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Pods by PAD


Loving these new metal spun planters by Pad Outdoor. Each are hand spun recycled aluminum, which makes them ultra-lightweight (made in the USA) and sexy. Yes, I just called a planter sexy. They’re available in six different colors and launch at Dwell on Design show in LA in a few weeks and the NY gift show in August. No word yet on pricing.

Chalkboard Magnetic Paint

chalkboard_magnetic_paint.jpgI just stumbled upon a clever product at Yoyamart: Chalkboard Magnetic Paint. With two coats of this stuff, you’ll never need a whiteboard or bulletin board again. After applying the paint, you can chalk and stick magnets all over any flat surface. Chalkboard Magnetic Paint isn’t new, but people are constantly coming up with innovative uses for it. You can view a couple room transformations at Apartment Therapy. A 16 oz. can goes for $35 here.

Ideia & Companhia Vinyl Cut-Outs

While some of us play our records, others play with them in a completely different way. After coming across dishes made from molded, reappropriated LPs on the Internet, Carol Furlan and her partner at Ideia & Companhia stopped at the used record store, picked up a bunch that were attracting dust and made ‘em into these neat wall pieces. The duo won’t cite any rhyme or reason to which shapes they put under the laser cutting knife, but they do say they could care less whether they’re slicing into a Barry Manilow Greatest Hits album or Chicago record "” it’s the color of the vinyl label they care about. Contact them directly through their site if you’re interested in ordering one.


Germans aren't typically known for their sense of humor or whimsy. While we'd like to imagine them standing around making funny faces and taking things lightly all day, we take greater pleasure in knowing that Nik Back and Alex Stamminger, the two industrial designers behind the 2008 Blickfang Design Prize-winning brand Maigrau, utilize their quality time efficiently churning out home design innovation. The Stuttgart based brand's "˜Split' presentation bowl is a laser cut aluminum work of art that's capable of showing off favorite smallish things or being filled with fruit even with it's “reduced geometrical form.” The rest of their pieces are none too shabby either. Each Maigrau product, lends an air of simplicity and sleekness to common household items, whether it be a lamp, wall installation, hanging hook, or bowl. Needless to say, we love it.


If Stanley Kubrick were to design a Murphy bed, this would be that furniture piece. This one comes to us from the good, surface area concerned Frenchies over at Décadrages. They recognized that one of the major problems of having a twin queen-sized mattress on your floor…is that you have a queen-sized mattress on your floor. The solution: BedUP, a retractable bed that saves about 12 square feet of space in your apartment. The bed is raised an lowered by hand on gliding elevators, and can be stopped at the desired height (so your ottoman won’t become a pancake). It also has the option of having a light element in the bottom, making it a functional part of your ceiling as well. Guess it’s time to finally chuck the racecar bed.

Via Freshome

Identity5: Your Space Is Your Art

We've been playing a little Peeping Tom lately; we’ve spent some time peering through the window of your brand new pad. While we certainly noticed your knack for interior design, rocking the sleekest, most well designed furniture money can buy; it seems that the loot you spent on seating left your wallet too empty to address the bare wall situation. Instead of pretending to be such a minimalist when it comes decoration, we think that empty area on your wall can do with a flurry of color. Perhaps you should consider grabbing some prints from the gifted graphic designers at Identity5. The Brooklyn-based company specializes in creating breathtakingly colorful and affordable prints “designed to complement the interiors in which you work play and live.” Each image is printed using museum quality ink and limited to one hundred prints. They are also available in three canvas sizes that are sure to light up any formerly bare space and add to your interior design prowess.

Green Fortune

God bless Sweden: check out the organic magnificence that is the Plantwall by Swedish designers Green Fortune. Growing up on walls from Moscow to Tokyo, these living architectural installations are custom designed for each space they appear in. They've devised a drip irrigation system that keeps the wall fresh without spreading harmful moisture and fertilizer for the plants is built into the textiles the Plantwall is mounted on. It's green genius. I want an entire house made out of this so that I can create my own personal indoor Eden"¦walls and all.

Talk Shop Fridays: Let's Get Down to (Christmas) Business

You know what’s freakin’ incredible? Sparkly lights. You know what’s even better? Getting to use them indoors without looking like a college student. Yep, decorating season is here, and unless you’re the type that pulls your holiday box out of storage the day after Thanksgiving, you’ve probably just recently put the finishing touches on your home sweet home. Or maybe not; maybe you’re the anti-decorating type, maybe sparkly lights hurt your eyes, and maybe your house smells more like hot dogs than pine trees. If that sounds like you, hey, no judgment, but we’re hoping some of our readers did get into it. Actually, we’re even hoping that some of you got extra creative this season and took advantage of things like LED lights (which look very manly compared to ordinary sparkly lights) or an ecologically friendly Christmas tree. Whether you turned your apartment into Bethlehem, hung a menorahs like chandeliers, or did something even we couldn’t think up, we want to hear about it. What was your best decorating find this season?

New Tonky

All of us here are firm believers that decals aren't just for advertising soft drinks on stock cars, they can also be used as decadent decorations for your home or office. That's why back in July we informed you about the astonishing set of wall stickers by Tonky Designs, featuring engrossing images of everything from mundane objects to captivating creatures, as well as various other compelling designs. Well, nearly four months have passed and we're pleased to announce the return of Tonky to our good graces; not just to plug the same old designs, but to trumpet some new and absorbing adhesive art. Tonky's latest creations are based in barnyard and geared towards gadgets, respectively. Tonky’s Cow sticker and CamCorder (Exploded View) would be a welcome aesthetic addition to any personal space, whether in a frathouse or mansion.

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