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San Francisco Ballet's Nights Out

The San Francisco Ballet is facing many of the same issues confronting cultural and arts organizations all over the country: aging audiences, global recession, pricey tickets. To counter act these trends, they introduced some great programs to build community interest. The Fridays at the Ballet evening performances are aimed at young professionals and the Nite Out series is for members of the LGBT community. They start with pre-show talks with choreographers and company members and close with cocktails at the War Memorial Opera House. The evening’s presentation of three brief works ensure that even if you don't love one of the pieces, you and your friends are bound to find something that makes you want to do fouettés on your way home. Next Friday will be no exception with Jerome Robbins’s West Side Story Suite and Christopher Wheeldon’s Within the Golden Hour, one of the hits presented for the Ballet’s 75th anniversary. Looks like everything old is new again.

Pjotro’s Musical Suit

Pjotro is the only man with a musical suit that we know of– and watching/listening to him move is really amazing! The suit, which emanates beats and bops with every motion was created from his passion for dancing, music, and engineering. It may seem elementary, but watching the clip from his Finnish TV appearance, Pjotro creates electronic music that challenges that of many artists. On his site you can simulate the process by programming him to move in a variety of fashions including slow, crazy, sharp, smooth, cool, and fast, at different portions in his unique dance cycle. Pjotro's invention is totally innovative and its complexity demonstrates his engineering intelligence (A+ from us), which it seems can only be matched by his killer dance moves!

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