Getting a Second Opinion

Posted on October 6, 2008 Under Life

During this political season it's almost guaranteed that you'll be relying on various media sources for your up to the minute election coverage. If you're looking at online periodicals and sites run by certain 24-hour news networks, the likelihood that…

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Posted on March 20, 2008 Under Travel

The forward-thinking folks at LAX know as well as anyone how much of a hassle airline travel can be; weather delays, unforeseen luggage mishaps, and plenty of other aviation-related issues can always put a damper on your departure. While many…

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Information Architects Map the Internet

Posted on August 13, 2007 Under Design

While it would certainly help to have been to Tokyo (Josh won't stop raving about it), I don't think it's a prerequisite for understanding the Information Architects Web Trends Map 2007 Version 2.0. It's got a long title, but it's…

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GetHuman 500 Database

Posted on November 21, 2006 Under Life

Are you tired of navigating a labyrinth of automated phone systems and the robot voices that accompany them every time you call a company for customer service reasons? Do you find yourself frantically and incessantly pressing '0' to get a…

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Real World Software: Web 2.0 Resource

Posted on November 2, 2006 Under Life

I'm sure if you're reading our blog, you're pretty computer savvy, and you probably know what Web 2.0 sites are. But for those of you who need a little explanation: Web 2.0 sites are 'new and improved sites that make…

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Hacking Nike

Posted on March 14, 2006 Under Gadgetry

Kicks Online has a fascinating article about a shoes 'fingerprint', or the 1 x 1 square you can find under the tongue of just about any pair of Nike shoes. I've glanced at this tag a thousand times but never…

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