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New PopJunkie!

It’s finally September and unfortunately that means it’s time to “Fall” out of Summer. Get it? Sorry. Anyway, the best part about a new season is the onslaught of spanking new collections that some of our favorite brands are set to unleash. Amongst the array of apparel makers making our autumn a little more bearable are the talented designers at Pop Junkie. The Santa Barbara based clothing creators have come up with quite the autumnal assortment of tees, totes, jackets, clocks, and even pillows that are sure to make your seasonal adjustment period just a little more comfortable and a lot more stylish. If you’re still jonesin’ for summer they even have some of their past designs on sale for as much as $10 off. Check out their website and see it for yourself.

Jack Spade for Dad

Much like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day is a made up holiday. It’s a conspiracy between Hallmark and the world’s grill companies, aimed at unloading all of their outdoor cooking products just before the prime summer months. However, we know you love your dad and that if you decide to take a stand and not get him a gift he’ll pretty much disown you. Better off on the safe side, right? This year, why not take a break from the charcoal tradition and get pops something super sweet from the men’s accessory masters at Jack Spade? You can choose from a vast array of trench coats, travel bags and general merchandise that are certain to make your father much more fashionable. The best part is that getting your padre a present won’t hurt your wallet too badly. By taking advantage of the Jack Spade Father’s Day offer, you can receive $50 off and purchase of $250 or more of full priced merchandise. Better get a move on though– dad’s big day is just around the corner, and this deal is defunct after June 15th.

Threadless Summer Sale!

We've never made our love of Threadless much of a secret. From their appearance on SpearTalks to the opening of their first retail store, to MIT’s business school’s labeling of them as master innovators, we've had our eye on them for quite a while. As both a constant flow of fresh creations from a plethora of designers and a source of hot new clothes, what's not to love?

The only thing better than getting some new summer tees to freshen up your quiver is getting them on the cheap. Say hello to Threadless' Summer Blockbuster Sale. From June 2nd to midnight on June 6th, 18 brand new designs and 18 reprints of smashes from the past will be on sale. Plus, the first 250 people to order over $100 worth of product (and we all know spending that much won't be difficult) will get their hands on a limited edition Threadless print.

Once you're decked out in your new gear, only one question will remain: should that cash you saved go toward a beer on the patio"¦ or more Threadless?

Hulger Sale

Ah, the most beautiful word in the English language – that's right. Sale. And when that sale is being thrown by our favorite phone design masters Hulger, it almost seems wrong to take advantage of it. Almost"¦

Allowing you to seamlessly blend your high-tech devices with nostalgic retro styling (they've even managed to make those curly cords look cool again), anything by Hulger would be a steal at twice the price. Alas, all good things come to an end. As they gear up to phase out certain models (like the perfectly old skool P* PHONE in green), this is your last chance to order your fave colors. Get on it!

Schwipe's Cheap Ass Sale

I can’t say it any better than the guys Down Under at Schwipe have already, because this sale is cheap, and not only is it just cheap, it’s Cheap Ass. One caveat: it depends on which side of the dollar, U.S. or Australian, you’re on. We last covered their myopia-inducing prints in the Eyes Don’t Lies collection, but while this sale covers more ophthalmologist-friendly designs in winter garb like hoodies and sweaters, the patterns are still reliably bright and blaring. You’re benefiting from the fact that Australia is going into summer as we head into winter; their Class Grass and Ass collection of tees and funky not-your-grandpa’s track pants are also on sale. Move on this now "” the recently fickle American dollar is worth $1.13 Australian bucks today.

I-Manifest Update: SALE!

Our friends and Spear Collective members, I-Manifest are apparently planning something big. They’re clearing out inventory by means of a BIG sale just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy. From now until the end of the year, all I-Manifest tees are $20.

The sale includes a couple of classics like the light-sensitive Urban Decay and the glow in the dark, reversible Cupid. These are sure to go quickly, so get a move on, and keep an eye on the site to see what’s coming in the new year!

Showcase Highlights: October, Week One

If you guys aren’t checking out the Showcase on a regular basis, you’re missing out on some pretty awesome submissions, like this week’s blinged-out dog bed, a photo exhibit about underwater living and a bathtub carved out of one piece of stone. If you’re not visiting, it also means you’re not submitting — which is actually one of the best ways to catch our attention. Get in on the action now!

2X4 on sale!

Our friends over at 2×4, those guys who commission some of our favorite artists like Adam Cruickshank and Emil Kozak to create awesome t-shirt designs, are having a sale. That’s right, dope tees, small price. The collection is curated by Aussie designer Damien Aistrope and features limited edition runs of 8 tees, all on sale.

It looks like there are around 150 of each shirt left, but once word gets out, don’t expect them to last long…especially if you’re picky about your sizes.

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Trovota Member Discount

The guys at Trovota (that is, whoever is left there) are offering a 30% discount through what seems to be the end of February. An anonymous reader sent the code in claiming it was some type of discount “member” code– we think membership codes are foolish, so I thought why not share it with the world. Maybe a sign of things to come– and hopefully the ability to finally buy the good looking spring line on the internets. Either way, go knock yourself out and enjoy a savings of 30 cents on every dollar with the following code: FEBBRAIO

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