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powerHouse Magazine Issue 5: Busted Exhibition

Being up to no good entails a sort of madness and inspiration that often goes hand in hand with making great art. Sure nefarious leanings often lead to a fall in the wrong direction, but sometimes that’s half the fun. In celebration of things that go so wrong, they just have to be right, powerHouse magazine is hosting a show in conjunction with the release of their fifth issue entitled, Busted. The exhibit runs from May 26th until June 21st and features not so innocent, but certainly excellent work by the likes of Keiji Ando, ONE9 and Derek Erdman, amongst others; all of which take a peek at all the things that go awry when you’re not exactly operating with the best of intentions. If you find yourself aching to do something undesirable on May 28th, we suggest you curb that negativity by making it to the opening reception from 7-9pm at the powerhouseArena on 37 Main Street in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, but you might want to RSVP first to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. (Big poster after the jump.)


We Heart Urbanism

We really do love urbanism, but this isn’t just about our love of cities, it’s about an art opening. The Dalston Superstore is cutting the red ribbon with a show featuring five artist’s creating in cities around the world. Martin Wolerstam, Julia Corsado, Alex Bartolomei, Alex Nobel and Bigote Rojo (sorry no online presence) have all focused their lasers on art inspired by their urban surroundings. Very fitting for the ultra urban and uber hip Dalston district of London.

Details below:

We Heart Urban
Private View: Tuesday May 5th, 7 till 10 pm (facebook invite)
Dalston Superstore "” 117 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2PB

San Francisco: Pop-Up Magazine


Literature and multimedia-loving San Franciscans will enjoy Wednesday's Pop-Up Magazine, a night of live presentations from contributors to Wired, All Things Considered, Harper's, et al. Award-winning artists and authors on stage at the Brava Theater will include New York Times Magazine contributors Michael Pollan and Peggy Orenstein; The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva; and photographer Todd Hido. Lest you be upset that the Pop-Up Magazine is a one-night only event, This American Life Live will be shown at theaters around the country on Thursday to provide your smart independent culture fix.

Boogie Comes to Manhattan!

boogie.jpgProlific street photographer (with incredible access), Boogie, who we covered several years ago has a best-of show coming up in Manhattan on Greene Street at the Altamont Showroom that is sure to be amazing.

Details below:

Thursday, April 30th.
9:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Altamont Showroom in SoHo
29 Greene Street
New York, NY 10013
(Between Grand and Canal)

Drinks and Entertainment provided…

Full flyer after the jump.


Resin Collective Group Toy Show

Rumor around the toy scene is that resin is the new vinyl. The economy plays a big part in this trend. Vinyl is expensive and often involves overseas manufacturing, while resin artists make the toys themselves. With lower costs passed on to collectors, we are again seeing a vibrant global community of art toy creators and fans. This weekend Red Hot Robot in Phoenix will host the first Resin Collective group toy show. The roster of artists is amazing and includes (among many, many more): Cris Rose (UK), Das Mo (Germany), Emilio Garcia (Spain), Itokin Park (Japan), Suckadelic (USA), Tan-Ki (France) and WeKillYou (Canada). Each artist has been sending out sneak previews leading up to Saturday’s opening, and one of my favorites so far is this crew by Pacific Northwest artist, Arbito. You may recognize the psychedelic designs of Arbito from his collaboration with Nike and Danny Kass.

Zombie Butt Touch

If you’re in Philadelphia this weekend, there’s one party happening that trumps any ordinary night out. For its third year DJ Tritton’s Zombie Butt Touch is moving from the underground warehouse to a major venue: the 941 Theatre. Tritton’s own team of make-up artists will zombify every party-goer willing to rock like the dead. Dance to a dozen DJs spinning everything from dubstep to psytrance. Notable acts include Native State’s KiloWatts and lyricist Amagine for a project called Super Galactic Expansive. This is one of those parties that will set the tone for the rest of the summer. Let’s go nuts.


Hush x Veiled Beauty

At first glance, British artist Hush‘s paintings have an obvious Japanese animation influence, but the chaotic backgrounds belie his street art roots that made his name in London. Take a look through a couple paintings made available as prints here. This year Hush is taking his art to America, beginning with the West Coast. Recently, he opened a show in L.A. (which included an original piece done just for gallery (check the video here). His Veiled Beauty project opens on April 2nd (Thursday) and running until April 26 at the Fifty 24 in San Francisco. We wouldn’t be surprised if a Hush wall piece ends up somewhere in San Francisco permanently. Keep your eyes peeled.

Full flyer for Fifty 24 show after the jump.


San Francisco Ballet's Nights Out

The San Francisco Ballet is facing many of the same issues confronting cultural and arts organizations all over the country: aging audiences, global recession, pricey tickets. To counter act these trends, they introduced some great programs to build community interest. The Fridays at the Ballet evening performances are aimed at young professionals and the Nite Out series is for members of the LGBT community. They start with pre-show talks with choreographers and company members and close with cocktails at the War Memorial Opera House. The evening’s presentation of three brief works ensure that even if you don't love one of the pieces, you and your friends are bound to find something that makes you want to do fouettés on your way home. Next Friday will be no exception with Jerome Robbins’s West Side Story Suite and Christopher Wheeldon’s Within the Golden Hour, one of the hits presented for the Ballet’s 75th anniversary. Looks like everything old is new again.

Swan Day 2009

This Saturday marks the second international Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) day, a commemoration and series of celebrations to raise visibility for women artists around the world. Whether you're in Austin, Jerusalem, or Nairobi, there are a series of events near you. From jazz fests to Girls Write Now Days, use the SWAN Day online map to find out what’s happening locally. The project, which was started by San Francisco's collaborative network Fund for Women Artists, also has a local partnership with the upcoming SF Women's Film Festival to highlight filmmakers behind and in front of the camera.

Underground Rebel Bingo

London’s got a reputation for having a seedy underground. Anything goes: drugs, hookers, knives … bingo? Last week I ended up in the underbelly of the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. Under the guise of a neighborhood watch meeting the “too hip to trip” set up shop and play bingo. Of course there’s plenty of booze and dancing to give even the most hardcore of bingo nerds something to wake up to the next morning. We woke up with this amazing space galaxy laser cloud nebula projector. Tickets are £7.50 and the club only runs on the occasional weekend. Check the website for dates. The location is secret and the whole event is hush hush. I hope they don’t mind me blogging about it.

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