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Star Wars x Full Metal Jacket


Great Star Wars and Full Metal Jacket mash up poster by artist and “graphic satirist” KENYONB. $30 and it’s yours.

Star Wars and Full Metal Jacket is like chocolate and peanut butter"¦ Darth Vader and Private Joker's helmet epitomize the duality of man, or "the Jungian thing, Sir." And even if you aren't picking up on my FMJ reference, you have to admit this is one badass looking poster. This is printed using clear gloss on matte black for the perfect black on black.

Telegram Stop


As the guy who posted about the Twitter Backlash, I’m perhaps the person to best sing the praises of Telegram Stop. The service is meant to celebrate the proud history of person-to-person communications and revive the lost art of the telegraphic record. Step 1: Enter some text on the site (periods become “stops”). Step 2: Address it. Step 3: Pay $4.70. I did these things, and in a week my girlfriend received a crisp telegram delivered by the USPS and postmarked from Australia. Perhaps you’re thinking: Why telegram when tweets are instantaneous and free? Sometimes it’s just nice to mash-up technology with tradition. So classy, so classy.

Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Wanna Set Your Heart Mash-Up

Cyndi Lauper must have finally realized that her old hits are hipster dance mix staples. The So Unusual pop queen is showing that she’s hip to the mash-up fad by putting out a Japanese import single that combines her original claim to fame, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with her much more recent release “Set Your Heart.” There’s no shame in admitting the sugary satisfaction tracks like this bring you; you know you’ve danced to it a hundred times.

Radiohead: In Rainbows Remixed

Great music inspires great re-interpretations and much like Danger Mouse‘s critically-acclaimed mix of Hova’s songs was the last one that stands out in my mind. Heralded by many as the album of the year, Radiohead‘s “In Rainbows” has been out now for four months now and it seems ripe for a remix. Oakland DJ Amplive teamed up with industry heavyweights such as Del the Funky Homosapien and Too $hort to release an eight track album celebrating Radiohead. After fighting a cease and desist, the online music community can download the Rainydayz Remixes (legally and for) free. Grab your copy today.

team9 vs. Stereogum: MySplice 2.0

So, this is a few days old, but it’s not too late to grab the zip-awesome that is MySplice 2.0 from the fine folks at Stereogum and team9 — their gift to you, in celebration of the year in singles that was 2007. This year, MIA meets the A-Team, Bloc Party parties with The Cure and Arcade Fire and Smokey Robinson pair up with The Gunsmoke Theme for in what is all sorts of epic goodness. Get them track-by-track, or pick up the whole zip here.

Yar Rassadin: Pantone Matryoshka

Sweet Mother Russia has blessed the world so much in the way of culture and the arts. Mikhail Baryshnikov and Yakov Smirnoff are just some of the national treasures the former Soviet Union has had the decency to share with us, though ballet and cold war humor are not the only contributions we cherish from our comrades. One of the most notable of Russian crafts is that of the Matryoshka, or nesting doll principle. Famously perfected by Fabergé in the late 1800's the craft lives on today with Russian Designer Yar Rassadin whose Pantone Matryoshka collection takes inspiration from both the Pantone color matching system and a minimalist UFO style, making for a uniquely modern twist on the nearly 120 year old art form.

Via MoCo Loco

Rich Aucoin x The Grinch

While the jury's still out on whether or not Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is supposed to sync up with “The Wizard of Oz” (if I were the jury foreman, I'd say "nay!") let there be no doubts about the compatibility of Dr. Seuss' “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and Personal Publication, the debut EP from Canadian Indie Poppeteer Rich Aucoin. The Halifax, Nova Scotia resident who comes off as a Canuck Sufjan Stevens, based on both his sound and the fact that he knows his way around twenty-plus instruments, has created an impressive musical masterpiece that just so happens to serve as a beautiful compliment to the 1966 classic made for TV Christmas Cartoon that has become a holiday classic. Who knows, maybe in two decade’s time they'll be airing the movie with Aucoin's album as part of a new Christmas tradition.

Big Art Mob

The Big Art Mob is an effort to create a comprehensive survey of public art in the form of a mobile blog. A project only just begun in the UK, the Big Art Mob hopes to build this database via photos from cameras or mobile phones, taken by anyone who cares to snap a shot. Using a combination of Google Maps, a geo-coding facility, and tags (labels or keywords, created by the senders and viewers), the photos and moblog posts will eventually (and hopefully) create an interactive map that serves to preserve the country’s wealth of public art. Big Art Mob will also serve as a debate forum; thanks to the user-generated nature of the public art that is uploaded, the classic argument over “What is Art?” will likely pop up on a daily basis. My fingers are crossed that street artists are allowed use this tool to preserve their pieces – because how great would it be to have a dated photo documentary of one wall’s changes over a years or two? Big Art Mob is the precursor to a new television series called Big Art Project, which I don’t know to much about but am hoping is at least half as amazing as “Planet Earth.” More details here.

The Tonium Pacemaker

“Handheld DJing” is a set of words that sounds about as natural as “genetically modified babies,” but if Richie Hawtin (also known as Plastikman) is entangled in this mini-mixer’s beta testing, something’s gotta be right about it. Tonium’s Pacemaker is a portable, tiny media player that comes equipped with plenty of audio manipulation features to help DJ’s mix tracks on the fly. On first glance, it’s almost hard to take seriously; at only about six inches long and three inches across, the Pacemaker hardly looks capable of what it promises. However, consider the following specs: multiple file format support (MP2, AAC, WMA, WMA Lossless, WAV, VBR, and the Ogg format); an integral 120GB hard disk; an integral crossfader, and pitch, bend, loop, split loop and EQ/Gain filters. One more reason for DJ’s to break a sweat over the Pacemaker’s tiny shell: the thing has beat matching capabilities. The Swedish company behind the Pacemaker is currently taking non-binding pre-bookings for the techy tool’s soon-to-come release, and the global DJing world is hyped — to say the least — to get their twitchy hands (fingers, I guess) on this first-of-its-kind gadget. US buyers can expect to throw down about $750 for the Pacemaker, so If you’re considering snagging one, reserve it here.

StyleMob Mashes Up

Fashion site StyleMob has created a new mashup that’s part Hot or Not, part MySpace, and part StreetPeeper/fashion mag. The new site encourages users to post photos of themselves that represent their personal style and allows other users to vote on their hot new look. Unlike Hot or Not, StyleMob isn’t so much about rating the person in the picture, but rather their fashion sense (choice?). I’m partial to Zana Bayne’s Computer Hood personally (pictured here), but I’m not sure it comes in a widescreen edition. StyleMob also features a social networking function where users can create their own profile including areas for fashion comments, questions, and advice.

According to StyleMob co-founder Sasha Cagen…”StyleMob is more than a website, it’s a mindset and a way of life. StyleMob is about injecting creativity into getting dressed every morning. It’s about getting inspiration from other people whose taste and budgets match their own.”

More simply put, StyleMob is more of an online hipster hideout than a runway fashion review. It also serves to remind me, again, that my jeans need to get waaaaay tighter before I could ever verge on “hipster” myself.

via TechCrunch.

–Danny Nathan

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