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Blip Festival 2008

Attention serious nerds, get out your Google calendar and mark it down with the following information: On December 4 – 7, the Blip Festival 2008 comes to New York to recycle your Commodore 64, Atari 2800, NES … possibly even a Neo Geo or two … into musical instruments and artistic displays. While most gaming relics look like plastic-injection toasters and sound like a berzerk B9 robot, in the hands of talented musicians (like 8-Bit Operators), skilled artisans, and a handful of components from Radio Shack, they can become a bleeping good time.


Touch displays are going to transform the way we use computers. MultiTouch, a Finland-based company, has just released a truly amazing modular based multi-touch display. They’re completely scalable, from the size of a laptop screen to screens that measure over 66 feet across — only your pocketbook will decide the size of your display. Each LCD screen is HD ready and can be built as a table or a wall unit. The multi-user system allows the direct use of hands to play games, sketch, manipulate, and play around with maps, pictures, and videos — no more mouses (or is it mice?). If you’ve watched CNN lately, you’ve probably seen the MultiTouch in action, moving around the electoral map. It really has to be seen to fully understand its capabilities.

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Meninos Hard Drive Cases

If that external hard drive is looking a too much like … well … a hard drive, Brazilian design company Meninos’ hard drive cases might be the color you need add to your other desktop. Made in acrylic, these cases are wrapped in a vinyl overlay in a rainbow of designs, from Brazilian standards like iconic snack packaging to the more world-recognized Kiss and special Villains imagery. They come alone or packaged with hard drives up to 500 g’s. Meninos also takes custom orders too; just upload how nutty you want your case to look and you’ve got a new, personalized desktop.

Parra and Incase

parra_slv-1.jpg First, Incase surprised us with their incredibly relevant, timely, and bad ass KRINK/Arkitip collaboration laptop sleeve. Next up, they’re collaborating with Dutch artist Parra. Known for combining bright colors and his mastery of fonts (and in this case it looks like great embroideries), I think we’re really in for a treat. The product will be available for sale in the Arkitip curated section online on the 24th of October. And we can’t wait to see what they do, and who they work with next.

Tokidoki x Fujitsu Laptop

Tokidoki, the Italian lifestyle brand with the Japanese name, has just ventured into laptops. Simone Legno‘s Cactus Friends and Moofia characters are easily recognizable gracing the top of Fujitsu’s new LOOX U series ultra-mobile PC. Let’s face it, anyone who is shopping for this ¥123,800 (about $1100 USD) Japan-exclusive UMPC are doing so for the tokidoki branding. To that end, people who purchase the laptop will be rewarded with a 1GB tokidoki USB drive, stickers and an original T-shirt. Check out the product page (in Japanese) here.

Tom Bihn: Checkpoint Flyer Briefcase

If you’re looking for a practical bag for your laptop that doesn’t skimp on style, there’s a good chance you can find something in Tom Bihn’s vast array of potent portables. His latest creation, the Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Briefcase, is the fruit of five months of some serious design labor in response to the Transit Security Authority’s challenge to create a “checkpoint friendly” case to transport your precious wares. These suave satchels remove the hassle for both you and the security guard by allowing them to get a clean shot at the contents of your carry-on by keeping your laptop in a separate protective compartment and leaving the rest of your gear undisturbed as it passes through their x-ray machine. The bag is available in sizes accommodating most Apple laptops and also many PCs.

Incase x KRINK and Ariktip

If you’re a firm believer that your laptop case says as much about you as the content of your computer’s character, perhaps you should stop lugging around your Macbook in that purple crushed velvet sleeve — it’s so 30 years ago. Instead you should consider toting your prized ‘puter in the choice new case collaboration curated by Arkitip. It combines the quality craftsmanship of Incase with the signature drip print that could only come from a design mind like KRINK. If you’re not convinced that this is the case for your hardware, we recommend taking a sneak peak at the process of putting together this unique piece of techno-luggage for your MacBook. Then head over to the Arkitip store and grab your own before they sell out.

Infinium's Phantom Lapboard

Most keyboards are designed with desk ergonomics in mind, but what if you don’t work at a desk? For those who compute in a more casual environment — such as a sofa or bed — your typical keyboard isn’t an ideal accessory. Infinium labs has remedied this problem with the Phantom Lapboard. The unique keyboard/mouse combo rotates 360 degrees in any direction and tilts forward at a 22-degree angle. These design quirks not only make it easier for Southpaws, but the incline allows ample space to slide the accompanying wireless mouse around. And yes, It works with both PC and Mac.

via Yanko Design

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