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The Creative Pigsty

When it comes to brainstorming, a walled-off cubicle or sterile office environment can poison innovation. Creative types need an ideal thinking place to get them in the proper headspace. That’s the idea behind The Creative Pigsty at Imaginarte, a room designed to foster a flow of inspiration and insight for the Alicante, Spain-based communications firm. Dreamed up by interior designer Oscar Vidal, who was inspired by sci-fi films of the 60s and 70s, the space features Warren the pig as its centerpiece. With nary a desk in sight — with a Warhol-inspired porcine scheme illuminated by LEDs. In addition to porky patterns, the Pigsty was outfitted with digital hi-fi sound and a multimedia system. Want to take the pig thing one step further? The room also features a snout shaped remote that operates the sliding door. While the space isn’t nearly as dirty as a pigpen, it’s sure to stir up a mess of ideas.

Municipal Winemakers

We love bringing people together. Employees and employers, husbands and wives, and graphic artists and small wineries… We recently got an e-mail from Dave Potter at Municipal Winemakers thanking us for cluing him in to Brooklyn artist Jon Stetzen, who went on to design labels for Potter’s 2007 vintage. In Santa Barbara county you can’t chuck a Pinot grape without hitting a big, industrial vineyard, so it’s nice to see a small winery dedicated to putting out a personal product. That being said, we actually haven’t tasted any of the wine yet (more details to come), but while the review is pending, we’re proud be a minuscule part of his entrepreneurial story.

Women 2.0

Add “music industry distruptor” to the ever-growing list of new media job functions. Bay Area entrepreneurship group Women 2.0 will be talking about the industry’s struggle to monetize with a few start-up founders who, instead of poking fun at big labels’ inability to catch up with digital music sales, have started their own alternative music distribution businesses.  Consider it recession-era innovation. The panel “Music makers and technology shakers” this Wednesday at Slide in San Francisco will include Pim Betist, the founder of independent artist fundraising site SellaBand and Celia Hirschman from KCRW’s music commentary show On the Beat. In the spirit of equal access, all genders are welcome.

Urban Daddy: Keys to the City

One way to get the key to New York City is to get on Mayor Bloomberg’s good side. But if sucking up to politicians isn’t your style, might we suggest checking out Urban Daddy’s new Keys To The City microsite? If you really want to get the lowdown on the all of the secret nooks and hottest spots (and more than a bit of product placement) in “the city that never sleeps” from the people that know it best, then look no further. The site contains exclusive interviews from nightlife impresarios and famed restaurateurs such as David Sarner, Jeffrey Chodorow, Kyky and Uniq, who provide insight to the city as only they can. So if you’re looking for a hot evening of dancing or just the perfect place to get a clam pizza, we suggest letting Urban Daddy unlock the door.

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