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Chat rooms were great when you had your first long distance relationship, but you’ve grown older and moved on. Now you’re old enough to develop professional relationships. There are plenty of sites that cover that, but if you happen to be a creative type looking for fellow web collaborators and don’t want to wade through all the fish in the Craigslist or Linkedin sea, may we suggest The new social networking site from the same folks who brought you Rumplo, seeks to connect web designers and developers to that one special person or group looking to make their net projects come to fruition. So jump right in and find that partner that you can click with.

"Rooms" Tradeshow

Rooms is an innovative international tradeshow, stemming from the idea that designers have concepts to transmit to the world around them. Literally, Rooms provides a “room” to exhibit those ideas, each an intersection for designers, buyers and journalists to create new business opportunities, global communication and inspiration. Launched in 2000, Rooms is held twice a year with exhibits that include clothing, denim products, accessories, everyday gadgets and art. The latest room (No.17) was adorned with resin and plush art toys by Tokyo-born, London-educated designer, Ayako Takagi.

Smash Magazine: Humanclock

You’d think that with the trend of checking our cellphones for the time rather than our wrists, that the art of telling time has become lost. Though this may be the case day to day, there are groups of creative people out there that know that time defines all parts of our lives, and they sure have interesting ways of displaying it. Smash Magazine recently rounded up their top ten listm and on it you’ll find time displayed on Fed Ex boxes to random Flickr images. My favorites are the Word Clock and the HumanClock, both of which are simple in their foundation but thought-provoking enough to keep you around long enough to see minutes flip by.

Kidult Piggy Banks

I’ve had a mild obsession over piggy banks lately. Being without a car, I don’t have an unused cigarette tray to throw in my extra change, and my coins usually wind up on the dinner table or stuck to my leg when I get up from the floor. Enter Imaginarium’s Kidult designer toy-inspired coin banks (type in “Kidult” in the “Busca” box). They’re on the cute side, as befits the genre, but I’m drawn to their practicality: round like a fat pig belly to hold a lot of coins, large so there will be a guaranteed payoff at the end, and it looks good on my shelf next to my other toys and porcelain containers. As a successful businessman once told me, you gotta spend money to earn money.

Jellio: Kid Stuff

Thanks to Jellio now you can design the room of your five-year old dreams. Bumping kitsch up a notch by mixing clean, modern design with the gadgets and toys of your childhood, Jellio's designs aren't so much a throwback style as a literal interpretation of childhood memories as furniture and art.

From Lite Brite and Rubik's Cube tables to a selection of juicy looking multi-hued GummiLights, the inspiration behind the designs is direct and literal: they're childhood indulgences brought to adult-sized life "¦ the kind of adult life where you need to buy furniture. Newly released items include the Button Bench, a rounded white acrylic bench covered in pliable plastic button candy dots, as well as their first foray into fashion and accessories — the Slate Bag. This Etch-a-Sketch-inspired messenger bag (and its companion, the iSlate) comes complete with a stylus and writing pads to doodle on the flap. When you're bored, wipe it away and start over. Fun!


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