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Pod à Porter


Very smart. An easy around-your-neck iPod Shuffle and headphone solution. $27 Via Behance

Pod à porter is the easiest way to wear your music – even if you’re not wearing much. No more headphones dangling by your knees; no more ripping the buds from your ears when you take off your jacket.

Russ Mills Laptop Skin

Russ Mills is one of our favorite artists, but has a knack for selling out his prints in less than 24 hours. It can be frustrating, but when you actually get your hands on one it’s very satisfying. He's finally released a product that hopefully won't be gone by the time you read this. Partnering with Infectious, he has lent one of his images, “Tilisis,” for you to stick on your gadgets. Only one image is available but in various sizes for Laptop (MAC & PC), iPhone and iPods. Staying constant he has kept his prices low; $30 for a laptop, $15 for iPhone/iPod.

If you've missed out on his previous print releases, this is a sure way to get your hands on a Russ Mills something. In related news, there are talks of a Russ Mills London gallery show very soon. Hopefully, we'll see some more prints soon too. We'll let you know.

Sang Hoon Lee's Light Dock

Personally, we’ve always wanted an iPod dock that looks exactly like a bent staple. Haven’t you? Should it be put into production, not only will this little device help you have dreams of Office Space with its helpful bed light, the Sang-Hoon Lee designed device will also blast out your music while its speakers go unnoticed. What are you going to do, go buy the iHome at Target? Really. But, while you’re checking out the Korean artist’s work and waiting for this concept to become a reality, don’t miss another of his concept designs: a lamp in the shape of a coffee cup that pours out light through a little bendy straw. How cute!


If only more online stores had a typeface purchase option. Japanese design firm LoWorks sells books, DVDs, and toys when it isn’t busy being awarded Favourite Website Awards‘ Site of the Day and collaborating with Nike and Yahoo. Takashi Murakami hasn’t got anything on the imaginative iPod video and Nano skins that art director and LoWorks CEO Haruki Higashi has created. The bright and often elephant-themed work looks best on screen, but T-shirts suffice in a pinch.

iVolution grip x Vaja Cases

As technology evolves, our favorite electronics get smaller. The 4G iPod Nano is one of these small, sleek pieces of gadgetry that’s easy to lose track of. The new iVolution grip from Vaja Cases ensures that it remains tethered to your person by utilizing their new rivet clip system. You can attach your iPod two way: using the GoClip, which hooks into your belt loop, or the Rivet Kingpin Chain that somewhat resembles a wallet chain. Either way is better than it getting scuffed up in your inhospitable pocket.


I love listening to my iPod while I’m on the go but I hate having to deal with the wires. I always end up accidentally ripping my earphones out because they get in the way. Luckily, Icelandic design firm Preggioni has just released a genius solution to keep those loose wires neat and tidy. The Magneat lets you adjust your earphones to the perfect length, while two strong magnets are used to safely fasten the wire to any garment. Take that, flailing arms.

Ladybug iPod Docks

Ladybugs are known for being lucky and making your garden look great. Element Skateboards are known for pumping out slick-looking boards for pro and amateur skateboarders alike. And now the two have been brought together for a new line of iPod docks by Element. The docks feature speakers that open like the wings of a ladybug and while some of the docks – available at Vestalife’s online shop are standard, but spiffier, iPod docks that play music, charge your iPod, etc. – others are one-off art pieces available on eBay that are for merely sitting there and looking good.

Either way, all proceeds from the docks designed by thirteen Element/VestaLife artists – including Aaron Martinez, Craig Metzger, and Dan Severson – help kids attend their Element YMCA Skateboard Camp that otherwise couldn’t afford it. So, while they may not give you any extra boost of luck when you try to land more nollies or kickflips, at least you’ll make someone else feel lucky this summer.

The Tinbot

Your iPod is a vital organ. It contains the music and video essential to your everyday existence and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand or wherever you keep it. While your other vital organs are protected by at least your epidermal layer, your iPod isn't quite as safe. If you've chosen to protect it at all there's a chance you're doing so with a flimsy cloth pouch provided by the manufacturer. Could you imagine protecting your spleen that way? To help you protect your vital technological organ we recommend The Tinbot. These iPod cases are made of impact resistant tin of the highest quality and have padding lined insides, not to mention headphone and charging ports. While your iPod is snug and safe inside, it's always stylish on the outside as these cases are adorned with designs from art world luminaries like toy designers MAD, SKET-ONE, and Christopher Lee; DC Comics master JOCK, as well as Urban Artists Parra, Kurt Ketchum and 7Sleepr. If that doesn't add enough flava for your eyes, there's also a white matte Tinbot case that you can customize yourself. Paint it like an Altoids case to confuse potential thieves.

Corsa by Orbino

Orbino, the Italian Company that lives to cover iPhones in tanned Tuscan leathers, just released a new hand-stitched case for the iPod Touch. Called the Corsa, the new skin comes in several colors and a richly stained wood, and carries the same features as Urbino’s other premium cases. Unlike many if the iSomething cases out there, Urbino’s skins respect the already elegant contours of Apple products, making your phone or music player look extra sleek instead of extra safe. Check out the full line here.

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