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Bodum Colorful Toasters

First it was candy-colored iPods, then Dell came up with a line of Willy Wonka inspired laptops, and now Bodum (who also made my French press) has a line of cheeky toasters. For those who believe that they have enough chrome and black in their kitchens, this is a little unexpected splash of color. I’m also a complete advocate for a toaster that does nothing more than toast bread. I have an oven — it’s my oven. The toaster oven was only good at taking a very long time to do things a microwave can do in minutes. And this one looks like it comes with a nice textured grip, just in case you toast on the go.

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Neolithic Knives


The tools we use in our every day lives have come a long way since the time of early man. Jagged rocks fashioned into crude shapes and surfaces ideal for jabbing into fleshy substances just don’t seem like they would fly for kitchen knives nowadays. Or would they? Neolithic Knives, a new creation for Bond by NYC based designer Matthias Kaeding is a striking homage to the instruments of the new stone age made slightly more convenient for today’s kitchen commanders. These sleek ceramic instruments bring a more salt of the earth appeal to the acts of smashing, slicing, dicing, chopping, and scooping up ingredients in your meal preparation. While we’re not sure if it’s just as easy as whipping out the ginsu, it’ll probably give you enough of a sense of accomplishment once you’ve managed to mince an entire onion that you’ll have no choice to let out a hearty grunt reminiscent of your evolutionary ancestors.

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Get Your Grill On

Warm weather means more than shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops…it also means it’s time to brush off that grill and start bbq-ing. Whether you’re a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore, you’re going to need more than just fire and coal to make your flame broiled fantasies a reality. Every grill master needs some quality utensils — and we’ve got just what the doctor (or chef) ordered. This set of stainless steel folding grill tools from Sur La Table includes a brush, a pair of tongs, and a spatula with eco-friendly pakkawood handles that allow these cooking tools to become compact providing a sleek space saving solution to your searing situation. Also, they might be useful in fending off a mugging providing you can convince your would be attacker that the folding spatula is also a switchblade.

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Top Secret Recipes

We know you love swinging by your local neighborhood chain restaurant for both the ambiance and the quality eats, but sometimes dining out can get a tad bit pricy. If only you could employ your own skillet skills to serve up the same sensational suppers in the comfort of your kitchen, you'd sure save a lot of scratch. While eliminating the waiter as the middleman between you and your meal sounds great in theory, T.G.I. Friday's doesn't just give out their top-secret recipe for their Jack Daniels Grill Glaze"¦or do they? Well, not exactly, but Todd Wilbur, the mastermind behind Top Secret Recipes, thinks he's figured it out. Wilbur has spent the last 15 years in mastering the practice of kitchen cloning, creating perfect clones of brand-name recipes and uncovering the most guarded of ingredients for everything from fast food to yoo-hoo. So just what are those ingredients? You'll have to go to his website to find out for yourself.

Who Wants What: Grace Bonney

Design*Sponge is almost consistently the first site I go to in my newsreader; Grace is such a fantastic resource, gracious writer and all-around sweetheart…that’s why we hope she gets everything on her wishlist this season:

Painting by Clare Grill: I’m way too broke to even think about investing in art right now, but if I had a grand to spare (or if someone who loves me did) I would totally ask for/buy one of Clare’s incredible geological paintings. I love the way she plays with colors like hot pink against neutrals — any one of her pieces would look fantastic above my couch. One day…

Kitchen Aid Mixer in Pistachio: Because when I’m not running D*S, I’m fantasizing about tracking down Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) and becoming her protege. I’m sure that will never happen, but a girl can dream.

An Ernst Benz Watch: Ok, this isn’t for me, but my significant other. He’s wants one of these so, so badly and I wish I had the extra 3k to get him one. So if we’re talking dream gifts, I’d love to be handed one of these so I can pass it on to him. I’m not sure if they’re worth the 3k but they do have a pretty nifty transparent back so you can watch all the inner workings in action!

iFoods TV

Are you sitting at home, wondering whether you should order in from the Mexican place around the corner run by a Chinese family, or the Chinese place run by a Mexican family down the block? If so, why not eat somewhere the culinary options are limitless, a little place I like to call your own damn kitchen. So you say you can’t cook? Nonsense, if early man figured out how to use fire, you can certainly figure out how to switch on your stove. If it’s the rest of the process that scares you, look no further than iFoods Tv for help. “The website features over 100 free video recipes” prepared by superstar chef Niall Harbison, not to mention tutorials on the proper way to peel, blanch, and chop, to improve your kitchen credentials.

If you already fancy yourself a skillet savant, there’s plenty of other ways to put the site to good use as it also has a social networking element where members are encouraged to upload videos and photos of their own recipes and can even challenge the iFoods TV Chefs. As if you needed any more incentive to join, let us not forget to mention the top iFood users win a monthly prize. What are you waiting for? All you need is a computer and some kitchen utensils, and we know you have a computer. Go make your own dinner!

1080 Recipes

The closing of Barca 18 in Manhattan earlier this year left me a little saddened and, not surprisingly, craving the salt cod fritters and ham croquettes that once graced their menu; I can’t really decide if it was because of my true adoration or because I simply couldn’t get them there anymore. In any case, when I got my hands on the newly-translated 1080 Recipes, Simone and Ines Ortega’s Spanish bible of cooking, I was beside myself. Phaidon has done an incredible job, laying out an easy-to-follow format illustrated by Javier Mariscal, offering both English and Spanish titles for the dishes. Although the size is somewhat intimidating — clocking in at a little shy of a thousand pages — it covers every Spanish region, is divided up into manageable sections (appetizers, sauces, pastas, meats, desserts) and offers menus from chefs such as Andy Nusser (Casa Mono) and Alexandra Raij (Tia Pol). Granted, my apartment lacks the theatrical lighting and excess of gorgeous-looking waitstaff that Barca once maintained, but my croquettes? Just as good.

1080 Recipes is slated for release on October 26th, and is available for pre-order at Amazon right now. If you’re at all inclined towards Spanish food and/or looking to infuse some new life into your repertoire, I strongly suggest you get your hands on this cookbook.

New, Hot Fuego: Modular

Being that I live in Manhattan and have no backyard to speak of, I tend to get a little of the summertime blues, reminiscing about grilling outside. With the 4th of July just around the corner and families all over the country prepping for big barbecue parties, I busted out the ol' mini George Foreman to try and compensate. Sadly and somewhat predictably, it just doesn't hold its own in the ring with such outdoor grilling appliances as Fuego's upcoming Modular — a modern looking piece of equipment that goes far beyond merely making burgers to function as an entire outdoor kitchen. The bigger, badder brother of the Fuego 01, the Modular can hold up to six of its namesake components including grills, burners, warming drawers, storage and refrigeration in its slick aluminum frame. Theoretically, this makes it possible to never enter the house once the festivities get started ensuring you won't miss any of the things that define a good BBQ such as first dibs on the macaroni salad and the good beer. Launching in 2008, you will have to wait until next year to get your hands on what could easily be described as the ultimate grilling tool, but it will give those of you with lawns time to save up; the Modular is set to cost somewhere around 5k. Bigger, plus one additional pic after the jump.

–Mara Siegler


TSP Spices

Organic spices in nice packaging? I'm sold. Especially with tsp spices flavor set, Sweet Heat, which is a duo of ancho chile pepper and Saigon cinnamon (no surprise there "“ my favorite latte of the month is made with chiles and dark chocolate). These no muss, no fuss spices come in individually pre-measured packets. The completely pure spices aren't offered in blends to preserve their flavor and integrity "“ but don't let that stop you from making a blend for yourself!

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