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Ritual: Hello Machosexual!

If you’re like me and you’re stumped about what to get your pops for his upcoming ‘day’ (it’s on Sunday… dang it!), and you’re also sick of your pops calling you out as a metrosexual just because you choose to pluck those scraggly eyebrows that you inherited from him, we have a little gift idear for ya. Ritual, the grooming guys who tagged the line “goodbye metrosexual, hello machosexual,” have a little F’s Day special going where you can get a deal when you purchase together The Great American Bathroom Book and their ‘Kit.’ The Kit is all of their full-size products in a wooden box– you get the Razor Rinse, The Whip, The Balm, the Trifecta, and their Nature Calls product, which will have your Mum happier than the day your Dad got his vasectomy– 2 drops in the toilet after he takes his Number 2, and the odor will recede into the shadows. Just put both items in the cart and enter the code: JUNEDAD.

Thick as Thieves

I have a few events coming up before the end of the year and I knew my mashup of blazers, slacks, and dress shirts from different designers no longer passes muster for a suit. I knew I had to get a real suit, and rather than paying exorbitant costs for an off the rack solution atn a local brick and mortar, I decided to have one custom made to my specific measurements. I first learned about Jason Hue’s company, Thick as Thieves, at the beginning of this year through the StyleForum message boards. Given his reputation on the site, it was not a surprise when he announced he was starting a line. TaT was born out of frustration at the higher price points commanded for suits with a slimmer, more fitted physique and those that featured finer details such as full canvassing and premium (Mother of Pearl, horn) buttons. Pricing varies, depending on fabrics and special requests, but most fall in the $500 range with an average completion time of three weeks. The one-button suit is his “signature” cut, though 2 and 3 button variations are available as well. Each one is created specifically for each customer which must provide a set of 13 measurements. While the end result varies depending on preference, basic themes such as slim lapels, shorter jacket length, and slim trousers with a slightly lower rise than normal are prevalent. There are currently over 20 fabric options, and nearly any solid color can be specified as a lining. Not one to limit himself, Jason has expanded the line recently, with a knitwear collection which currently includes a cardigan, and soon, a v-neck tennis jumper.

Unruly Heir Spring '08

Unruly Heir recently updated their site with a little bite of their upcoming Spring ’08 collection, and even though I’m almost too stoked on Fall to care about warm-weather clothes, I have to give them a thumbs up for what’s looking like a great set of sunny man-duds. Unruly Heir know how to dress a gentleman without making him look like an old man, and this newest season continue to blend a well-to-do aesthetic with a hell-if-I-care attitude — one of my favorite mixes, I must admit. No word on exact dates of the new line’s actual shelf appearance, but whatever; we’ve still got some time/piles of leaves and snow ahead of us.

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Design Showcase Spotlight: Phillips Head Cufflinks

There’s certain people in my life who would be virtually impossible to get into a dress shirt. They are the kind of guys who’d turn up in a tuxedo shirt, blazer and checkered Vans to a wedding, and would rather be building something out of metal and brawn or performing some sort of bizarro homemade tattoo ritual instead of acting getting all swanked-out for a night out on the town. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or anything. I’m sure if those guys were into cufflinks (or, if they had any idea how how girls think guys are who wear french-cuffed shirts), they’d be totally dig these Phillips Head Cufflinks, submitted to our design showcase by our reader, Katina. For her trouble, she’ll be rocking this slick Sea Thief tee from our friends at Bent Air. Want some free stuff? Join us and Kohler at the Design Showcase and submit your latest discoveries.

Banca da Camisetas: Brazil

T-shirt wonderland Banca de Camisetas in Sao Paulo has begun a foray into the male underwear biz. The store is known foremost for its fashion-forward tee designs from Brazilian designers and partnerships with heavyweights like automobile maker Fiat, all displayed in a very cool setup that mimics a newsstand with shirts packaged in the shape of mags. The briefs (men down here don’t generally wear boxers) are printed with saucy taglines like Do you want to taste? and Play Me, then packaged in cigarette-style boxes. I’m hoping to see more intimates in the future from them with the more graphic-based designs they’re traditionally known for, and maybe even a little love for us ladies. We like awesome underwear, too.

