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Mirror TV on the Wall

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like as a Teletubby, complete with working TV stomach, we recommend getting a hold of one of DND Casa‘s line of TV-equipped mirrors. The Korean electronics manufacturer has incorporated a specific mirror imaging technology from Germany’s Ad Notam to allow mirrored surfaces, whether they’re an actual mirror or a lamp or bookshelf, to display visual images. These unsuspecting idiot boxes don’t just double as HDTVs, they also can be connected as PC screens or LED displays. So when someone barges in to your room as you’re browsing Internet porn, you can make it look as if you’re just fixing your hair.

NEL's Global Warming Rug

If we ever wanted to create a nursery with an “Animals Our Children Will Never See” motif, this Global Warming rug by the Mexican design team at NEL (and available at Spanish retailer Nanimarquina) would certainly tie that room together. Maybe you can’t see it, but they surely intended this to be a Big Lebowski environmental metaphor: you see, the carbon-spewing corporations, those are the “carpet pissers.” Society is like the Dude, who just wanted his rug back. And Al Gore? We’d like him to be Walter, but see him as more of a Donny.

Exclusive First Look: Clock Bar

Michael Mina’s Clock Bar is the newest collaboration between Mina and the Westin St. Francis, paying homage to the San Francisco hotel’s century-old tradition in Union Square. While the namesake — the Magneta grandfather clock — proudly stands outside the bar, the interior (designed by the Rockwell Group) is a modern throwback. Hand-woven metallic screens allude to the gold from the face of the clock, and the "speakeasy" cubby bar proudly shelves an amazing selection of premium alcohol. The aesthetic is phenomenal, but it’s the drinks that really steal the show. Head bartender, Marco "Cocktail Geek" Dionysos has created a deliciously complex cocktail menu. My favorite creation is also one of the most innovative. The refreshing "Chartreuse Swizzle" showcases the mastery of the very complicated ingredient: green chartreuse. The emphasis here is on local purveyors, with in-house preparation of the drink elements that use old school ingredients like egg whites. Marco's research spans his personal library of over 300 cocktail books, bringing classic cocktails back to their roots. Order the Aviation — a gin, maraschino liquor, lemon drink with crème de violette — and bask in its Lindberg-era glory. The Clock Bar just opened, but be certain that it’s only a matter of time until it’s the hottest spot in S.F.


Bon Bon Kakku

Is your new apartment in need of that personal touch? Or maybe your old digs could use some sprucing up? Often times the urge to redecorate your living space can be met with a tireless quest for the right fabric design to craft curtains from or cover cushions with. But what if what your looking for isn’t out there — it’s inside of you. Instead of perusing pattern emporiums aplenty, perhaps you should be searching the depths of your design savvy soul for that perfect look. The folks behind Bon Bon Kakku believe that just because it’s available in stores, that doesn’t mean you should suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fabric shopping misfortune. The trailblazing net shop allows both aspiring and established designers to create their own patterns and put them on display, so that they may someday soon be obtained for your decorating pleasure. Every layout uploaded to the shop is voted on by the site’s users, and the highest rated ones enter the hallowed ranks of site’s very own online store. What are you waiting for? Get your designs in and make your apartment aesthetic a reality!

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