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Paper GPS

Did Columbus rock a Garmin? Did Marco Polo Mapquest his way to Cathay? Did Magellan use a … Magellan? No, these men were pioneers who found their way using instinct, courage, and something called a sextant. Modern man relies too much on computerized map systems anyway. Add the analog touch with a paper GPS. Ok, so it’s just a notepad made to look like Internet directions, but the day that we surrender our ass backwards shortcuts and illegal detours is the day the machines have taken over.

Unthirsty: Level Two

Back in May, Heather told us about Unthirsty, a boozy site that uses Google Maps to help locate the happiest happy hours in your neighborhood based on a number of important criteria like drink specials, patio and wifi availability. This search function is now located on the homepage as part of the redesign for their recently launched Level 2. The biggest and awesomest change though, is the ability to create a user account so that you can add in your regular watering holes, favorite and edit existing listings, and receive notifications when new bars are posted in your area — you can even upload pictures now. While theoretically, the purpose is to show other users what your local haunt looks like, I have a feeling it will look more like a visual journey from tipsy to drunk to oh my god I feel like I'm going to pass out but I'll just go home and upload embarrassing photos of my friends right after I drunk text my ex/booty-call/ex-who’s-now-a-booty-call-shitfaced. Thus far, I haven't been able to find any photos on the site so check it out and prove me right or conversely, so bottoms up and prove me wrong.


Google Maps-based sites are a dime a dozen these days, and for the most part I find them kind of cumbersome and pointless. Unthirsty, however, is something I can totally get behind: a user-populated map that scouts out bars nearest you based on happy hour, wifi connectivity, patio seating and specials. The best part of it is that it’s not city-specific, so you should be able to find a watering hole near you no matter where you live. Discovery of this marvelous website sent both our NYC and Colorado teams into happy-hour research frenzies because let’s face it– it’s been one of those days.

Google Mars

Google just quietly launched Google Mars– I kid you not. This online application allows you to browse the martian landscape the same way Google Maps allows you to scan and research our planet earth. Browse the mountains, canyons, dunes, plains, ridges, and craters of mars. You can view in three different modes: elevation, visible, and infared. It seems to only show a small portion of the planet but none-the-less it’s incredibly beautiful!

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