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POP Charger

My friend James Simonoff is at it again. Go support his Kickstarter. Go James go!

The batteries in our mobile devices have not been able to keep up with the increased usage. As a result, we often find ourselves looking for places to charge. But many times, convenience and charging do not go hand in hand. At the Edison Junior Design Laboratory, we developed the perfect solution to this problem. POP, aka “Portable Power”, is a rechargeable portable battery with retractable cord reels for simultaneously charging multiple devices. Don’t be restricted by outlets or ugly chargers; with POP you are free to explore the vast world we live in, while remaining connected to it.

The Jawbone Icon



My pals at Jawbone have done it again, but this time it’s not all hardware (although, as you can see they brought the future to us once again on the industrial design front). The biggest announcement is the new MyTALK feature, and it seems to be pretty bad-ass. It’s like an “App Store” for your headset. Easy access to 411, voice-to-SMS, and finally Jawbone talks back to you telling you when the battery is low, who is calling, and so on– all with pretty fun, realistic customizable voices. I actually think they might have unearthed a pretty significant new business opportunity here.

Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami x QR Code

How many of you know what to do with the image to the left? Hopefully most of you. Aside from identifying it as Murakami work, it’s a QR code for your mobile phone. QR (quick response) codes are like the Japanese version of bar codes, because they started in Japan. The code is scanned into your mobile phone via the camera and outputs a link. Think of it as a way to add hyperlinks in the real world. Normally, these QR codes look like deformed boxy versions of bar codes. But as soon as Murakami touches one we are all gaga. It’s amazing what a little Louis Vuitton pattern and color can do to a QR. Nice work SET!

Start Mobile

Start Mobile is the first company to ever offer actually good art from credible emerging independent artists–downloadable to your mobile phone. They have quite the collection of artists with art and wallpaper from guys like David Choe, Shepard Fairey, Yoffy, I-Manifest (They also do great t-shirt designs), and even the amazing street photographer we saw a while back that goes by ‘Boogie‘. They have many of the artists that created custom rooms in the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco.

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