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MoMA: Destination Seoul

Back in the December, we made mention of MoMA’s delightful holiday cards, and now, with their new collection, Destination Seoul, the MoMA Store presents more items that you’re sure to stick on your wish list. Ranging from tees to tranquil bird and cloud shakers, to a bibimbap cell phone charm — we’ve gone a bit krazy for Korea. And, because these items from emerging designers combine functionality (thank you spoon bottle opener) with innovative design, we know we’d they’re not going to end up in our drawer of international junk.

WeJetSet: Top Picks

Planning a mid-winter escape? Have an overseas Valentine? Out of gift ideas for President’s Day?  We’ve culled a few contributor favorites from just in time for any occasion.

Me No Speak
Why fumble over words that you can’t naturally pronounce? Me No Speak language guides take the stress out of communication while traveling by allowing you to point out exactly what you mean.

Sneaker Cleaner Travel Kit
Trekking around just about anywhere in the world will beat the hell out of your kicks. Rejuvinate on the fly and stay looking fresh with this portable cleaning kit.

Portable Device Holder
The phone, the charger, the wires, all in a neat little pile. It’s a beautiful thing.

Travel Chopsticks
The most versatile utensil other than the spork in a compact, travel-friendly form.

Vans iPhone Game

Not enough addictive stuff on your iPhone? Vans, makers of the original skate shoe, are about to drop a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that resembles Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but has the sweet perk of allowing you to pull tricks using the ever-versatile touchscreen. Check out the demo for a little preview. It looks just about ready and just needs a name, a little necessity that Vans has turned into a contest. Give it a title that pops their ollie and they’ll hook up an iPod Touch loaded with the game and a bundle of their gear.

iSobre Update

When we first checked out iSobre, there were two simple options; Student and Executive. The quality and style of the Spanish designers are still kicking and manifesting themselves in plenty of new additions to their offering of laptop cases. The Urban line adds a touch of color to the classic design, not to mention a slick white leather exterior. Also new are the iPhone pouches, available in every style the computer sleeves come in. Protect your gear and do it with style.

Moses Nornberg x Soundboard

Throughout our childhood countless cassette decks and stereo components came and went from our lives. We imagine the majority of them, now somewhat useless, are piled up in some heap at the local landfill. However, since catching a glimpse of Moses Nornberg’s “Soundboard” installation in the latest issue of ReadyMade, we’ve begun to hold out hope that our trusty tape players and transmitters have found a better home. Nornberg‘s super stereophonic masterpiece features 180 nearly ancient stereo’s from the 1950′s to the 1970′s piled high in arresting fashion, proving that while old technologies may fade, art always finds a way to rescue that which is obsolete. “Soundboard” isn’t the only sonic wonder that Nornberg has created. The St. Louis-based artist’s creation is part of a larger collection of works entitled “The Audiophile Series” consisting of extra large, over-the top sound systems comprised of everything from turntables to trucks.

Via Unplggd

Flipside Wallet

Lots of people are still storing their cash and cards in a beat up leather number that they’ve had since college, and for us there’s now a solid replacement.The Flipside Wallet is a sleek case made from highly durable polymers. It’s set up in two compartments; one for your cards, the other for cash and pictures. While it may appear simple, the Flipside is built to protect your cards from Radio Frequenct Identification Theft, which is now a real threat. Although, the leather wallet protects from identity theft the old fashioned way — by being too ugly to steal.


Sang Hoon Lee's Light Dock

Personally, we’ve always wanted an iPod dock that looks exactly like a bent staple. Haven’t you? Should it be put into production, not only will this little device help you have dreams of Office Space with its helpful bed light, the Sang-Hoon Lee designed device will also blast out your music while its speakers go unnoticed. What are you going to do, go buy the iHome at Target? Really. But, while you’re checking out the Korean artist’s work and waiting for this concept to become a reality, don’t miss another of his concept designs: a lamp in the shape of a coffee cup that pours out light through a little bendy straw. How cute!

iVolution grip x Vaja Cases

As technology evolves, our favorite electronics get smaller. The 4G iPod Nano is one of these small, sleek pieces of gadgetry that’s easy to lose track of. The new iVolution grip from Vaja Cases ensures that it remains tethered to your person by utilizing their new rivet clip system. You can attach your iPod two way: using the GoClip, which hooks into your belt loop, or the Rivet Kingpin Chain that somewhat resembles a wallet chain. Either way is better than it getting scuffed up in your inhospitable pocket.

Philips LivingColors

Unless you are some kind of extreme Grinch, there has got to be just a little bit of a soft spot in your heart for holiday lights. I know, I know … they can be tacky as hell, but there’s something festive about colored lights in the midst of winter. That said, the standard tools often can be a bit boring. What about some really design focused colored lights? Maybe even LEDs? Answer: Phillips LivingColors. They’re indoor lights with a remote control color wheel. Simple touch the desired color and the lamp fills the room with one of 16 million availble colors (check out the video on the Amazon page). It isn’t really recession friendly pricing at £92.99 a pop, but perfect for an upcoming party.

White Fruit Radio

When most people think about the combination of wood and electronics, it often brings up memories of ugly 70s-era electronics. Designer Swann Bourotte has masterfully merged nature and technology with White Fruit Radio. The sleek music machine is constructed with acoustic enhancing sycamore and LEDs for navigation. Best of all, there are no buttons. Simply slide your fingers across the top ridges to control the volume and station selection.

Via Yanko Design

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