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Natural Selection Exhibition: London


NATURAL SELECTION‘ will be a non selling exhibition including works by Adam Neate, Jose Parla, Phil Frost, Boris Tellegen (DELTA), Anthony Lister, James Marshall (DALEK), Futura, Mark Dean Veca, Ron English, Stash, WK Interact, Snug and Andrew McAttee.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 31st October, but there will be a private reception between 7 – 9pm on Monday 2nd November. The exhibition continues until 12th December 2009 and is at the Atkinson Gallery: Millfield, Street, Somerset BA16 0YD

MWM Opening Reception Saturday

What are your plans this Saturday? If you’re a fan of MWM like we are, then they should include seeing some new work at the Chorus Gallery in Somerville, MA. On tap is his signature canvas work, a small series of prints, and a new collaboration with Open and Traitor Cycles that consists of of five hand-painted frames, a cycling cap and t-shirt. The opening reception is this Saturday at 8 p.m., and in case you can’t get there, it will be on display until Sept. 8.


Wacky is wonderful. Self-expression is, of course, what makes the world of art so superbly rich. On this wacky (and I mean it in the best sense of the word) tip is Sixeart‘s newest mixed-media-on-paper show in Sao Paulo, Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas (The Hens Dream About Being Human), which has specially created a baker’s dozen of new works. The Barcelona-bred artist cut his teeth with graffiti in the ’80s, but went on to scale big heights — literally — when he joined Os Gemeos and JR for the Tate Modern’s Godzilla-sized street art spotlight last year. Incorporating the influence of classic Spanish artists into his urban-style work, this latest brood addresses mutating animals, which is the last theme in a series (the first two are “bad children with fringe” and “circuits.” Miro definitely comes to mind when you see his black, bold lines dividing yellows and reds, making his chicks hot, colorful little numbers. The exhibit runs at Rojo’s Artspace until Sept. 5, but you can shop the work here.

Boxi @ Carmichael Gallery

The work of London-by-way-of-Berlin artist Boxi paints a dark picture. Described by the artist as a collection built around themes such as paranoia, grief, and mistrusts, “Grey Area” pulls together images of humans and the nebulous backgrounds they find themselves in. The multilayered gray-scale stencilling conveys this desolation with life-sized effect. After a decade of burgeoning success in Europe, “Grey Area” is Boxi’s first solo show in the U.S. and is set to appear at the Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles beginning April 9th.


Gallery1988 Presents Idiot Box

Gallery1988 was once snubbed by Juxtapoz, but it now celebrates its fifth anniversary as one of the most relevant art galleries of our generation. On April 2, G1988: LA presents Idiot Box, 100 artists paying tribute to icons of the small screen. The gallery has previewed some truly awesome pieces like Alex Pardee‘s rendering of Steve Urkel and Adam Rex‘s homage to Small Wonder. Toy fans should look out for something stupendous from Doktor A and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by Le Merde. The roster of artists guarantees the show will be amazing, and to top it all off, Idiot Box will be hosted by Mr. Belding — yes, Dennis Haskins from Saved By the Bell. There will be an opening reception from 7 – 11 p.m. on April 2. The show runs through April 23.

Better History @ American Standard Gallery

Some say if you want to know where you’re going, it’s best to take a look at where you’ve been. The Better History exhibition at New York’s American Standard Gallery certainly embodies that sentiment. The show, curated by Nick Poe and 7Eleven Gallery, and produced by O.H.W.O.W., is an ambitious mixture of established and up and coming artists who are linked by influence or personal relationship. It provides city art enthusiasts with an opportunity not only to see new talent, but also veteran artists. The event, which features luminaries like Fab 5 Freddy and Kenny Scharf, will take place on March 12 with a reception from 6 to 10 p.m. and will run until April 11. For more info on the exhibit and other artists involved check out the gallery site.

Monsieur T x Hecklewood: Noir, Blanc, et Gris

The last time Monsieur T and Hecklewood collaborated on an art exhibit it was to show off some serious skate decks. Having enjoyed success with their Wood Pushers exhibit back in December, two of our favorite tee design lines are primed for yet another brilliant presentation. The spanking new Noir, Blanc, et Gris exhibit at Hecklewood Gallery in Portland is all set to roll out with a reception on March 5th from 7 to 10 p.m. The show will feature contributions from Spear favorites like Royal Remarkable, working within the color scheme of black, white, and gray.


Scion Space x Sao Paulo

Continuing to further shorten the artistic gap between the U.S. and Brazil, Sao Paulo’s Choque Cultural is extending their connections northwestward to well-respected Scion Space in Los Angeles. The Sao Paulo exhibit starts on Feb. 28 and features some of the strongest artists on their roster, and in Brazil: Calma, Carlos Dias, Titi Freak and Zezao. Influences run from folk art and tattoo iconography to hip-hop and skate culture. Throw in free valet parking and an open bar and you’ve got a party! Now if only they really had free valet parking and non-stop drinks in the real Sao Paulo, the experience would truly be authentic. The show runs through March 28.

KAWS Show Opens in L.A.

Artist/provocateur KAWS has only recently begun doing official art exhibitions, but even though his fans may arrive with dollar signs (instead of double-x’s) in their eyes, don’t call him a sell-out. Josh witnessed the KAWS-craze in New York a few months ago, and now it’s set to hit L.A. Beginning tonight, the Honor Fraser gallery will host KAWS’ first West Coast solo exhibition, “The Long Way Home.” The exhibit will include a life-size Chum and several new paintings and sculptures that are likely to feature the artist’s take on the Smurfs and Spongebob. There will be an opening reception from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. tomorrow, and the show will run through April 4th. That should give you plenty of time to avoid the paparazzi who will no doubt be circling like hawks to capture the celebrities and their checkbooks.

Jolby x Home is Where You Make It

Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, known collectively as Jolby, are launching their first solo show entitled “Home is Where You Make It.” The exhibition tells the story of a boy named William’s adventures in an aging forest filled with musically inclined animals, dark characters, and backdrops for every mood. The project reflects the lives and experiences of the artists, and expresses themes of hope, faith, isolation, and rebirth through a collection of visually striking images. If you’re in San Diego, check them out Subtext starting February 21st. If not, get a taste here.


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