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Obama Time Capsule Customizable Book


Yesterday, Rick Smolan released the top secret project he’s been working on with HP: THE OBAMA TIME CAPSULE, a customizable book. Using the HP print-on-demand technology we last showed you with MagCloud, people can weave their own names, photos and messages into an historic large format book featuring the work of the world's leading photographers, graphic artists and writers.

The book can be extensively personalized by answering a few questions and uploading photos to the project website. THE OBAMA TIME CAPSULE offers readers seven different ways to personalize the book. If you’ve been courting your own ISBN, you’ll come close with co-author credit on the front cover and a photograph of you on the back (as well as inside amongst celebrity supporters). Each collectible copy of the book is printed one at a time. Most publishing industry analysts agree that print-on-demand will be the publishing model of the future.

"From grass roots Facebook campaigns to viral YouTube videos, the Obama campaign took the presidential race to a new level in terms of personalization," said Smolan, co-founder of Against All Odds Productions (AAO). And the book follows suit: Using the Internet, publishers have fewer barriers to market and by only printing what is necessary, excess inventory and waste are eliminated.The OBAMA TIME CAPSULE (retail price $64.95) is now available exclusively through Amazon at an introductory price of $34.95. Additional sponsors for the book include Google, AOL, Facebook, Glam Media, Blurb, Microsoft, eMotion and NewPage.


If you’re not an “off-the-rack” kind of guy, or always need to get your clothes altered, custom options kind of suck. Tailors are expensive, and they’re always touching us … down there. But, now there’s a faster way of getting a shirt that looks — and more importantly fits — right. ShirtsMyWay takes individual button-down components and personalizes the measurement, pattern, and material. We didn’t even know what a ‘placket’ was until ShirtsMyWay showed us we could get it in Urban Safari brown.

Champion x Hoodie Remix

Ever dreamed of designing your own hoodie? Blame it on the credit crunch, but Champion is opening up its shop and letting you do the designing. They’ve come up with a super easy Hoodie Remix website to dream up your design. Customize major parts of the hoodie using a full color range, as well as some predefined patters. It’s mix and match from there. We pumped one out in five minutes (not pictured) and half that time was spent debating the zipper color. Here’s the huge bummer: you aren’t able to buy what you create. It’s a contest. The designs are submitted and, through the harsh judging of your peers, a few winners will be chosen. The contest ends March 31st so start entering or voting.


Despite the fact that we have accepted the need to traverse shoeless, beltless and beverageless through airport security, most of us still can’t stave off baggage carousel gridlock by bringing along anything other than a black roller bag. I’m among the guilty who assumes that my beat-up Samsonite stands out due to a few strands of green yarn I’ve affixed to the handle. All this is about to change with DotDrops, an innovative concept to customize your luggage. Using the snap-on microdots that come with the bags, you can send a message to TSA and your fellow travellers that says you love, among other things, America, martinis or aliens. As if that’s not enough, each purchase is accompanied by a DIY toy by French company Artoyz. With several styles of suitcases, an exclusive toy and lots and lots of dots, you can really make a personal statement.

Ray-Ban Colorize Kit

Ray-Ban Wayfarers have become one of the most iconic sunglasses in the world. Following last year’s Project Colorize campaign, which saw collaborations with artists Ron English and Tara McPherson, Ray-Ban is gearing up to release a pair of shades designed for the DIY movement. Or, rather, lack-of-design. The Colorize kit will come with a blank pair of Wayfarers and a pack of markers and stencils with which to customize them.


We like to think of ourselves as savvy, stylish shoppers. Often times when we go out looking for the perfect item of apparel we know exactly what we want. Unfortunately, it’s a rare occasion that it actually exists. We usually have to settle for a close approximation of our ensemble. Or maybe we don’t. 9tailors — an online custom haberdashery aimed at young professionals — presents a cheaper creative alternative to a bespoke wardrobe by letting you be the designer. All you have to do is log on to their site and in four easy steps you have the garment of your dreams. Just choose the design, pick a fabric, enter your measurements and make sure it fits your fancy. Like our luggage combination, it’s as easy as 1,2,3,4.


One of the worst feelings is showing up to a social gathering and seeing someone wearing the same shirt as you. Our friends over at MarkerTees has solved this travesty. They’ve just released a whole line of tees that let you use your shirt as a blank canvas. Each comes with a re-writable marker that allows you to experiment. When you want to change your message, simply throw the shirt in the wash and the drawing disappears. If you can ironically dream it, you can wear it.

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