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The New MTA Map


I love this! I have a great map my father kept from 1972, Vignelli’s Classic.

Next month, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will unveil a resized, recolored and simplified edition of the well-known map, its first overhaul in more than a decade.

The new subway map makes Manhattan even bigger, reduces Staten Island and continues to buck the trend of the angular maps once used here and still preferred in many other major cities. Detailed information on bus connections that was added in 1998 has been considerably shortened.

The Buried Life Goes MTV

My pals from The Buried Life just dropped me a note with a link to their new trailer shown above. If you missed the news, they’ve been given there own MTV show! Fantastic coverage of what they’re up to in this past Sunday’s New York Times

Four buddies set off across the country in an R.V., video camera in tow, to knock items off their "100 things to do before I die" list: kiss the Stanley Cup, get a tattoo, grow a mustache.

With plenty of high jinks and adolescent humor, "The Buried Life" seems like the perfect MTV reality show, except for one unexpected twist. At each stop the group helps deserving locals with their own wishes. In Idaho, for example, they took eight children with brain cancer on a shopping spree at Toys "R" Us.

Congrats guys, keep it up!

Getting a Second Opinion

During this political season it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be relying on various media sources for your up to the minute election coverage. If you’re looking at online periodicals and sites run by certain 24-hour news networks, the likelihood that all of your information will be ‘fair and balanced’ is slim to none. Most gatekeepers have an agenda that might not always be obvious to those who look to them for commentary. Thankfully, if you have trouble cutting through the biased sheepdip, interactive agency Sarkissian Mason has launched The Contrarian, an independent online fact-checking site that seeks to empower the masses to demand truth in media. The site doesn’t undermine your favorite news source, but rather enriches it by allowing readers cull key points on an issue from several “contrary” sources in order to develop a more focused opinion on world matters.

Virgin Eye

Your Virgin Big Brother is watching. No, not Jeff (although you may want to add a second lock on your bedroom door). The Virgin Eye is a new interactive way for you (and more importantly Richard Branson) to keep an eye on everyone who’s talking about Virgin stakes around the world. From Virgin Atlantic, to Virgin Healthcare, to Virgin Online Dating Service, keywords are aggregated as links in a Milky Way of Web chatter, all scanned by a Dr. Evil-like “laser.” It looks hot, but methinks it smells a bit of the Spectra razzle dazzle.

3G iPhone Mystery Solved


Well, all of the mystery surrounding the new iPhone we’ve been shrouded in for the past couple months can finally be put to rest. Mr. Jobs just revealed the particulars at today’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Jason Chen and crew at Gizmodo did one hell of a job live blogging the event, and I found myself hitting ‘command-R’ just about every 10 seconds anxiously awaiting new nuggets of info. On July 11th, we’ll get (black or white) iPhones with a fast 3G network, the availability of tons and tons of 3rd party apps, impressive battery life, GPS functionality, and it’s going to be sold in 70 countries for the drastically reduced prices of $199 for the 8GB version and $299 for the 16 Gigabyte-er. Doesn’t look like they squeezed copy/paste in there, but we always need something to look forward to, right?

Photos and other informational goodies courtesy of Gizmodo.

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Spectra newsreader

CNN news crawl, meet your younger, colorful, more animated brother. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I hate reading the news. But if it were color coded by topic and then put into a swirling vortex of Flash animation, then maybe I’d know what the hell was going on in Myanmar. Behold, the Spectra newsreader from MSNBC, a visually stylized way for daily news junkies to manipulate their content. Select your top stories and the feed starts aggregating from MSNBC’s site. Click on a topic and it flips it open in a Today Show meets Minority Report fashion. Save your favorite stories, add channels, and customize your experience. We think it’s hot and all, but is this new and intuitive, or just simply some browser-candy?

Kluster's Knewsroom

Ben Kaufman wants you to work for him. And you. And you. And all those people in that building next to you. We told you about his ever morphing business of crowdsourced product development called Kluster. Now it has landed on something new: Knewsroom, a user powered daily news feed. Of course, Kaufman doesn’t expect you to power his enterprise for nothing. That’s why every day, if you’ve submitted or bet correctly on the winning stories, you get cash. It’s kind of like a headline horse race, and you’re the one feeding the pony anabolic steroids. No, wait. It’s kind of like CNN meets American Idol. Well, it’s not quite that either. Here, Ben can explain it better. Oh, and he’s also throwing a party with Mashable at Webster Hall on Friday. Just tell him we sent you. When that doesn’t work, pay for a ticket.

Exclusive: CNN Does Fashion

cnnshirt2.jpg quietly launched a new feature today which allows readers to order T-shirts of their favorite headlines as they happen. And yes, they have some funny (and terrible) headlines to choose from. To get there, look for the tiny little T-shirt icon next to the headlines on the front page. The great and inherently viral part about it is the shirts are limited edition, and only available during a certain “headline” period of time. Shirts are $15 a pop which is totally fair, and the entire service is powered by Spreadshirt.

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Nail House Gets Hammered

Because we received so much feedback from the original post, I felt compelled to inform you all that Yang Wu and Wu Ping have succumb to the Chinese Government and the real estate developer that will build a shopping mall in the area that their two story home stood just days ago. An end of March court order provided that the couple must vacate the premises or face forcible removal. Still, until the very end, they were defiant and strong. Their final settlement reportedly included a similarly sized apartment in the building that will replace the chasm in which their “nail house” once stood. They sure had a great run at it, but in the end, the man gets everyone down!

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