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Capacete E8

Capacete.jpgThough it’s already in a hot lipstick-red color, the spectacular sleekness of the Capacete E8 motorcycle helmet by Sao Paulo design firm Questto Design is a serious competitor for your attention. Winner of the 2009 IF Product Design Award in its category in Brazil, this sexy helmet made from plastic resin boasts flexibility: you can wear it open-visor or with the chin lifted to let in more air, which makes it seem like it’s completely open (in Sao Paulo, when they stop to make a delivery, motorcycle delivery guys will take their helmets off to the point that it’s holding only the crown of their head). It’s being put out by Brazil-based EBF helmet company and will likely only be sold within Brazil, but nevertheless, it gives out true border-jumping inspiration in the industry for a motorbike essential. Daft Punk might consider a change of headwear after seeing this hottie.

BMW Art Car Tour

The BMW Art Car Collection just started its world tour through international museums worldwide. BMW cars hand painted by artists like Roy Lichtenstein’s 320i in 1977 (right) and Andy Warhol’s M1 in 1978 (left) are currently being exhibited at the first stop of the tour in the Gallery Petronas in Kuala Lumpur from September 14th until October 22, 2006. Check out this Motor Trend article for more information about the car tour schedule and collection.

Zoomer Mosquito

If you haven't noticed our obsession with scooters, especially the Honda Zoomer, than you might need to have your eyes checked. Right now the guys over at skater and rocker online clothing shop Fresh Cotton are giving away a Honda Zoomer "Mosquito" customized by our friends over at ONTOUR LAB. These mad wheels sport a custom black and gray mosquito print with a bright purple seat and come with a matching t-shirt because your scooter and clothing have to coordinate. All you have to do is purchase a tee from Fresh Cotton and you're automatically entered for a chance to win. Gambling starts the 15th of September so make sure to check out the goods and don't miss your chance to win one the most "fly" scooters out there!

Stussy x Honda Zoomer

Anyone who knows me knows the Honda Zoomer is likely the only scooter I’d ever ride. I covered the oki-ni edition back in February of ’05, 15 units were made in Plasma yellow, black and a classic camo green. The latest in the Zoomer craze is the Stussy edition– made by Ben Wilson Design, Studio Oscar, Stussy UK and of course Honda. The bikes (limited to only 10) all come with limited edition MA-1 jackets and a numbered laser-etched Stussy Zoomer Skateboard. There is an American version of the bike called The Ruckus, but it’s simply not as good looking as the UK counterpart.

Tidal Force m-750

Forget the details about rotors, stators, electromagnets and peak efficiencies, and focus on the fact that the Tidal Force m-750, from Wave Crest, is the sickest e-bike ever! Utilizing the Wave Crest Adaptive Motor System, the 750 Watts of power can keep you cruising along for about an hour—that is until you hit the "turbo" button and rocket along at speed up to 20 mph. Amongst all the beneficial technology on this e-bike is the regenerative braking system which utilizes the bikes inertia, when slowing down, to recharge the battery and extend the bike's range, plus, the m-750 has a Montague Paratrooper folding frame allowing it to be stored almost anywhere. I guess now the only question is, "What do I do with my car?"

Alta Bikes

An amazing group of Norwegian creative people have decided to test their skills on the development of a new bicycle concept. Simplifying the essence of a bike is the basic idea behind Alta Bikes. The result is a unique and attractive bike which is both very light and easy to maintain. Alta is meant for those city riders who need to carry their bike upstairs into their apartment or to work– and of course to not only get them off the street but to proudly display them in their living rooms. Its first production series was quickly sold out and the next one will soon be available with a new variety of colors besides the green shown here.

The 8-Minute Airport Shuttle

You only need to get stuck in the back seat of a taxi or limo en route to JFK in terrible traffic once to know how uncomfortable it can be– not to mention a total waste of time if you’re in a rush. Besides my absolute love for helicopters, the US Helicopter Service which is launching at the end of March is a great addition to the city. They make trips to JFK every 30 minutes from the heliport on the West Side highway, and you clear TSA security there before you even arrive at the airport so you can get right to your flight. $139 doesn’t seem like a high price to pay for an 8 minute trip to the airport from downtown Manhattan in a stylin’ Sikorsky S76 Helicopter, not to mention a car service costs $90 or more. Via Cool Hunting

The Concept Centaur

The Segway Concept Centaur brings more break throughs in innovation and the innumerable possibilities for the future of personal transportation . I gotta hand it to the Segway designers on this one; this thing looks bad ass. Go ahead, pop a wheelie; the centaur has all the technology found on the stand up Segway HT, like intuitive controls and dynamic stabilization. That means fly around, the shock absorbers can take it, and when it’s on two wheels it acts like the big brother Segway HT and stabilizes itself. Too cool. It’s packed with all sorts of other futuristic technologies and it is environmentally friendly. It runs on batteries, fuel cells I would imagine; and it uses what they call regenerative braking meaning the batteries get recharged during deceleration and hill descents. Top speed as of now is 20-mph. It's not yet for sale nor are there plans to sell it, but I imagine I'll see it available in my lifetime.

Check out the Segway Centaur page for videos and more details.

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