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This brilliant experiment was created by Parsons School of Design student Lina Fenequito.

The Swap-O-Matic vending machine is designed for user to give, take, or swap anything that fits inside the compartments. People have traded items like original art, poems, clothing, metro cards, etc

The Swap-O-Matic recognizes that there is a thrill in getting things. The vending machine satisfies our desires for instant gratification, but it co-ops it and re-appropriates it to something that is a more sustainable method of acquisition, which is through swapping and trading,” said Fenequito…

To use the machine, one simply has to enter their e-mail address on the screen and choose whether they would like to donate, receive, or swap an item. Since none of the items in the machine is assigned a value, all item transactions work on a credit system. As a new user, you’re given three credits to begin with. A credit is earned each time you donate an item and it costs one credit to receive something. Swapping an item in the machine for something that you’ve brought doesn’t require any credits.

Feels totally in the zeitgeist right now and sparks some very powerful and interesting conversation about sharing and consumerism. Via BB

Teenage Engineering Updates

Teenage 1 640x426

Stockholm-based Teenage Engineering are at it again with a new OS Update and a new product.  Can’t wait to try it all out on my OP-1.

The OS update delivers new drum and sequencer modes and badly-needed MIDI sync, plus cool MIDI modulation. Combined, it seems the OP-1 has really matured – sync alone removes a major obstacle for some adopters.

The new hardware is Opbox, a combination USB host / MIDI / CV box with analog sensors – and it has pretty plug-in modules and even custom-made shoes to match (below). The shoes may not be terribly practical, but the Oplab fits a unique niche in hardware I/O and DIY projects – provided it’s a niche that people actually want.

Teenageshoe 640x382

Amazing.  Musical shoes.  More exclusive pictures and info over at Create Digital Music. Thanks Anthony!

YI Earphone by Ji Woong


The iPod has come a long way since 2001. So why hasn’t someone come up with an answer to getting the wires all un-tangled for ear bud headphones? I’ve gone through so many pairs because of wire tangles wrecking them alone. Ji Woong has come up with a solution, but it’s still in concept phases. His YI earphones work like a zipper, making the wires into a thick strand when they are ‘zipped’ up. Even better the zipper itself has a volume control on it. Pass this on to your friends at electronics companies, because this needs to exist. Good work Ji Woong, we’re glad to see someone is looking after our wires. Hit the jump for a few more conceptual pictures.

via Yanko Design


Gizmodo Gallery

Oh holiday shopping showcases, will you ever produce a collection of giftables we actually want to buy? You will? And it’s in our city? And it’s by our best friend Gizmodo?

Brian Lam and his traveling circus of RC toys and prosumer gunmetal AV components entitled the Gizmodo Gallery is hitting the Reed Annex today at 12 p.m. (that’s — 10 minutes ago) and will run through Sunday. We suggest you take a loooong lunch and get down their immediately for three reasons: 1) The economy needs you. What better way to be a patriot than to convince yourself the time for a new Plasma TV is now? 2) Like we said, it’s a limited time only. 3) Playing with stuff beats working.

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