Lakeview Manufacturing Company: Chicago

The Wrigleyville neighborhood in Chicago will never be thought of as a shopping destination, at least not unless you’re in the market for an Old Style, roasted peanuts, or a Hebrew National frank. There are a few spots here and there, though, worth visiting both for city-dwellers and visitors descending upon the Windy City this summer. The recently christened Lakeview Manufacturing Company, just a few minutes from Wrigley field in the heart of Lakeview, has gotten a lot of pub by the local press & scene-spotters — and rightly so. LMC, the latest concept from Lakeview Broadcasting Company owner Stephen Westman and FOB bassist/Ashlee Simpson boytoy/sometimes-tool Pete Wentz, presents itself as a “lifestyle boutique” which seems to mean that it’s just like any other boutique, but with a mini styling salon in the back. The shop goes all out for the ’80s theme with a shag carpet wall, strewn-about copies of Teen Beat, and other endearingly tacky details sure to trigger a wave of nostalgia and possibly, some impulse buys. In addition to Wentz’s Clandestine Industries line of apparel, you can find other rad goodies for both guys and gals from labels such as 426 Brand, DITC, Lying Laundry, Old School Arts & Crafts Movement, and Royale. In contrast to most other “lifestyle boutiques” in the city, most of the stuff here is relatively affordable and won’t leave you weeping in your 16-oz SOLO cup when you spill mustard down the front of your “new” vintage tee. Just remember kids, in the words of Martin Q. Blank: “You can never go home again… but I guess you can shop there.”

Monsieur T Fall/Winter 2007 Peek

The term “buyer’s regret” is sort of similar, but what do you call it when you see something you like only to find out it’s not made for you? Because I’m having a major, itchy case it after seeing Monsieur T‘s upcoming fall/winter 2007 line for guys. For its next season, the T-shirt company joined forces with prolific artist Andy Rementer and art director of Spain’s Alai Ruben Sanchez, who turned out great designs, like one of a headless body about to step on its head that’s been screened onto a plain but handsome crew-neck sweater. Also, “Thee Manticore” hoodie by Martin Ontiveros has horns printed onto its hood, and there’s a submission by Ryan Berkley with just eyes and fangs that glow in the dark. Totally sick! I’m starting a petition immediately to get Monsieur T to make these gems in girls’ sizes, because if Josh and Jamie are allowed to rock them, us girls on the team should be able to, too.

Common Projects Achilles Mid-Top Model 1528

Ya Ya, I know I’ve been touting boat shoes a lot lately as the essential summer set of kicks, but I just had to give a nod to these Common Projects Achilles Mid-Top Model 1528′s. And thanks to Refinery29′s Loryn Hatch for writing the great article that perked my interest, I actually know something about these shoes beyond what I can see in a jpeg: A collaboration between designers Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami, the Common Projects label emphasizes form, which sticks to the basics, function, which is undoubtedly utilitarian, and material, which is always luxe. The Achilles mid-top perfectly exemplifies the brand’s criteria, with the stylish rise, uniform gray color and stitching, supple Nappa leather base, and signature model number stamp"”the label’s only indicator. One look at these all-weather winners, and it’s clear this season’s sneakers are altogether seasonless, making the choice, at least this time around, an easy one. As much as I’m enjoying the long, sunny days of summer, these sneaks make me not-so-scared for Fall.

Via Refinery29

billWillie: Style/Conscious

There’s a tragically jaded part of me that likes to roll my eyes every time I hear about another new fashion label trying to save the world. I actually agree, in theory anyway, with the concept of fashion as a catalyst for change, but when every brand around decides to dispassionately associate themselves with one cause or another- – well, goals get muddled. People find it a little harder to take them seriously. And sadly enough, most of the time they’re right.

However, I think my eyes are clearing up a little with the up-and-coming men’s luxury brand billWillie. Self-defined as a “socially conscious men’s label,” and based around the five universal principles of open-mindedness, awareness, truth, motivation, and perseverance, billWillie is working hard to establish a grassroots global network with the main aspiration of youth empowerment. bilWillie, who plans to keep his high-profile identity a secret (apparently, he has the credentials of an under-30 style-icon, an entrepreneur, and a social activist), plans to promote his concept of “consumerism with a concept” via a series of mysterious adventures that help youth overcome the forces of intolerance and ignorance. This obviously won’t be happening through the kids actually purchasing item from the line themselves (price tags for the first series of reversible hoodies run $1,350 and upward), but it will be made possible through sponsorships made possible through the label’s proceeds.

The billWillie story, while only just beginning, is already thick with complexities (what, exactly, are the contents of that gold briefcase?), and I’m anxious to follow developments. The label’s incredible and interactive site offers a very comprehensive explanation of billWillie’s goals, so if you still need to be convinced that the world could actually be changed through fashion, check it out.

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