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Died Young, Stayed Pretty

If you feel like your favorite artists have sold out, there are still a select few within the music world who continue to craft an incendiary message. They are known as poster artists, and they are as punk as ever. Died Young, Stayed Pretty, a new film by Eileen Yaghoobian, is a fascinating glance at the cultural insurrection being staged by these flyer rebels. The film features masters like the Ames Brothers, Print Mafia, Art Chantry, Tom Hazelmyer, and several others, offering a behind-the-scenes peek as they plumb the depths of American consumerism, tackle political issues, and make fun of the mainstream while making themselves laugh. For those heading to SXSW, you can catch the film twice at the festival. The first screening is at The Alamo Lamar 3 on March 14th at noon, and the second takes place Austin Convention Center March 18th at 2:00 p.m. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the film is available on DVD in April.

Moody x Pulp Fiction Typography Tees

We can’t get enough of solid movies from the 90s, so we were floored when we spotted art student Jarratt Moody‘s typographic renderings of classic lines from Pulp Fiction. Now Moody — who is also a member of the band The Fantastic World of Lisa Frank — is back with something a little more tactile. Zazzle is selling stark T-shirts printed with Moody’s signature style and more classic quips from Samuel L. Jackson’s cuss-slinging character, Jules Winnfield. Still holding out for an XXL “Ezekiel 25:17″ tee, though.

Limited-Edition Watchmen Coffee

When you’re watching over a city, it’s imperative that you’ve got enough caffeine to get you through the night. So, put down the decaf and pick up a 10 oz. can of “Veidt Enterprise’s Nite Owl Dark Roast” created by celebrity photographer Clay Enos’s charitable coffee company, The Organic Coffee Cartel. Inspired by the coffee Dan and Laurie drink aboard the Night Owl, this limited-edition java blend is guaranteed to have you staring at the ceiling at 3 a.m — which, would be an ideal time for you to thumb through Watchmen Portraits, a book of photographs from Enos, the official photographer on the Watchmen set.

In addition, any customer who purchases a collectible blend before February 26 will have a chance win two tickets to the Los Angeles premiere and after-party for Watchmen from the OCC.

Wall-E Dissected

This summer film fans and critics alike went ga ga over Pixar’s adorable refuse rounder upper known as Wall-E. Upon first glance it may appear as though conjuring up such a character was as simple as shrinking Short Circuit‘s Johnny 5 and giving him a trash compactor for a stomach, but for Jay Schuster the word “simple” never entered the equation. The Pixar designer, educated at the at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, was well aware that in order to achieve a great look for his mechanized wonder he would first have to treat it as though he were designing an actual product. As a result, Schuster didn’t just slap on eyes and a grin to birth a film legend. He created an astonishing exploded view diagram with painstaking detail to break down Wall-E piece by piece to help put him back together again. The result was a well-oiled character creation that came to life on the big screen.

Via Core77

14 Days of Chrismukkah: Mimobot Cosmobot x Christmas on Mars DVD

The Gift: It’s our Space-Race-On-Acid prize pack. If you missed Wayne Coyne and co. and their homemade holiday Martian movie, you have the chance to win one DVD copy of the Flaming Lips’ Christmas on Mars, bundled with a score/soundtrack CD and as a bonus, and we’ll throw in a Mimobot Cosmobot 2GB designer flash drive preloaded with the new MimoZine.

The Rules: Give us your best title and logline (that’s the part of the movie pitch where you go, it’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua meets Blade Runner) in the COMMENTS section. Only one entry per reader. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

The Deadline: The contest runs now through midnight on 12/7.

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Millions of film fans world wide witnessed the lovable trash-collecting robot Wall-E as he leapt off of the screen and into our hearts in this summer’s Pixar hit. Npw  the Johnny 5 lookalike has an astonishing reproduction. The folks at the U.K. design firm Morpheus Creative Form Development managed to painstakingly reconstruct the essence of Wall-E, but instead of utilizing all those circuits and scrap metal, they’ve chosen wood as their medium. Like the movie, it’s truly an awesome achievement.



Alert to all the animation nerds in the audience: The wow-worthy trailer for Virgin Comics’ new online animation series MBX, written by real-life superman Grant Morrison and superbly animated by Brazilian motion graphics talent Guilherme Marcondes, is up for giddy enjoyment on their site. MBX is an Indian story about war based on the Mahabarata, one of the longest epic poems ever (according to Wikipedia, it’s a killer at four times the size of the Ramayana). Marcondes, if some of you remember, is the same dude who made the gorgeous short film Tyger that ran the Res Fest and Internet circuits and won too many awards to count on fingers and toes. His work is a little different here, with decidedly more video-game-like graphics but still retaining the stunning, detailed work that engrosses viewers from the get-go. There’s no word yet on when exactly the series will drop, so stay tuned.

Find the Fedora

Even if you feel like you lost Indiana Jones forever that fateful day this summer when you wasted $10 on Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, you probably still long to participate in archaelogical adventures inspired by your favorite onscreen professor. Well, there’s still plenty of artifacts out there waiting to be found. Among them is your very own Indy hat, a necessity for anyone on their first or last crusade. Luckily, if you live in New York, San Francisco, L.A., or Chicago, you might just happen upon one of 800 fedoras. An anonymous group has planted them in random nooks and crannies of the four cities for anyone to pick up. Just think, you could be that close to becoming your own version of Indy and carrying on the tradition as you please. We should note these hats belong on your head and not in a museum.

via Zoomdoggle


In case a bit of women’s wrestling and a mannequin factory tour aren’t enough for your Thursday evening, maybe adding Iran’s Islam Revolution and transgender politics will do the trick. The LUNAFEST Film Festival premiers in San Francisco with an ’08 lineup that’s eclectic to say the least. The Palace of Fine Arts will mark the first stop on the nationwide tour of “short films by, for, and about women” on September 18. Twenty dollars gets you a seat for 10 films, and host Luna Bar says every penny benefits the Breast Cancer Fund. Does that go for Sour Patch Kids purchases as well?

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