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The PUMA Index


The PUMA Index is a real stock ticker, with a twist. When the market goes down, our models’ clothes come off, all the way to their PUMA Bodywear. “So when you lose your shirt, so do our models…” Pretty entertaining.  Global markets available for all time zones.

PUMA x Starck Naked Body

Philippe Starck’s collaboration with PUMA has taken another architecturally seductive turn with Naked Body, a series of streamlined, skin-tight, and selectively see-through men’s and women’s wear. The story behind the collection has something to do with evolution and distraught Super Monkies, so we’re actually not going to get into it, but we are going to talk about a) how much some of this line resembles Milla Jovovich’s Jean Paul Gaultier get-up in The Fifth Element; and b) how we’re really into that, because that shit was SEXY. I can’t decide if I’d think this line will ultimately look chic or whorish, but I’m definitely anxious to find out. I had trouble finding the official release date or any information on availability, so if you know something we don’t, feel free to set us straight. Full-blown sexy, after the jump. (more…)

AM Radio for PUMA French 77

We just got some great shots from the guys over at AM Radio of their latest project– this time, for PUMA’s F77 event last Sunday in Washington DC. The team combined their painting and design chops to create some kickass custom pingpong tables and paddles, infusing some much needed street-cred to the often bland world of tennis apparel. A few more photos after the jump.
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Puma Yutori Kimono

Freshness Magazine has some pictures of the beautiful new Yutori Kimono shoes by Puma. They’re inspired by traditional Japanese Geisha culture and are actually made of vintage kimono dress fabrics– but wait isn’t cutting a Kimono like committing Hari Kari? Either way, each shoe is one-of-a-kind and can be worn as a slip-on or with the heel up. Grab a pair while you can at Shoe Biz in San Francisco, Fred Segal, Sportie LA and GOODS in Seattle.

Puma Table Tennis

Puma T3 SmPing Pong (or Table Tennis) is a sport that brings me much joy. I honed my skills playing every afternoon at work, going as far as purchasing my own paddle, it’s own padded case, and cleansers. Apparently, I am not alone in my enthusiasm as Jeff Staple (of Staple Design) teamed up with Puma for the first ever Puma Table Tennis Tournament (PT3). The German sneaker powerhouse with their classic TT Super (take a guess at what that stands for), hosted a two day event (July 22, 29) which included both singles and team play at the NYTTF. This is a great example of how a great idea can get major backing and quickly become something much more grand and exciting. You can check out more pictures over at Freshness!

Puma V1.06 iFG

The new v1.06 iFG represents the lightest soccer boot in Puma's arsenal and serves one purpose – get you to the ball faster. The boots upper is constructed from new, extremely thin ConTec material, and the fine tuned, pointed AptoLast Lace Wrap System helps mold the shoe to your feet. Plus, the grass field graphics act like camouflage, confusing your defender with every dribble, pass, and goal!

Sneaker Shopping in Tokyo: Pistacchio

One of my favorite sneaker shops I found while hunting through Tokyo was Pistacchio. It’s located in Daikanyama, on a small back street called Sarugaku-cho just across from the Onitsuka Tiger store. The shop was primarily full of obscure Nike and Puma sneakers. I picked up a pair of these Puma Limited shoes I’d never seen before called “WAKE“–the blue color apparently a Tokyo exclusive. They feel like a slip on with a neoprene sock and a surprisingly comfortable hard-shell molded heal. They were available in 3 colorways, and if you look closer, each camo-eqsue pattern is actually made up of the signature leaping puma. If you speak Japanese or just like looking at pictures, Pistacchio has a stellar online shop with dozens of great sneakers to choose from.

Starck + Puma

Spring is upon us, which means it’s sandal time for many of us. Super designer Philippe Starck (and he really is on a rampage right now) is at it again, partnering up with Puma. He has a handful of different shoe designs, and I don’t care for any of them except these sandals. A bit pricey, but they look quality.

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