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This & That Ontour


Ontour’s latest collection “This & That Ontour” is out now. Very nice, some of my favorite pieces after the jump (and I love these gloves!)…

In their words: “This & That Ontour” AW09 collectionWith our biggest and most detailed collection so far we show the direction Ontour is taking;we’ve grown up and combine sophisticated pieces, subtle details with our bold graphics and eye-catching garments.Our designs are soft and loud, round and square, they zoom in and out and combine the past and the present.Opposites attract…enjoy our This & That Autumn / Winter 09 collection.


Outdoor Research Fall/Winter Hats

Despite being summer, the weather around here has been highly unpredictable. We are mostly blessed with beautiful days, but early in the morning and after the sun has dropped below the horizon, the air can get a bit crisp. I think the best way to keep warm without feeling stuffy or sweaty is to focus on the extremities and head. I am a fan of the beanie, but recently I saw Outdoor Research‘s new line of warm headgear and I think I may need to add a few to my wardrobe. The Yukon cap, with it’s textured wool exterior and button ear flaps, really caught my eye. However, the one that I think really stands out is the Odd Job hat (pictured). Besides scoring points for the Bond reference, the brimmed hat comes with a bottle opener attached. Come to think of it, drinking beers is another great way to keep warm! Click here to check out their entire line.

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