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Help Remedies


Help Remedies. You get the point. Gorgeously packaged bandages, pills, tablets and more with witty sayings that give a warm feeling.

Six packs are $20. It’s a shame they’re not homeopathic or natural remedies (hint, hint)"“ but the idea is damn nice. I see good things in the future for these folks!

Want to help them? They’ve set aside 5000 shares of their own company to give to people that help them on a variety of tasks from translation services to reviews and product suggestions. Check them out.

Update: Biodegradable packaging too!

Our packaging is made of molded paper pulp and a bio plastic made primarily of corn. We use these materials because they are interesting to look at, and they are compostable"”which means one day, they might become part of a large tree. Maybe you can cut down that tree and make it into a speedboat.

Update 2: When you have nearly 6000 posts sometimes you forget when you’ve written about something before.  Damn, hey, at least it looks like they’ve come a long way!

The Dieline


I’ve been a big fan of The Dieline lately"“ the worlds #1 package design site. (We wrote about it last year, and it’s still going strong.  It just seems to get better and better each time I check in.) Browse by category or substrate. Obsessed with great packaging (I sure am) and looking for inspiration? This should be a daily read for you.

Pangea Organics Holiday Gifts

Despite being one of Mother Nature’s most wondrous creations, human beings seem to spend a lot of time destroying her other gifts with irresponsible actions or products detrimental to the environment. It makes all too much sense that as part of the Earth, the products we use should be both beneficial to ourselves and to it. That’s the genius behind the products by Pangea Organics, our favorite eco-conscious maker of body and skincare items. Not only are their soaps and lotions lacking in harmful chemicals, but their molded fiber packaging comes with seeds embedded, so if you plant them they actually give back to the environment. This holiday season, Pangea has upped their ante as all of their holiday gift sets are lined with seeds for spruce trees. If the company achieves their sales goal 122,000 new spruce trees planted, it will be the environmental equivalent of not driving 30 million miles in one year. So your thoughtful gift of scented soap might actually end up being someone’s Christmas tree one day.

A Fresh Look at Bishbo

Here is a little visit from the vault, a while back we gave a mention to Bishbo. Back then they had just launched a new site and were excited to take on the world of package and advertising design. We would like to take credit for their success, but it might have a little more to do with the fact that they put out consistent quality. Picking up some great U.K. clients doesn’t hurt either. Have a look at a few more examples from Bishbo after the jump — and keep up the good work guys.

And don’t forget their own blog of inspiration.


Organic Grooming

Your gal pals are always gushing on about how p.c. they are with their organic beauty products and all, but as a dude who likes to be clean and conscious of what you slather onto your body, why should you be accused of metrosexuality for wanting an alternative to your soap-and-shave regime? Organic Grooming is a men’s line of vegan personal care products, from cologne to deodorant, packaged in biodegradable and recyclable containers and contain ingredients you’d put in your lunch salad (like organic carrot and cucumber). According to the product’s backstory, these remedies were mixed in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere by a couple named Luke and Lisa (no last names listed), who received the first-ever organic personal care facility certificate in the States last year. We guess if you’re going to make a shaving cream from organic aloe, lavender and peppermint, you need a bit of privacy.

Tale of The Tape

Here in America we like our duct tape to do all of the talking by doing its job. We don't adorn it with packaging pretty designs. We just like no frills brown cardboard tape rolls to show our lunch pail mentality when it comes to the task at hand. Thankfully, the Japanese don't feel the same way. Our friends at PingMag have pointed out some ‘thrilling’ finds while employing the use of different brands of Japanese duct or gum tape. It seems that for quite some time Japanese manufacturers of the essential adhesive have managed to make their packaging into quite the artistic endeavor as evidenced by some of the photos supplied. They justify their artistic packaging by stating that once the tape is used up, all that is left is the cardboard. Without the fetching designs, users would forget which brand they used unless reminded by the eye-catching creations. We can't say we blame them for making duct tape that much more appealing.

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