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Suite Arrival has TSA approved and travel size personal care products and ships them to your hotel.jpeg

Last year, Michael Lewis found himself traveling quite frequently from New Jersey to Santa Barbara, CA. You see, as the Director of Product Development for a tech company that was being acquired by a west coast SAS company, trips to California’s central coast were becoming a commonplace occurrence. During this time he discovered two things – how beautiful SB is and how frustrating and annoying packing and carrying toiletries was becoming. Even a person like Lewis who was becoming well-versed in FTA rules and regulations would face the occasional mishap – a dopp kit full of shampoo from a bad packing job, a missing razor due to simply forgetting, or missing toiletries altogether because his checked in bags were arriving on a different plane half a day later.

After the acquisition was complete, Lewis quit his job, sold his car, and moved to SB to start Suite Arrival. The company provides a service to fill a very particular, and in my opinion, needed niche. Before you embark on your trip, you simply visit their website and choose among dozens of items, ranging from body wash to sunscreen, anything you might need for your time away from home. All the most popular brands are represented and Suite Arrival adds new partners all the time. On a recent visit, I noticed they now carry premium label Billy Jealousy and even offer snacks and gum now. Currently, Suite Arrival operates in the continental US and delivers straight to your hotel so the package is ready for you when you check-in. Concerned about strict hotel policies, I asked SA if they ever had any issues with delivery and Lewis assured me they have always been able to work it out. He also let me in on a few things they have up their sleeves – city guides relevant to the city you are visiting, additions to the partners list, and even a pilot program for international service. Personally, I am waiting for the last item to be checked off as I am traveling to Montreal next month.



Great product ideas happening over at Quirky as usual! Check this lightbulb shaped bedside clock"“ the alarm illuminates the bulb as you wake up if the blaring sound isn’t enough. This product is in pre-sale and 300 need to be pre-ordered for it to go into manufacturing. I’d love to see this get made. Go, go, go!

MOMA's Destination: Brazil Product Collection

DryEraseWallClock.jpg Being an outsider sucks. We sometimes feature products on our site, like kicks, that are available only in Brazil, and we’re definitely guilty for making you salivate and yearn for them. Today we’re psyched to tell you about the launch in mid-May of MOMA’s Brazil Product Collection, a group of 75 Brazilian design goodies not found anywhere else in the U.S. One of the works featured is Estudio Manus, who we introduced here a while ago and has gone on to dizzying success since then. Also in the collection is a sushi bowl by design kings the Campana Brothers, a movable Centipede fruit bowl by Gustavo Engelhardt, Daniel Castelo and Diego Costi and a Dry Erase Wall Clock by Ricardo Saint-Clair (pictured)"”MOMA exclusives, so ha, take that, Brazil, you can’t get these products over there. The products will be available super-close: at MOMA Design stores and on MOMA’s site. Which means for now, you don’t need to take an emergency Portuguese class to learn how to say “Can you buy these for me?”

New Soap, Old Bottle

The minds behind New Soap, Old Bottle are marketing multifuncionality in the form of new liquid soap sold in reused plastic and glass bottles. After being sanitized, the former Coke and Heineken bottles are filled with home or car cleaner, topped with child safe caps, and sold at $4 a pop. “Big companies aren’t going to do this on their own. So we’ll do it for them,” said Scott Amron, designer, electrical engineer and founding principal of New York’s Amron Exprimental. “We buy brand name liquid soap by the barrel and package it in old bottles here in America.” Recessionistas and green thumbs rejoice"“ we love this work.

Can anyone guess the bottles above? First one is pretty easy…

Vipp x Yellow Cab Series

I always wondered during my travels to Europe if an expensive line of trashcans from Denmark would gain traction in design and shelter magazine-obsessed America. When I saw the line was picked up by Water Works and DWR (not to mention a few others), I realized that Vipp‘s time had come, despite recessionary times. Even artist Dominic Wilcox took a shine to them. What makes this line even more intriguing is Vipp’s noteworthy annual limited-edition artist series, including amazing takedowns from Bono, Helena Christensen, Todd Oldham, Sir Terence Conran, Ron Arad and Christian Lacroix. Taking that momentum one step further is Vipp’s colorful Spring ’09 celebration of NYC: The Yellow Cab Series. If you have a penchant for colors that pop in your kitchen or bathroom, as well as a desire for mechanical and design detail in everything in your home, then head over to a Vipp dealer to test drive this latest rendition. Death-defying speeds on 7th Avenue during rush hour not included.

Saving The World With Ditto Hangers


It’s estimated that 8-10 billion un-recyclable plastic and wire hangers are wasted every year, and they end up clogging our landfills, requiring more than 1,000 years to break down. Kind of a big deal, that’s like 4.6 Empire State Buildings full of plastic hangers every single year. And it gets worse — those white plastic hangers in your closet also leak all sorts of dangerous chemicals into the ground water. Mega scary.

Until now.

In comes Ditto Hangers, a global company with an incredible and honorable mission: Save the world with hangers. They’re solving the worldwide and much forgotten problem by designing hangers made from recycled materials; papers and plastics. Vegetable inks add to the environmentally friendly ingredient list. The 100% recyclable paper and PET plastic hangers are meant for retail environments and non-toxic dry cleaners, but I say we all could use a little more green in our closets. No word on ordering direct from their site, but keep your eyes peeled for them near you — word is they’re coming to GAP in the states.

They were also recently nominated finalists at the Design Excellence Awards for their Ditto PETE CLIP Hanger for Eco Design. Congrats!

Thanks Anna!

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