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Maybe you got outbid on yesterday’s DEVO art bike and you’d like to use your current bike to make your own art. For that you need the Contrail, a tool that attaches to your bike’s seat tube and leaves a colorful chalk line behind you as you ride. Brooklyn’s Studio Gelardi says they created it to build biker community. The Contrail holds 200 grams of chalk — enough for about 20 miles of riding — all the while leaving a faint line that reminds fellow cyclists where it’s safe to ride. As bikers follow, the chalk lines grow brighter “reclaiming the crucial shared space.” The Contrail was a finalist in Design 21′s Pedal To The Medal competition and is not in yet in production.

Firewinder Giveaway

We posted about the Firewinder last year — a decorative outdoor light powered by the wind. Well, these breezy Brits just won the 2008 Green Dot Award for creating an invention that aims to show people just how breathtaking clean renewable energy can be. They’re so excited they want to give two readers their own Firewinder to try out. Just post a comment below about what kind of wind-swept place of honor you’ll put it in and we’ll pick a winner next week.

Patagonia x Tin Shed

Patagonia’s refreshed Tin Shed site is what every branded microsite strives to be — beautiful, informational, and chock full of multimedia content to keep you coming back. Built to replicate the shed where the outdoor equipment retailer first made climbing gear, the site is a hub for information about environmental awareness and great historical footage of the company’s founding members — overalls and all. Whether video of surfer/author Gerry Lopez reading from his memoir Surf is Where You Find It is your bag, or striking images of virgin summits in Alaska are more of interest to you, the effort will make you want to get off your chair and go surfing/fishing/ascending.

Gift Guide: Sports

Popdeck: Buy It ($30 – $40)
A user designed skateboard deck may not be stocking size, but one community member’s design featuring Obama and McCain in KISS makeup is a great ode to ’08.

Alta Bike (not pictured): Read JS Review | Buy It (€665)
The current positive post-election sentiment is further complimented by Alta Bikes’ decision to sell their monochromatic single speed bikes stateside.

ARTSPROJEKT x Zazzle Skateboards: Read JS Review | Buy It ($70)
Why give Lil Jon’s music or Shepard Fairey’s prints when skateboard decks designed by the artists will get more use (and attention)?

Cannondale x G-Star Bike (not pictured): Read JS Review | Buy It
This green machine is a collaboration between Cannondale and G-Star, and has the features to prove it — corked grips, nylon tube covers, and a Brooks saddle make it easy to covet.

Mustache Rides: Read JS Review | Buy It (“S**t ain’t cheap)
Uncle Ira never looked as good as he does with a hand-painted dark ‘stache, and your favorite Ernesto will have you to thank for introducing him to Lawrence Melilli’s line of gentlemanly decks.

Grotesk x 5BORO: Read JS Review | Buy It ($50)
5BORO Stakeboards shouldn’t be the only ones to pay tribute to Brooklyn designer Grotesk’s yellow and black “stuck gate” sticker collection "” the honorary T-shirt is sure to look good gracing the back of someone on your list.

Monument Snowboards: Read JS Review | Buy It ($300 – $430)
Forget sugarplums "” Monument (MNMT) Snowboards’ geometric decks are colorful enough to be dancing through your giftee’s head from now until the first snow day.

Calle Street Soccer: Read JS Review | Buy It ($40)
Calle creator Travis Winn is the one who deserves a gift for reintroducing classic soccer balls and gear inspired by street soccer players worldwide (not to mention for sparing your loved ones Umbra-style eyesores).

Deckchair Dreams

We know it isn’t summer. Especially in England, it definitely isn’t summer. But that isn’t stopping the Royal Parks Foundation and Bloomberg from pushing the Deckchair Dreams line of artistic deckchairs. The chairs were birthed from a desire to see a little more excitement in the outdoor seating that lines the parks and beaches of England in the summer. They’ve brought in kids, artist, designers, everyone to contribute to the painting of these chairs. This past summer a lot of them went up for auction as part of a charity fundraiser. Now they have opened up an online store with a collection of artists and their renditions of the deckchair. Check out their website and store for a full look at the full line and some great fun facts (did you know six of the deckchairs on the Titanic survived!?).

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