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Rob Pepper: To There & Back Again

We blog every day. But, sometimes working up the motivation to put fingers to keyboard is difficult. For starters Grand Theft Auto IV ain’t gonna play itself. Oh, and we can always find an extra hour or two in the day to sleep. British artist Rob Pepper has somehow found a way to combine his work and his passion into a productive habit. His once-a-day sketch work on Daily Drawing Diary has been going strong for three years, with successful solo gallery shows in both the U.S. and Australia. Pepper’s latest collection — “To There & Back Again” — is a collection of still life sketches that juxtapose middle America and the middle of England, rendering pencil forms of the people, places and farm animals that make these two disparate countries great. If you’re in London in the near future, stop by SW1 Gallery for a sample.

Motomichi Nakamura

Motomichi Nakamura was born and raised in Japan, lived in Ecuador for a bit and currently works as a digital artist in Brooklyn. He has exhibited his animation, paintings and drawings around the world. The Monster Series is pretty fun– he says he tries to visualize some of his fears and nightmares in the form of simple characters. He used similar characters in an editorial illustration for the New York Press. The image above is part of a new animation he calls Whisper–created for a Dutch newspaper. It pokes fun at the whole Patriot Act situation. Definitely check him out.


Cardboardistry is the artwork of Brooklyn based artist Paul Ahern. Simply put, his signature is the use of cardboard as his art-medium. It sounds a little too simple, but the effect of the corrugated cardboard is actually really neat. He demonstrates incredible attention to detail and obviously solid drawing skills. The work is mainly one color silhouettes, check them out.

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