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Russ Mills Laptop Skin

Russ Mills is one of our favorite artists, but has a knack for selling out his prints in less than 24 hours. It can be frustrating, but when you actually get your hands on one it’s very satisfying. He's finally released a product that hopefully won't be gone by the time you read this. Partnering with Infectious, he has lent one of his images, “Tilisis,” for you to stick on your gadgets. Only one image is available but in various sizes for Laptop (MAC & PC), iPhone and iPods. Staying constant he has kept his prices low; $30 for a laptop, $15 for iPhone/iPod.

If you've missed out on his previous print releases, this is a sure way to get your hands on a Russ Mills something. In related news, there are talks of a Russ Mills London gallery show very soon. Hopefully, we'll see some more prints soon too. We'll let you know.

Solar Powered Ionic Toothbrush

The future is here! In this utopia we don’t have to use toothpaste and our toothbrushes are solar powered — two huge leaps for mankind. A Japanese company has developed a toothbrush that uses ions to remove plaque and cleans teeth with water alone. I want to say this is like an air ionizer for your mouth, but that’s probably wrong. Here’s a very scientific explanation of how it works:

“When light is absorbed by the embedded solar panel, and you begin to brush your teeth, electrons are transmitted through the water to your teeth via the titanium oxide semiconductor.”

Make sense? If you need visiuals to understand the next step in dental care, they have pictures on the site. But our question is: what about that minty fresh feeling?

New Rivet Sleeves

We’re no strangers to Rivet gear. With their usual style of simple and functional design, Rivet gives us a couple of sleek new carrying cases for your Apple products. The Horizontal and Vertical sleeves, stitched from durable fabric and vintage leather, fit your 13″ or 15″ MacBooks. Of course, there’s something brand new for your iPhone as well: the Rivet Soft Sleeve, a slick gray number to protect your most valued pocket item. In addition to the new cases, Rivet is still innovating on the clip that gave them their name. Check out the whole line-up at

Davek Golf Umbrella

For all of the store bought umbrellas that buckle under the slightest breeze, you’d be better served investing some extra coin in the Davek Golf Umbrella, which was designed to keep the rain from putting a damper on your outdoor experience even during extreme conditions. Tested in winds of up to 60 mph at M.I.T. (ooh, scientific) its 190 thread dual canopy system works to ensure each test is a dry run. It also comes with an anchor spike should you face some drizzle on the back. Davek’s unconditional lifetime guarantee also assures this is the last umbrella you’ll ever buy. Until you leave it on the subway.

Jim Ruck x Pin Scale

We like our usual scale just fine. It tells us our body fat percentage, so we know when it goes near 25, it’s time to cool it with the brie. For those of you who dread what the LED reads, industrial designer Jim Ruck’s conceptual scale might seem like your worst nightmare. Though it looks intimidating– being composed of hundreds of pins and all — the device would allow your body weight to be distributed evenly. Look at the bright side: at least he didn’t put the pins in the other way.

Barbie Jawbone

Barbie’s always been plugged in to the latest and greatest — from her pink Corvette to her Malibu dream house, she lives a life of wealth and fame without any of the paparazzi. For her 50th anniversary in France, Colette is going to help you look like a bit more like this icon (no surgery required) by offering a limited-edition light pink bluetooth headset, manufactured by the fashionable designers at Jawbone. Just don’t wear it out to dinner with Ken. Total turnoff.

StuckUK x Mixtape USB stick

We live in the age of MP3s, that’s no surprise. I can’t remember the last time that I bought a CD, but I still love making mix CDs for friends. The only problem is that it immediately gets put into a computer and ripped to an iPod. Kind of makes the whole CD stage a little wasteful. That is until I came across StuckUK’s Mixtape USB stick. It does just what you might imagine: puts a mix tape on an USB drive that fits inside of a little cassette tape case. The price is set at £20, which seems a little high for a 64 MB USB stick and a case shaped like a cassette tape. But for those times that a mix tape needs to say a little more than just an emailed zip file, it works. Plus you could easily reuse the USB drive for another mix.

Case Mate's Backpack and Privacy Screen


I’m rocking out with Case Mate‘s latest creation — the Blackberry Bold Backpack. It’s a form-fitted, leather covered shell that replaces the original, fake leather battery cover. It adds sophistication to the already very grown up device. The crocodile-like embossed leather is available in three colors, and each piece is totally unique.

Also, I’m loving the Privacy Screen, a small piece of tinted plastic that keeps prying eyes off your texts, emails, and sexy picture messages (gasp!). It’s available for a variety of phones. If you’re at all worried about folks on the subway or airplane reading over your shoulder, it’s a must have.

TokyoFlash x Juke Tower MP3 Player

There are a few shower MP3 players out there, but they’re all so ugly. They look like the junk electronics that you’d find next to the nose hair clippers in the department store’s “Gifts for Him” section. TokyoFlash just released the Juke Tower Waterproof MP3 Player, and it would look at home in the trendiest shower. The player is about the same size of as a bottle of shampoo, so there shouldn’t be any trouble finding a place to put it. It has a port under the main body where you plug-in a USB flash drive filled with music, podcasts … whale calls. There’s also an LED clock on the body to help remind you of how late you are.

Steven Harrington x Curated by Arkitip

The colorfully designed world of Steven Harrington is a place we’d like to inhabit. While we may not be able to jump inside his 1960′s Time-Life encyclopedia influenced creations ourselves, Mr. Harrington and the folks over at Arkitip have done us a solid by collaborating on a new set of laptop and iPhone cases. The partnership marks the third installment in the Curated by Arkitip series for Incase (which previously included the KRINK sleeve), aimed at turning the mundane carrying case into portable artwork. We’d say they’ve succeeded yet again.

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