Drum Meister iPhone App

Posted on May 6, 2009 Under Gadgetry

Owning an iPhone isn't exactly a sign that you march to the beat of a different drummer, but the apps you choose certainly can go a long way towards showing that you slide through life at your own tempo. The…

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Russ Mills Laptop Skin

Posted on May 5, 2009 Under Art

Russ Mills is one of our favorite artists, but has a knack for selling out his prints in less than 24 hours. It can be frustrating, but when you actually get your hands on one it's very satisfying. He's finally…

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Solar Powered Ionic Toothbrush

Posted on April 1, 2009 Under Gadgetry

The future is here! In this utopia we don't have to use toothpaste and our toothbrushes are solar powered -- two huge leaps for mankind. A Japanese company has developed a toothbrush that uses ions to remove plaque and cleans…

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New Rivet Sleeves

Posted on March 25, 2009 Under Gadgetry

We're no strangers to Rivet gear. With their usual style of simple and functional design, Rivet gives us a couple of sleek new carrying cases for your Apple products. The Horizontal and Vertical sleeves, stitched from durable fabric and vintage…

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Davek Golf Umbrella

Posted on March 24, 2009 Under Gadgetry

For all of the store bought umbrellas that buckle under the slightest breeze, you'd be better served investing some extra coin in the Davek Golf Umbrella, which was designed to keep the rain from putting a damper on your outdoor…

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Jim Ruck x Pin Scale

Posted on March 16, 2009 Under Life

We like our usual scale just fine. It tells us our body fat percentage, so we know when it goes near 25, it's time to cool it with the brie. For those of you who dread what the LED reads,…

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Barbie Jawbone

Posted on March 11, 2009 Under Gadgetry

Barbie's always been plugged in to the latest and greatest -- from her pink Corvette to her Malibu dream house, she lives a life of wealth and fame without any of the paparazzi. For her 50th anniversary in France, Colette…

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StuckUK x Mixtape USB stick

Posted on February 27, 2009 Under Gadgetry
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Case Mate's Backpack and Privacy Screen

Posted on February 26, 2009 Under Gadgetry

I'm rocking out with Case Mate's latest creation -- the Blackberry Bold Backpack. It's a form-fitted, leather covered shell that replaces the original, fake leather battery cover. It adds sophistication to the already very grown up device. The crocodile-like embossed…

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TokyoFlash x Juke Tower MP3 Player

Posted on February 17, 2009 Under Gadgetry

There are a few shower MP3 players out there, but they're all so ugly. They look like the junk electronics that you'd find next to the nose hair clippers in the department store's "Gifts for Him" section. TokyoFlash just released…

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