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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Dub Band

61kpcncRMPL._SL500_AA240_.jpg.jpeg When Dub Side of the Moon came out, love for a classic album resurged at its makeover. A mash-up idea taken to the next level, the concept caught on quick and it was on for the Easy All-Stars and another full album cover. Radiodread dropped in 2006, OK Computer broken down and reconstructed with dub. Going for the hat-trick, the once lesser known label knew they had to do just the right record. They considered London Calling, 40 Oz to Freedom, and Led Zeppelin’s II before settling on the classic to precede all classics. A themed makeover of the first real theme album of all time, Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band is exactly what it sounds like. If that’s not enough to convince you, just listen to one song if you don’t believe us.

Zion-I vs. Radiohead

Hip-hop duo Zion-I’s producer AmpLive had a hard time putting forth his RainyDayz Remixes project, facing a cease and desist because he failed to notify Radiohead and their label of the project. Since the dispute arose, Radiohead has OK’d the free release of AmpLive’s take on their music (lucky us!). The eight track album takes memorable samples from the stellar 2008 album for beats blessed by the likes of Del tha Funkee Homosapien, MC Zumbi, Chali 2na, Too $hort and more.


Mash-ups? Over? Never! While it’s kind of a fad to say you’ve moved on, don’t forget how many disparate flavors still haven’t been swirled. The question now is one of quality. The Jaydiohead album doesn’t stick to just one album by either Jay-Z or Radiohead, allowing for more options to match instrumentals with rhymes. It makes for a listen gilded with more than just one ‘a-ha!’ moment. We’d rather not give away all the surprises, but here’s one to whet your appetite: ‘Dirt Off Your Android”. Check it out at – It’s free!

Batman: The Animated Album

With summer blockbusters now an afterthought, and Christopher Nolan’s masterful $500 million plus Dark Knight film slowly fading from memory, it’s time to hit the refresher button on one of our favorite superheroes. Batman has existed in many incarnations, perhaps one of the most unsung is Batman:The Animated Series, which enjoyed a fruitful after school run in the early to mid-1990′s. The magic of this embodiment of the Caped Crusader was apparent to many a comic book and cartoon fan, including Philly-based MC, producer, and percussionist Blame The Kid. Blame (a.k.a our very own Abdullah Saeed) was recently so inspired by this version of Gotham city goings on that he decided to turn his childhood muse into some rather dope music. Pooling melodic samples and dialogue from the show and combining with his own talents for programming, beat culting, and playing, he’s concocted quite the musical mashup. A love letter, if you will, with Batman: The Animated Album. Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap buildings in a single bound…oh wait, that’s the other guy. Just download the album, take a listen and enjoy the ride.

Girl Talk: Feed The Animals

52157.girltalkalbum.jpg Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, might just be the Mash Up king of the world. (Here are some tracks to listen to and tour dates to keep up with on his Myspace page.) His latest album creation, Feed The Animals, is — if I may borrow some slang — off the hook. Dirty South rap mixed with Motown; pop music mixed with rock — wait, did I just hear Ace Of Base? You have to listen to believe it. Similar to Radiohead, Gills has deployed a pay-what-you-wish model that has been allowing people to download the entire album as a high-quality 320kbps MP3. You can nab it for free, pay $5 for FLAC files and a seamless mix, or $10 and get all of the above plus a packaged CD when it becomes available. Or you could just throw the guy a $20 … because he is single handedly making music fun to listen to again.

Audiobytes for Autobots 2.0

We love following the impact technology has on music. The LP produced great albums, the CD great songs and the MP3 great sounds. As much of a sweeping generalization as that is, the concept of the mashtape is definitely a product of its time. The Audiobytes for Autobots music factory just pushed out their newest mashtape 2.0. The record lifts everything from M.I.A. to Wilco to the Doors to make a beautiful jungle of sounds. Aside from being amazing the album is FREE — another sign of being right out of the Napster generation of music. Go pick it up here and see who can name the most artist sampled.


Not just drum and bass…and not just music. Dublab, the Los Angeles based DJ collective, has run their Web radio site for seven years, reaching an international community of 300,000 musicians, disc jockeys, artists, and a couple of people who just like records. Their goal: to spin out a well-edited selection of streaming music and visual media to compliment it. At the center of the site are the “labrats,” guys with handles like Daedelus, Frosty, and our favorite, The Gaslamp Killer. They podcast, compile playlists, and generally keep things from getting stale. It’s inspired Web radio, because while the site offers a mix of dance floor fare — from trance to house and all points in between — as well as a fair share of indie rockers, they also give their collaborators the freedom to select some truly bizarre cuts…and not Weird Al bizarre.


Every time an ingenious Web app comes out, one (or in this case two) of the millions of users has to go along and make it faster and less annoying. Just like crgslst which we blogged about last week, two guys (Ryan & Bryan) have introduced compfight, a search application that jiggers Flickr’s open API for your speedy photo-finding pleasure. Type in a search term and watch the aggregate fun begin. Hundreds of tagged thumbnails with resolution info all on your desktop at once? Yes, please.

Q-Unit Greatest Hits

Ah, yes, another mash-up record. Q-Unit is a 50 Cent meets Queen mix with stellar hits like “This is How We Bite The Dust” and “Bohemian Wankster.” This might be 50 Cent’s best record ever. No telling how long this website will be up with downloadable MP3′s before it gets a cease and desist order. Downloadit while it’s hot!

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