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Jolby x Home is Where You Make It

Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, known collectively as Jolby, are launching their first solo show entitled “Home is Where You Make It.” The exhibition tells the story of a boy named William’s adventures in an aging forest filled with musically inclined animals, dark characters, and backdrops for every mood. The project reflects the lives and experiences of the artists, and expresses themes of hope, faith, isolation, and rebirth through a collection of visually striking images. If you’re in San Diego, check them out Subtext starting February 21st. If not, get a taste here.


Josh Kenyon at Subtext Store

No stranger to our pages, Josh Kenyon has been the subject of many quality collaborations on projects with DC Shoes as well as Gibson Guitars, but that doesn’t mean he’s not just as impressive working alone. Kenyon recently posted an update to the illustration section of his personal portfolio site with five new works, all of which can currently be seen on display at the Subtext Store in San Diego as part of the Indelible Expressions of Ink on Paper exhibit, running through August 31st. If you can’t make it to “America’s Finest City”, sneak a peak at the images online.

Dexter x Shepard Fairey

We have a kind of man-crush going on with artist/illustrator/disco king Shepard Fairey. It’s no secret. But who would have thought that a marketing guy at Showtime would share our unrequited love? Dexter, the series about a serial killer killer starring Michael C. Hall (yes, the gay brother in Six Feet Under), is coming to the San Diego Comicon, and to get the word out Fairey was commissioned to create a poster. You may also remember that the Obey Giant originator recently lent his skills to another celebrity marketing campaign. And while there may be some of you that decry Fairey’s Madison Ave. turn, we’re just glad that he’s pimping a show worthy of his pimp slap.

Max Toy Company @ Comicon

At the end of the month StrangeCo will make their descent on classy San Diego for the area’s annual Comicon to unleash a menagerie of characters that might not be so out of place in the fabled zoo of “America’s Finest City.” Their booth will have a bevy of creations from their usual collaborators like James Jarvis and tokidoki in tow. However, they’ll also have a brand partner in crime in the form of the San Francisco artist, toy collector and designer Mark Nagata. Nagata’s Max Toy Company specializes in making hand-painted, limited release figures in the tradition of classic Japanese character toys. If you’re going to San Diego in search of innovative creature comforts, check out Max Toy’s Eyezons, Pharaohs, and Booska figures, amongst others, and maybe snap one up before someone else does. These babies won’t last too long.

Take a look at the toys


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