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Help Amit!

Brownbones eventbrite

My friend Amit Gupta (interviewed on here back in 2007) needs our help.

The best thing you can do is get anyone you know of South Asian descent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, or Sri Lanka) to take a very simple, free, painless test and spread the word to their friends.

Seth Godin will give $10,000 to the match.

More info here. Go swab yourself.

Jan Chipchase Blogs On

Cairo: Pro-Mubarak demonstration.jpeg

If you’re not reading my friend Jan Chipchase’s blog Future Perfect you’re missing out. His travel schedule rivals my own as he bounces around the globe. Most recently between Shanghai, Libya, Cairo in only a few days on research and field missions.

His observations and findings continue to impress and amuse me. From Afghanistan’s Porn Consumption Norms to Monoply in Beirut. All i can say is: Go Jan go! A must read.

Scott Rench in Mac Directory

Macdirectory-1I wanted to give an extra special congratulations to Scott Rench (Yosoh Ceramics) for the well deserved write up in the latest Winter/Spring issue of Mac Directory. The story is appropriately called Macs and Mud Make Magic– highlighting the way Rench’s innovative ceramic style has merged traditional ceramic technique with his beloved Macintosh and laser printer. In the article Rench says “I have encountered some push back from the traditionalists. People like to place you into nicely defined art forms. I have often had trouble with galleries, for my work straddles so many fences in the art world. It’s print, clay, and sculpture, but often it encompasses elements of photography and illustration.” If you’re not familiar with Scott Rench’s work, check him out. He’s finally starting to get the recognition he deserves.

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