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Juxtapoz: The Brazil Issue


If you’re passing a newsstand in the next few days, look for the long-awaited Brazil issue of Juxtapoz. Guest curated by William Baglione"”whose artists we always breathlessly talk about here"”the hot special edition stars a slew of familiar names: Bruno 9li, Tinho, Calma, Choque Cultural, Os Gemeos and others. Baglione said he chose the artists based on a variety of styles, potential and experience. The cover artist is Herbert Baglione, William’s bro who counts Juxtapoz editor M. Revelli as a fan. The story goes that the issue originally was meant to be a spotlight on South American artists, but when they saw that most of the artists were Brazilian, Juxtapoz changed strategy and dedicated an entire issue to the well-deserving cast of lucky artists. Jump on this quick.

edtn. “Golden Brown”

Our friends at the edtn. magazine are releasing the third issue of their all inspiring two-color print. For those of you who don't geek out to various printing techniques and aren't sure what a two-color print is, let us help. A two-color print does just what it says, uses two colors to create an image. Most mainstream publications relay on a four-color print. Edtn.'s images have a distinct look to them because of their method. Bottom line is they make awesome images that you need to pay attention to.

If issue three isn't enough to get excited about, they are hosting an exhibition to display the lucky artist who have graced their pages. Check out their show "Golden Brown" at the Bodhi Gallery on Brick Lane in London. If you can't make it to the exhibition, then do everything you can do to get your hands on one of their issues, they sell out fast and only cost next to nothing. No excuses!

Magtable: A Table Machine!

Furniture design’s favorite couple, Form and Function is at it again. The power duo that makes and breaks the barriers of space, has taken on an Umbra face: meet the Magtable coffee table, a sweet little piece that lets you prop up those feet while storing your fashion zines…or any old paper publication, really. This $158 solid wood coffee table is stunning in its simplicity: a slotted surface for spine-up storage of your circulars; its natural coloring makes it all the more unassuming. It’s a table/storage/ottoman thing! Umbra called it exactly what it means. Form and Function agree.

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