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Ontour: The Magnificent Five


My friends from Ontour are at it again. In their own words: This year is our fifth anniversary and to celebrate this we’ve chosen the magic number 5 as the underlying theme of our new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, named ‘The Magnificent Five’ Ontour, that’s just been released. Inspired by the typical English style of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson we look back through a magnifying glass at the 5 magnificent years behind us, and at the same time look ahead at the greater things to come…


AW10-sneak3.jpg AW10-sneak4.jpg Aw10-sneak5.jpg AW10-sneak6.jpg AW10-sneak7.jpg AW10-sneak8.jpg AW10-sneak9.jpg AW10-sneak10.jpg

Icebreaker FW10 Outerwear

m fw10 pp380 boulder hood ibk894c64 city WEB.jpg

Icebreaker, the eco-conscious performance wear company from New Zealand have really outdone themselves for their FW10 line. Taking some risks and focusing on their outerwear line, which I feel has been neglected in the past, they are set to launch three new pieces each for men and women. Blurring the lines between technical clothing and high-fashion, the team managed to blend pure merino wool into pieces that are appropriate for any occasion. Starting at $300 for the Jetter (M) and Odyssey (W) and topping at $400 for the Boulder Hood (M; shown). The latter is wind-resistant, has an adjustable hood, two-way center zip, zippered front hand pockets and an internal stash pocket. The whole collection is made form Icebreaker’s Realfleece material and will be launched on the site on September 1st.

Targets NY Fashion Show


This should be amusing: Target rented out the entire Standard Hotel in NYC and are doing a huge light/music show with dancers in the rooms. Daft Punk’s lighting guys are doing the light show, Spike Jonze’s brother Sam Spiegel composed a 20 minute original score and the choreography is supposedly amazing.

Tonight (Wednesday night) at The Standard Hotel. Show’s on at 9PM, but people should get there around 8:30. Little West 12th is closed off for people to watch from, but the Highline will also have an amazing view!

Commerce With A Conscience


Great idea and seems to be pretty well stocked, Commerce With A Conscience allows you to sort goods (mostly clothing and accessories) by ethical attribute.

There are many ways that a product can be socially responsible. Along with more obvious criteria like eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices, there is also how well an item is made, and how long it will last. The goods featured on this site run the gamut. While some are organic and sweatshop-free, others are so high-quality that they’ll never need replacing (there are even a few to which all three traits apply).

The Nooka Venus Sunglasses

Nooka Venus Sunglasses.jpeg

Nooka is at it again, this time with their second sunglasses release called the Venus. Higher end with a little more luxury feel and still very creative.

The frames are made of polished stainless steel, with matching rubber nose-pieces and ear guards. They employ a silver mirror coated blue lens for heightened color and contrast acuity, deflection of light, and UV protection. The geometric shape and materials result in a design that embodies technology, futurism, and refined luxury.

Feit Direct


This is an inspiring take on a pretty stale (as of late) industry. These Superclean Low 1′s are now in pre-order with 13 pairs remaning. They’ll get cut on June 18th and ship by July 30th.

Feit Direct is a direct-to-consumer store for high end sneakers. The owner designs the shoes, sources the materials, and then only sells what he can produce based on that single run. He calls the system Maximum Capacity, and he varies the pricing based on where you buy in the manufacturing cycle. Pre-production is the cheapest, during production is the middle, and post production is the highest cost.

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