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Singapore's "My Dream, Our Vision"

Singapore will be showing off an array of national achievements to the globe at Shanghai’s World Expo in 2010. With that date seemingly around the corner, it’s high time they got a move on crafting their host pavilion. While they’ve received a multitude of architectural suggestions, perhaps the most stunning entry in the pavilion design contest was provided by DesignAct. The architectural firm has created a masterwork in the form of a pixelated cloud skyscraper, entitled “My Dream, Our Vision." The breathtaking mass of sculpture would consist of 3866 permutated cubes with varying shades of transparency, lingering above a constantly evolving field of green. The formation is meant to characterize Singapore as a progressive land where increasing modernity and reinvention reign supreme.

Via Inhabitat

PSFK Goes To Asia


Grab your passports, put your seats and tray tables in their upright and locked position, and get ready for PSFK’s Conference in Asia. Piers and crew are headed to tax-haven and very international city of Singapore to help spread the gospel of good design, marketing, advertising, communication and so forth.

The conference agenda “Creativity for Change, Ideas To Make Things Better” looks to be one of the tastiest I’ve seen yet, speakers include:

My pal Jeff Staple who will talk about how his great ‘accidental career path’ landed him at the help of an international company, Piers (the PF in PSFK) talks about “making things better” and a handful of others from places like W+K, NASA, Mindshare, Panasonic and MTV will be taking the stage (full list here). Also, Mark Dytha of Pecha Kucha fame will speak– that should be interesting. Tickets are on sale now, with the even happening on Friday, October 10 is the day. Say hi to everyone for me, I’m sorry I’ll miss it.

Flesh Imp's Singapore Streetwear

While Singapore is not often considered a streetwear capital, subterranean youth culture brews almost anywhere. Through various product partnerships and creative clothing lines, Flesh Imp is giving Singaporean youth an expressive outlet through style, and in many ways driving a fashion revolution. While the brand is still young (they just celebrated their 7th anniversary this past December with a collabo with Adidas), they are making moves, their most recent project being limited edition Coke Zero gear. Founder Vincent Q has some poignant things to say about the burgeoning Singaporean street culture and hopes to expand Flesh Imp’s influence from the unique mix that is his city.

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