’s making bad ass carbon furniture"“ all under the brand name Laisr.

Laisr is a furniture brand created and owned by Torgny Fjeldskaar and Javier Alberich. The company is based in Basel, Switzerland. We do high-tech furniture designed and hand-made to stand the test of time. Our current products are designed by Torgny Fjeldskaar, whose daytime job is to design high-end bicycles for Cannondale, a company famous for its innovative use of high-tech materials. Javier Alberich is the creative director. He also worked several years at Cannondale in the past. Currently he’s working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

Rainer Mutsch's Rocking Chair

02_rocking_chair_ mutsch.jpg

When we think of a rocking chair, a memory springs to mind of grandma knitting while emitting creaky sounds with continuous reclining effort. Rainer Mutsch has erased those images with his fresh take on the familiar furnishing. Rather than focus on the literal action one experiences while seated, the Austrian designer goes with a bolder (or boulder) approach by fashioning a seat in the shape of a rock formation. However, there’s more appeal to this piece than the ability to sit on a pseudo stone. The chair is designed using a polgyonal structure that puts the accent on the most vital ergonomic sections, which helps minimize the material and weight of the structure and makes your sitting experience all the more comfortable. Rock on!

Via MoCo LoCo

Ljubljana's Chairs


It would be easy to be blue about the lack of eye-catching public design in many city centers if it weren’t for gems like Slovenian design consultancy Asobi’s outdoor chairs placed along the main street of the city of Ljubljana. The Slovenska Street revitalization project features transformable orange benches and chairs that were designed to be light but durable. The ARPRO material the chairs were created from is completely recyclable and has been used in everything from Volvo cars to baby car seats. Another approach to introducing seating space and blocking local traffic may not have received the same public welcome, which has encouraged the chairs to be made available for sale on the modular furniture site Movisi.

Konstantin Grcic @ ICFF

If you’re big into sitting and design, you’ll want to be at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair next week in New York when former House & Garden Style Editor Brooke Stoddard speaks with world-famous German designer and head of KGID, Konstantin Grcic, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m on May 17th. Over the years, Grcic has developed products for companies such as Flos, Montina, and Cappellini, and his most recent project is the MYTO cantilevered chair that was commissioned by chemical company BASF and designed for Plank out of a new synthetic material. He has also been hired to design all of the furniture pieces for the expansion of Long Island’s Parrish Art Museum and fans will be able to admire his work when it opens in 2009.

Brastilo collection x Pieter Maes

What do you get when you combine an up and coming Belgian designer with Brazilian inspiration? Belgilian desperation? Actually, the result looks like some pretty astonishing home furnishings courtesy of 2004 Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Pieter Maes. Having spent a good deal of time in the South American country, Maes found himself gaining an appreciation for Brazilian culture, as well as its long history of modern contemporary furniture. So, it’s not much of a surprise that Maes teamed up with New York based-company Brastilo, who are known for their line of home furnishings “inspired by the Brazilian love for an easy lifestyle and stunning design.” Maes’s creations are marked by an equal fondness for geometric figures as well as elements of the natural Brazilian landscape. His stunning collection "” consisting of everything from chairs to cabinetry "” is expertly made by Brastilo’s own craftsman using the finest eco-friendly wood from their private reserve in southern Brazil, enhancing the authenticity of these aggressive, edgy designs.

Bottega Montana: Spool Stool

Who knew that coming up with the perfect idea for making the perfect outdoor stool was as simple as replacing the letter ‘T’ in Stool with the letter ‘P’. Okay, so maybe that’s not how the Gillia Brothers, the driving force behind Bottega Montana came up with the idea for their outdoor Spool Stool, but what’s important is that they came up with it. This wonderfully practical seating option designed specifically for outdoor use, may look like it could possibly roll away on you, but in actuality it’s designed with sturdiness in mind. The grooved base allows for helps to maintain stability on uneven surfaces and along with the cylindrical hole give this cedar stool an ample design for aeration. The design also ensures ample drainage so that even after a hard rain falls, your underside won’t get all wet. We like a design that takes our wellbeing into consideration.

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