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Rice Cube

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I wasn’t planning on posting this– until I watched the video. One word: Awesome!

The Rice Cube can make sushi in seconds. Head over and check out the video. Even a three year old could use it.

Cookie Dipping Mug


An ingenius cookie dipping mug designed by Entresuelo.1A. Reminds me of the now infamous Dunk Mug I posted back in 2004 (wow that was a long time ago).

This design adds an ingenious touch to a mug with a rim shaped in such a way that you can dunk in the whole cookie, sideways. Now only if you can master the art of putting the cookie fast enough into your mouth….before the soggy end falls off! Via Yanko Design

Neolithic Knives


The tools we use in our every day lives have come a long way since the time of early man. Jagged rocks fashioned into crude shapes and surfaces ideal for jabbing into fleshy substances just don’t seem like they would fly for kitchen knives nowadays. Or would they? Neolithic Knives, a new creation for Bond by NYC based designer Matthias Kaeding is a striking homage to the instruments of the new stone age made slightly more convenient for today’s kitchen commanders. These sleek ceramic instruments bring a more salt of the earth appeal to the acts of smashing, slicing, dicing, chopping, and scooping up ingredients in your meal preparation. While we’re not sure if it’s just as easy as whipping out the ginsu, it’ll probably give you enough of a sense of accomplishment once you’ve managed to mince an entire onion that you’ll have no choice to let out a hearty grunt reminiscent of your evolutionary ancestors.

Via designboom

Innate Food Containers


In what reminds me of a cross between storage Tupperware and tiffin lunch carriers, updated to modern times, the Innate food containers are just what my pantry needs. They are BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free (try saying that 3 times quick), so you know that no nasty chemicals are leeching into your food even when heated. The containers are made of durable 18/8 steel while the tops are made of silicone. The best part is the top fully collapses to fit flat on the container, yet expands and doubles as a bowl. It is also microwave safe which is great since metal and microwaves don’t play nice. There are two sizes available with three color choices.

Cat Knife Box

robert_knight.jpg Creepy knife holder by designer Robert Knight.

Robert Knight describes this mesblock with “Love it or Hate it” that statement fits. Definitely nothing for the Hello Kitty fans. The Mesblock is a design piece by Robert Knight, a designer based out of the Netherlands. The Mesblock is limited to 10 pieces and is handmade by the designer. Via CLDFX

Brass Knuckle Cork Screw


What happens when you cross a brass knuckle with a cork screw? This. Completely opposite, yet totally awesome together. Designed in limited edition of 50 by Jonathan Sabine and for sale at Ministry Of The Interior in Toronto. They’re not shipping them over the border for obvious reasons, sorry. It also comes in a dead-sexy (no pun intended) laser etched walnut box.

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