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Sneakers are an expensive hobby. The cheapest pair of premium kicks you’ll find are $80, if you can find them. Living in a town that only recently got a Quickstrike account, I know what it’s like to stay up ’til 4 in the morning to order a pair of shoes from the other side of the Atlantic. Niche markets benefit from niche sites and that’s exactly what SneakerListing is. Recently launched, the site acts as a free marketplace for collectors to buy and sell sneakers. With the ability to sort and search by brands, keyword, condition, size, and a other criteria, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. As with any new service, it’s success really depends on how many people participate. It’s a Catch 22, because I feel like many people won’t start listing or buying until they see that others have done so successfully. Also, unlike eBay (partnered with Paypal) there are really no repercussions for fraud. Hopefully the pros of having a dedicated marketplace with informed buyers and sellers outweighs the cons.

Shades Of Greige Sale


Our pals at Jack Threads are holding a big 24 hour sale for Shades of Greige starting tomorrow at 12 noon. Pieces will include dress pants, jackets, dress shirts, ties, and more. All merchandise also ships within 48 hours, so no long wait times for your sale goodies. Not into Shades of Greige? Next up, KR3W, WeSC, Sabre Sunglasses, 10.Deep and Analog. Not a member? You can signup to become one for killer deals on top tier brands in the streetwear and contemporary fashion market.

Threadless Five Dollar Sale

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In celebration of t-shirt weather (yay!) Threadless is running their legendary $5.00 and $10.00 t-shirt sale from today through next Monday June 8th. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

We’re celebrating the return of t-shirt weather with an awesome week-long Summer SALE! A ton of tees are now at $5 and $10 so get ‘em while they’re HOT!

Nau: Fuzzy Feelings All Over

In case you needed another reason to shop at Nau (other than saving the world, we mean), the planet-friendly company is currently offering a cozy 30% off of all their sweaters. Guys like them because they’re sleek, perfectly cut, and available in trend-safe colors; girls like them because they’re cuddly (made from fabrics like lambswool or angora/cashmere blends), curve-loving, and versatile; we all like them because they’re earth-consciously sexy, durable, and ready for the long-haul. Not to mention that 5% of all your Nau holiday purchases will go to the Partners for Change affiliate of your choice, ensuring that your thoughtful fashion choices make an impact in places other that your closet. No other gift will offer a more realistic case of the warm fuzzies, we guarantee it.

Tavis Coburn

Everyone wants a piece of Tavis Coburn. Clients like Nike, Time Magazine, the NFL, Discovery Channel, and GQ, amongst others have coughed up the big bucks for the privilege of having this Toronto-based master draftsman create authentic images for their campaigns. Now, we know you’re no mega-global corporate behemoth, but one look at Coburn's remarkably retro 1940's- and 50's-inspired renderings will have you wishing your last name was “Starbucks” so you might have the cash to commission a coveted canvas all your own.We, however, have some great news for you"¦you don't have that kind of loot lying around in order to get your hands on some of these astonishing images. All you have to do is head to Tavis Coburn's online shop and purchase a print that suits your fancy, regardless of whether or not you're the type who has fancy suits to wear.

Keep Black Friday Sale

It’s a shoe-in; the gang over at Keep Company are having a massive 60% off sale starting Friday through Sunday of selected shoe styles on their site (and if you live in L.A., the sale’s Friday in the store). Your gal pals probably already have the inside track on them because they were originally incepted as a brand for girls only, but their kicks have since gotten so hot they’re now offering dude’s sizes in various models. Keep uses unusual, beautiful prints, colorways and fabric like plaid, herringbone and even woven Mayan fabric to give their sneakers and slip-ons a classic feel and style. Here’s your chance to cop their gorgeous styles on the cheap.

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