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NoPattern 2012


Old friend Chuck Anderson of NoPattern has released a few new goodies for the holiday season. Above is his latest NoPattern Calendar– a 7×7 calendar packaged inside a black vinyl record sleeve screenprinted with gold ink, signed and numbered in an edition of 300.

There are also some new t-shirts. Two of the six latest shirts are below. Great stuff.

Josh Spear readers can used the code jspear for $5 off their order in the store. Enjoy!


The Plastiki Expedition Toy

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My friend David is sailing from Los Angeles to Sydney on a boat he calls the Plastiki made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. What a nut case, right? I had agreed to go with him until I went on some sailing lessons and remembered how terribly (read: deathly) ill I get at sea.

Now I don’t even have to leave my bathtub to sail with this new toy Plastiki version though. Just in time for the holidays!

It’s made from cardboard approved by the Forest Stewardship council and printed with vegetable inks. Half the proceeds go to Sculpt the Future. The other half gets pooled into a life insurance fund for David. Only kidding.

Go read more about the Plastiki Expedition. And buy the toy. Awesome.

The Punch Card


Digging The Punch Card:a highly customizable greeting card where you can punch out three character messages. Punch out messages like ILU, LOL, BFF, 143, U+I..basically anything you want, but only within three characters. It combines modern shorthand communication with a traditional approach.

Jack Spade for Dad

Much like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day is a made up holiday. It’s a conspiracy between Hallmark and the world’s grill companies, aimed at unloading all of their outdoor cooking products just before the prime summer months. However, we know you love your dad and that if you decide to take a stand and not get him a gift he’ll pretty much disown you. Better off on the safe side, right? This year, why not take a break from the charcoal tradition and get pops something super sweet from the men’s accessory masters at Jack Spade? You can choose from a vast array of trench coats, travel bags and general merchandise that are certain to make your father much more fashionable. The best part is that getting your padre a present won’t hurt your wallet too badly. By taking advantage of the Jack Spade Father’s Day offer, you can receive $50 off and purchase of $250 or more of full priced merchandise. Better get a move on though– dad’s big day is just around the corner, and this deal is defunct after June 15th.

Exopolis: Exobotics Holiday Card

Way back on Valentine's Day of last year the folks at Exopolis warmed the cockles of our hearts with their awesomely sentimental old skool mix tape. Well, now that the Holiday season is upon us, we're not at all surprised that our friends at the LA Based creative studio have come up with a novel approach to the tradition of that which is the Holiday card. Exobotics! allows you to build your own customizable holiday dancing Robot by choosing from a generous array of robot parts. Once you've picked all of your components, hit the go button to bring your robot to life and then watch your creation bust a move like it was auditioning for Breakin' 3 Electric Boogalee. Once you're done enjoying the audition you can spread some holiday joy by sharing some of that robot dance fever to your friends.

Beautiful/Decay: Holiday '07

We've been fans of the apparel by Beautiful/Decay from the get-go as evidenced by our frequent updates on their work. Since we adore their goods so much we see no reason to stop singing their praises, especially not this Holiday season. Their choice Holiday apparel line is ripe for gift giving as their killer new collection of hoodies and t-shirts features seriously sick designs from emerging and established artists alike, turning the simplest of attire into an utterly wearable canvas.

Bad Gift Emporium

It's often said that one man's treasure is another man's trash, which is precisely where many unwanted gifts are going to end up this holiday season; instead of casting those corny curios into the compost heap, consider that as bad as that giant NKOTB Joe Mac pin is, somewhere there's a little boy, girl or hipster whose life just isn't complete without it. Thanks to Bad Gift Emporium, a site dedicated to re-gifting that which is both radiant or repulsive (depending on the eye of the beholder), those lonely-hearted, empty-handed dreamers can find their holiday prize while their counterparts clean out their closets.

(Thanks, Scott!)

Triko Holiday 07

Triko, Hector Estrada’s New York-based line of street wear, has finally released their Holiday 2007 Collection. Featuring sweaters, woven shirts, hoodies, tees, and one very limited edition track jacket, the collection offers more of the soul-infused style that that we’ve come to love with plenty of original plaids, graphics, and a little bit of environmental consideration. It doesn’t seem like Triko has updated their online store with the new products yet, but until that happens, you can browse pics and build your wishlist here.

TLM Holiday Giveaway

Something about Art Basel must have left our pals at The Love Movement feeling extra goobery, because the crew of L.A. based artists have put together another super nice holiday giveaway to say thanks for the past year. Included in the loot are hand screenprints, TLM tee shirts, Yo! What Happened to Peace? books, and even a few art pieces from their past gallery shows. All you have to do to get in on the love is watch this video to figure out want you want the most, then shoot an email here with your address, a list of your top three choices, and something nice you did this year. TLM will do what they can to get as many goodies out there as possible, but I’m assuming your odds are higher if you hit them up soon, so get moving!

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