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Free Coffee


Just by downloading a picture of this Starbucks Charge Card to your phone, you can pop in to a Starbucks and get free coffee.

Jonathan’s Card is an experiment in social sharing of physical goods using digital currency on mobile phones. Based on the similarity to the “take a penny, leave a penny” trays at convenience stores in the US, Jonathan adopted a similar “get a coffee, give a coffee” terminology.

At the time of writing this, there’s $40 on the card balance that anyone can use to pop into a Starbucks and grab a drink.

Even if this is a viral marketing trick from Starbucks, it’s very interesting– and heck, it’s free coffee!

Hello Evoque


As part of their elaborate campaign to launch the new Evoque, an SUV cross-over aimed at a younger demographic, Range Rover is relying on a two pronged approach. First, their Pulse of the City app was released mid-November for the iPhone and Android platforms and allows you to track your journey using virtual GPS breadcrumbs then have it displayed back in a nifty visualization. Range Rover recently teamed up with the band OK Go as the quartet made their way through the streets of Los Angeles, playing their instruments along the way.

Second, the car company has enlisted the help of a couple of influential trendsetters in nearly a dozen cities worldwide. These ambassadors range from actors to singers and people involved in fashion, design, and so forth. They are loaned an Evoque to drive around their cities, visiting their favorite spots and narrating the journey. It’s a great insight into what these places mean to the people who live there and know it best.

This campaign is an innovative approach at bringing together social media, geolocation, and real-time interaction to create an interesting and dynamic marketing campaign. And, from what I have seen of the Evoque in person, this is exactly what will appeal to the targeted drivers.

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QR “Built Codes” For Frisk

QR “Built Code” using Frisk mints in Japan.  Check it out.

SET is now promoting the use of what we call “built” codes. We believe that these codes offer brands a unique opportunity to connect the real world to the online world. In the coming months we will be looking to incorporate these “built” codes not only into print media but also into outdoor stunts and events that allow the consumer to truly interact with the code in fun and exciting ways.


Sneakers are an expensive hobby. The cheapest pair of premium kicks you’ll find are $80, if you can find them. Living in a town that only recently got a Quickstrike account, I know what it’s like to stay up ’til 4 in the morning to order a pair of shoes from the other side of the Atlantic. Niche markets benefit from niche sites and that’s exactly what SneakerListing is. Recently launched, the site acts as a free marketplace for collectors to buy and sell sneakers. With the ability to sort and search by brands, keyword, condition, size, and a other criteria, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. As with any new service, it’s success really depends on how many people participate. It’s a Catch 22, because I feel like many people won’t start listing or buying until they see that others have done so successfully. Also, unlike eBay (partnered with Paypal) there are really no repercussions for fraud. Hopefully the pros of having a dedicated marketplace with informed buyers and sellers outweighs the cons.

Instant Campaign


Campanhainstantanea: Enter in $5,000 for a budget at first, and click the different resulting components. Then do the same for a $5,000,000 budget. Awesome.

From the creators at Gringo:

You may be way above the little calamities of regular client work, but we were tired of having clients want to take control of their digital campaign, so we gave it to them! Let me know what you think!

Nike Sportswear Stories


Nike Sportswear (NSW) is the sneaker company’s newest line, featuring exclusive products focusing on a high quality. They made a huge splash when they announced a partnership with Loopwheeler Japan (amazing quality) to produce the world’s best hoodies. Recently, a special NSW project out of Italy caught my eye. Called Nikesportswear Stories, the creative team focused on two DJ’s, a football player and a volleyball player as they went about their daily lives"“ all using stop-motion photography. Make no mistake about it – though this is a very cool art/video project, there is a strong tie to the ecommerce site. In each scene, the name of the products being featured are captioned near the model. Mousing over the title pauses the main scene and brings up a picture-in-picture animation focusing in on said product. We’ve all seen witty shopping sites but leave it to Nike to bring this level of creativity to an online store. Besides being beautiful, the site is great at doing what it’s designed for – selling products. Check it out.

Vanilla Ice Apologizes

Is Vanilla Ice trying to make his third (or is it fourth?) comeback? From “Ice Ice Baby” to his brief hardcore rocker image, to appearing on the Surreal Life, Robert Van Winkle has made a career out of, well, pretty much one song. And now on Virgin Mobile’s new campaign, Right Music’s Wrongs, he apologizes for the hairdos, the fashion, and the music that have caused us grief over the years. Other equally-guilty musicians like Milli Vanilli, Michael Bolton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and even David Hasselhoff are not apologizing…yet. Visit the site and decide for yourself if Winkle’s still guilty or if he’s redeemed himself.

Limited-Edition Watchmen Coffee

When you’re watching over a city, it’s imperative that you’ve got enough caffeine to get you through the night. So, put down the decaf and pick up a 10 oz. can of “Veidt Enterprise’s Nite Owl Dark Roast” created by celebrity photographer Clay Enos’s charitable coffee company, The Organic Coffee Cartel. Inspired by the coffee Dan and Laurie drink aboard the Night Owl, this limited-edition java blend is guaranteed to have you staring at the ceiling at 3 a.m — which, would be an ideal time for you to thumb through Watchmen Portraits, a book of photographs from Enos, the official photographer on the Watchmen set.

In addition, any customer who purchases a collectible blend before February 26 will have a chance win two tickets to the Los Angeles premiere and after-party for Watchmen from the OCC.

Gisele x Rampage

Just a quick morning eye-opener. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen gives us a sneak peak at the Spring 2008 line from Rampage, a design house set to unveil its entire inaugural line in various cities — as well as in its online store — in the near future. For now, we get a handful of videos of this bombshell making their clothing look really, really good. We’re glad to see that at least one of the Brady-Bundchen power couple is getting some work in.

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