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Surfing Meets The Matrix

I don’t care how old you were when the first Matrix came out, you were wiping drool off your chin when you saw the bullet-time effect for the first time. Now, over a decade later, the team who brought you Neo and Trinity in all their ass kicking, 360 degree glory, has teamed up with Rip Curl and a team of champion surfers for something totally different. Filming in Malaysia’s Sunway Lagoon Wavepool with a rig of 52 Canon SLR’s, the team shot spectacular footage of Mick Fanning and Steph Gilmore doing what they do best, shredding waves. Timeslice Films and Rip Curl were able to pull off an impressive shoot, giving fans a glimpse of what it’s like to be the world’s best, from every angle imaginable. The project wasn’t without its casualties though – a couple of Macbooks plus half a dozen hard drives gave their life to bring you this goodness.

Walls Are Dancing

MWM is at it again, this time in France. Check the work out above from the YouTube video now!

This summer, we invited mural painter Matt W. Moore to create a series of live painting performances on walls in MARSEILLE, LYON, and PARIS. Directors Le Groupuscule captured the evolution of each mural, gathering over 700,000 pictures, that were edited as a stop-motion animation to an unreleased track by Monsieur Monsieur : “Walls Are Dancing”, to create this music video.

The Wilderness Downtown


This Google Chrome Experiment called The Wilderness Downtown is beyond awesome. Maybe the best piece of digital execution I have seen in several years. If I gave away screen shots, it would ruin it. Sit through the whole song by Arcade Fire, and enter your actual address for best results. Chris Milk, you’re a genius.  Also, don’t touch/click until it asks you.  Just sit and watch.

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