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Fatty Bum Bum

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Fatty Bum Bum lives in the Fatty Dream Galaxy where dreams like him can grow up to unimaginable sizes. Their life is simple; they eat and they sleep. If they’re not eating they’re sleeping. If they’re not sleeping they they’re eating.

Odd game, fun graphics, time waster for sure. Check it out. Via QBN.

Yoffy: Site Update

L.A.-based artist and interactive art director Yoffy has previously astonished us with his refreshingly clean and colorful pop art images. His paintings of cultural icons such as the Olsen Twins and vibrant nature-ish sculptures have a stylishly sleek neatness to them that add an air of sophistication to any surrounding. Yoffy brings that same sense of suaveness to his brand new site, providing an immaculate interface to navigate through the wonder of his creations and even access his blog or take a gander at his giant tape ball. It’s a beautiful site, and well worth the visit.


If you’ve been in the right place at the right time, you might have seen Italian graf artist Blu‘s super-large-scale paintings on a wall near you, including the Tate Modern (until August 28, anyway). But you haven’t seen how extremely talented this dude is until you check his stop animation videos. They’re made on public walls and are so well done they will blow your mind. The latest one, Muto, is a 7.5-minute chronicle that starts out with a beast of a creature that wanders from wall to wall, to the inside of someone’s house and on, all the while morphing and sneezing and walking and rolling. A book featuring Blu’s paintings from 2004 to 2007 is out now. It is the only way you can make sure his work stays permanently close to you.

Oups' Cartoon Craziness

I know for a fact that I’m not the only person on Earth who’s always harbored secret dreams of starring in my own cartoon adventure. The idea of bopping funny-looking animals on the head, or being bopped myself until I’m flat as a coin and then springing back to normal size–that stuff would be more insane that going out to a nightclub in the real world and doing tequila shots.

It’s not entirely the full effect, but a team of three artists are bringing us that experience halfway with their novel Oups interactive video installation project. A participant gets in front of a screen, and through pre-programmed animation that’s divided into three layers, follows the person’s movements and becomes the star of the show. The sample videos on their site show people strapped to rockets, being electrocuted or chased by spacecraft. The artists just closed their requests to designers to help add to the Oups library, and will be showing some of those submitted in the showcase at Sao Paulo’s and Rio de Janeiro’s animation fest, Anima Mundi 2008, happening at the end of this month. I’d take this over a free open bar any day.

Late Fragment

Sometimes sitting through a movie can be a torturous endeavor. You leave the theater saying there was too much of this plotline and not enough of another. You tell your friends that you could do a better job editing. Well here’s your chance, hotshot. Even if you’ve never touched an Avid or Final Cut Pro program, the innovative movie makers behind Late Fragment an interactive DVD film, allow you to control just how much you see with the click of a button. Using your remote you can control which parts of the non-linear plot you see first and which characters you get to know better. Or you can just sit back and watch it straight through. If you don’t like the way things went the first time around, change it up the next time. And if you still don’t like it "¦ well, that’s your fault.

Kluster's Knewsroom

Ben Kaufman wants you to work for him. And you. And you. And all those people in that building next to you. We told you about his ever morphing business of crowdsourced product development called Kluster. Now it has landed on something new: Knewsroom, a user powered daily news feed. Of course, Kaufman doesn’t expect you to power his enterprise for nothing. That’s why every day, if you’ve submitted or bet correctly on the winning stories, you get cash. It’s kind of like a headline horse race, and you’re the one feeding the pony anabolic steroids. No, wait. It’s kind of like CNN meets American Idol. Well, it’s not quite that either. Here, Ben can explain it better. Oh, and he’s also throwing a party with Mashable at Webster Hall on Friday. Just tell him we sent you. When that doesn’t work, pay for a ticket.

Feng-GUI Lab

If you run a website, odds are you probably have at least some semblance of knowledge regarding how many hits your site is getting and where those hits are coming from. You can also get answers for how long people are spending at your site and at which content they are looking. What all of those numbers don’t always tell you is why people are clicking on what they’re clicking once they’re there. There’s a good chance it has to do with your visual presentation, so if you’re not arousing interest once people view your space"¦perhaps it’s because you’re not visually drawing them in. Thanks to Feng-GUI Lab, a group of visual scientists and interactive designer, now you can figure out what you’re doing wrong. Feng-GUI analyze your site’s feng shui by creating a heat map of your site that “is a composition of several algorithms from neuroscience studies of Feature integration theory, Salience, Visual Attention, eye-tracking sessions, perception and cognition of humans.” In short, Feng-GUI can help you figure out if it’s time you redesigned your page.

Via Core 77

The ability to watch our favorite shows on the Internet has been a blessing to many folks who don’t have the time to catch their stories at the regular time they’re on. Anyone with the Internet can watch an episode of 30 Rock at their leisure, but unlike DVR, the Internet doesn’t always offer viewers the opportunity to skip those pesky commercials. The folks at Overlay.TV have come up with a solution for this promotional problem. Instead of getting rid of advertisements altogether, The interactive media startup out of Ottawa’s alternative is to integrate them into the program, via clickable product placement and information within the video player’s real estate, which appears throughout the course of the video. The site allows for ‘internet users, content owners and e-commerce sites to monetize and customize their video assets by overlaying contextual information directly onto online video content and linking to external websites.’ For instance, if you like a character’s backpack, you could click on it and find out where to buy it. If that’s not friendly to viewer and corporate behemoth alike then what, pray tell, is?

Shift E-Cards

These past few years, when it gets to be around the holidays (no matter how inconsequential) and my birthday, I admit I feel kind of nostalgic for all the cheesy/lame/insert-your-synonym-here Blue Mountain or Shockwave e-cards that used to fill up my inbox. Hell, I was just as guilty at times as the sender. Nowadays there are only people interested in selling me pills to better my sex life, no thank you, and the occasional virtual gift I receive from a friend on Facebook just isn’t the same. But Shift believes in the power of a greeting. They’ve got a sweet archive of e-cards that you can personalize for any occasion. A handful of artists contributed their graphic design and drawing work for these virtual cards, which are non-specific enough that they can be used to wish happy birthday or thank someone for how rad they are. You could use them also to declare how much you hate someone’s guts, but that’s not the spirit. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to send an e-card. Be responsible for someone’s smile today.

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