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Aviary: Online Graphic Design Tools

Not everyone has the talent to be a professional in the arts, but that doesn’t make that itch not worth scratching every once in awhile. While serious types often spend lots of cash on the latest design software, more casual types try our hand at creating without the serious loot. Aviary is a cheaper way to give into your artistic whims. The site that comes off like an online Photoshop, complete with visual laboratory, image editor and color palettes. It allows aspiring artists of all genres — whether they long to be an audio editor or graphic designer — to indulge their imaginative sweet tooth. Go ahead, poke around and see what inspiration comes out.

San Francisco Ballet's Nights Out

The San Francisco Ballet is facing many of the same issues confronting cultural and arts organizations all over the country: aging audiences, global recession, pricey tickets. To counter act these trends, they introduced some great programs to build community interest. The Fridays at the Ballet evening performances are aimed at young professionals and the Nite Out series is for members of the LGBT community. They start with pre-show talks with choreographers and company members and close with cocktails at the War Memorial Opera House. The evening’s presentation of three brief works ensure that even if you don't love one of the pieces, you and your friends are bound to find something that makes you want to do fouettés on your way home. Next Friday will be no exception with Jerome Robbins’s West Side Story Suite and Christopher Wheeldon’s Within the Golden Hour, one of the hits presented for the Ballet’s 75th anniversary. Looks like everything old is new again.

Get BuckyBalls

The Rubik’s Cube, the Hula Hoop … sure they’re fun toys, but they’re not exactly versatile. Our friends at Zoomdoggle may just have this decade’s answer to those influential fads with BuckyBalls, a jar of 216 multi-functional rare earth magnet balls that are more fun than a barrel of ionic charged monkeys. Whether you’re using them as jewelry accessories or as a medium for a metallic sculpture, the highly adaptable novelty toy will keep you occupied for hours figuring out what you can do with them next.

[ED NOTE: Jake tells us the first 50 people to use the code "Josh" save 10% ($2)]

GAMA-GO's Instant $5

GAMA-GO is putting a clever spin on economic stimulus: they’re giving away money with the purchase of one of their wallets. Essentially, each wallet will come with a starter-kit of $5 tucked inside. There are ten styles to choose from. Billfolds for men include styles like Bringing the Bacon and Pocket Tokyo, while women can choose from Bling Sushi and More Freakin Owls. Each wallet retails for $24 (though consider the instant ‘refund’ of $5) here. This promotion is good from now until noon PST, Thursday February 26th.

Half Off Destroy

Punxsutawney Phil may have put off spring for an additional six weeks, but regardless of the rodent’s fearless forecast the folks at Destroy Clothing (more on that here) have already begun preparing for Mother Nature to bring the heat. In order to clear space for their spring collection, they’re marking down everything in their online store 50% through Sunday. So even though the weather may be cold outside, you can get that warm fuzzy feeling that only saving brings. Type in the code hellyes at checkout. Move it our lose it to get your pick of the litter of choice jackets, sneakers, T-shirts and other accessories.


If you’ve been waffling on making the move from collectible vinyl toys to collectible metal toys, here’s an incentive: FullyVisual, the one-man metal-casting operation of Jamie Mathis is having a sale. Between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST today, select figures will be discounted by up to 50%. FullyVisual has meticulously replicated signature characters by Frank Kozik, Buff Monster, Joe Ledbetter, Huck Gee, Gary Baseman and Luke Chueh, all with the artists’ input. The original figures were sold in editions of 99 silver with one randomly packed gold. Recently, FullyVisual kicked off a new range of mini-figures in silver, gold, nickel and black copper with a series by Amanda Visell.

1/2 COTO

It’s not true that clothes make the man, but a tie and a set of cuff links will go a long way towards completing an outfit. If the price is the factor that’s been keeping your sharp-dressed man act from making every one go crazy, COTO has just the thing to remedy your ills. For their 1/2 COTO markdown all ties and links are 50% off, making the prospect of supplementing your suits quite the sensible proposition. Check out all their gear online and grab something stat.

Celebrate Inauguration Day: Buy Toys

People are bound to have a spectrum of reactions to the Inauguration Day proceedings, so if your gut is telling you to react by buying toys, it’s ok. Barack Obama’s message inspired an unprecedented array of art toys in 2008 from action figures to vinyl busts. Now’s the time to stock up. Wizard Sleeve Toys is having a one-day 20% off sale to celebrate the inauguration of our 44th president. Whether you go in for urban or herb-n art, here’s your chance to pick up an Obama action figure at a reduced price. Just enter “NEWPREZ” at checkout.


2X4 T-shirt Sale

If there’s any time to say out with old and in with the new, it’s midway through January. Australian T-shirt producers 2×4 T-shirts have taken cue and are slashing prices on their current crop of tops. The clearance sale features designs by talents like Emil Kozak, Jeff Canham and Noah Butkus, for the minuscule cost of $10 AUD. Time to toss those ’08 shirts and and grab some discounted tops at the

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