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The J-Pop Influence: Japan Society Event

nooka_noo_citrus_450.jpeg tokidoki-13.jpeg

Come see me moderate what looks to be a fun panel about J-Pop next Tuesday at The Japan Society in New York City.

The Japanese aesthetic, specifically pop culture and contemporary design, has influenced many Western designers in recent years. Simone Legno, creator, Tokidoki; and Matthew Waldman, Chief Creative Officer & President, Nooka, Inc. share their love of Japanese pop culture and discuss how modern Japan has influenced the design of their clothing, accessories, watches and toys.

Moderated by Josh Spear, Founding Partner, Undercurrent.

I’ve got a few tickets to give away for some lucky readers. Comment below and let me know why you’re obsessed with Japan and I’ll get you in the door!

Jason Alper Opening: Los Angeles

alper invite 4-17-10.jpg

If you’re in LA next week you should swing by the Guy Hepner Gallery for this Jason Alper opening. Should be great.

Alper, for the past decade, has been an influencer in the world of popular culture. Collaborating with Sacha Baron Cohen, he is known as a fearless costume designer with an artistic and irreverent eye, and for creating the iconic and memorable characters of Ali G, Borat and Bruno. Always one to push the envelope, Alper made the decision to use his inventiveness by expressing his talents in a new medium, but one that has always been at his core, art.

Enabling: The Work of Minimaforms, London


Genius, future-world sculpture brothers Minimaforms are displaying a collection of their interactive architecture work (like the memory cloud we blogged about last year). Warning, this is not a show to be missed, if you are anywhere near London be sure to make your way out before the end of March, Minimaforms will blow your mind.

Enabling: The Work of Minimaforms

27 February to 26 March

Address: Architectural Association School, 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

Private View: Friday 26 February 2010, 6pm

Opening Performance: Friday 26 February 2010, 1930hrs at the AA School’s Terrace.

The exhibition opens with Machina Speculatrix (A Machine that Watches) a light and music spectacular, performance with Mira Calix, creating and enabling music from artificially intelligent machines. The show will last for around 20minutes..

minimaforms1.jpeg minimaforms2.jpeg minimaforms3.jpeg minimaforms4.jpeg

Touchdown at TED2010


I’m in Long Beach for TED 2010, and the vibe here is great. The speaker lineup looks simply incredible. Already did a bit of an exciting helicopter tour (see some shots from the sky here) in a bit of a rain storm around LA and looking forward to a seirous brain safari starting tomorrow! Blogging every session from here is hard, but tweeting isn’t, so follow on.

Blindfolded Holiday Gift Wrapping


Justin and Christine of Wants For Sale (etc) fame are at it again. Scissors blindfolded? Oh god. I can’t wait to see the results.

If you’re in New York this Saturday come by and we will wrap your holiday gifts, blindfolded. Bring a gift or buy one there and we’ll wrap it. All money raised will be donated to New York Cares.

Blindfolded Holiday Gift Wrapping
Saturday December 12th
Partners & Spade
40 Great Jones St NYC
12 – 7PM

Grand Opening: The Holiday Office Party


Grand Opening pulls it off again. Now I can have a holiday office party and not deal with the clean up!

Invite your network, invest in quirky gifts, decorate the tree with office supplies, snuggle up by a wastebasket fire. PLUS, EggNog presents the world’s first virtual push button Santa wish list confessional. And, don’t forget egg nog—brimming with goodness, awaiting your parties’ arrival and the soul-warming-fire-water stashed in purses and pockets. By day or by night—Party like its 1920 or 60, or 90. Photography of your party included with photos of your tree decorating efforts featured on our website. For a limited time only and space is limited. December 14-23.
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