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Skateboard Sculptures

Japanese artist Haroshi creates unique three-dimensional sculptures out of recycled skateboard decks.


Layers of stacked wooden decks are transformed into sharks, body parts, fire hydrants, toys, fictional characters, and shoes.


Incredible. I need that apple. More pictures on Toxel. Thanks G!

Damien Hirst x Supreme

damien hirst supreme skatedeck tshirt 1 Damien Hirst for Supreme Skate Decks & Box Logo Tee.jpeg

Damien Hirst and Supreme are back together again. I love this version of the artist skate deck collaboration at least twice as much as the last work they did together. I had one of those boards for a little bit but it never stuck in my collection.

These ones probably will, big fan of them.

The collection releases in-store in the US on November 19th and online on November 23rd. Japan will see a release on November 21st.

Nike SB: Debacle


When word starting hitting the hypebeast sites that Nike was getting into skateboarding, there were plenty of doubters. Afterall, what does a company built on the waffle racer and Air Jordan’s know about the (pseudo) underground sport of skateboarding? The naysayers were silenced and now Nike is respected in the skate world having both a roster of talent and great kicks. One reason I think Nike has always been able to maintain it’s corporate dominance while garnering respect of their customers is they know how to gather the best talent and market themselves to their audience, in a way that shows they understand. That’s exactly what they have done with their new and revolutionary project Debacle. For Nike’s latest skate video, they teamed up with Adobe’s Experience Design (XD) team and Hega TV. Together, along with director Jason Hernandez’s leadership, they have produced a film that is inspiring and breathtaking, in full HD. Luckily for you, the viewer, they flipped the traditional distribution method on it’s head. Nike SB: Debacle is available first online for viewing and download, then a Blu-Ray version will be released later. By now I hope I have convinced you to go watch 30 minutes of the most progressive skateboarding today. Congrats to everyone involved.



In another well-curated proposal, Choque Cultural’s chronicling the art of text in Caligrafia, its latest exhibit. Jumping off from Chaz Bojorquez’s famous East L.A. tags, the show features a diverse array of styles from 40 international artists. Hardly anything is left out in this extensive visual history: Loomit’s 3-D letters, Atsuo’s glittery work, Retna’s engraved metalwork and seminal artist Billy Argel’s Brazilian skate contribution. Other big stars include L.A.’s own Saber and New York City’s KR. Media forms extend from painting to prints and photos. See a few pieces from the show online at the site. The show runs till June 27.

Lilly Lab

It’s not that us females aren’t attracted to some of the skateboard and snowboard designs out there, it’s just that some of them are a bit much. We’re not asking for our decks to be splashed with images of male models or anything — though we probably wouldn’t complain — but we’d appreciate some designs that appeal directly to our particular sensibilities. In the meantime, we have Lilly Lab to thank for creating a women’s line of apparel that makes us feel feminine without images of flowers and unicorns. So far, the site features just a few designs, including a tweeting bird, a banana peel, and their heart-filled logo. Even better, the shirts are cut to fit our curves, no matter how big or small they may be.

Vans iPhone Game

Not enough addictive stuff on your iPhone? Vans, makers of the original skate shoe, are about to drop a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that resembles Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but has the sweet perk of allowing you to pull tricks using the ever-versatile touchscreen. Check out the demo for a little preview. It looks just about ready and just needs a name, a little necessity that Vans has turned into a contest. Give it a title that pops their ollie and they’ll hook up an iPod Touch loaded with the game and a bundle of their gear.

Monsieur T @ Hecklewod Gallery

Skateboard art just keeps getting better and better. Like graffiti, it’s made its way from street level with a flare for deliquency, to carrying content dope enough to warrant a gallery show. If you happen to be in Portland this week, be sure to check out Wood Pushers, a show curated by Monsieur T. It’s all happening at Hecklewood Gallery. Check out their site for a list of artists and some of the work to be featured. Contributing artists were given the choice of painting a blank deck, or creating a piece with a skating-related theme, which should make for some interesting eye candy.

Skate Obsession Book

Earlier this year we told you about a high-profile Brazilian skate art exhibit called Expo Skate Obsession at Maze Skate Shop that brought together the most known names in the discipline into one building. The project went so well that a book chronicling the participating artists and groundbreaking show was just released this week. Partnering with Adidas, the it was sold at the big price of free (how’s that for democracy!) at the launch party. I was totally flattered to be asked to participate as translator of the artist biographies, and I’m super impressed with how well the slick, hardcover book came out, especially with the design and well-executed photos (shot by skate legend and Cemporcento Brazilian skate mag editor Alexandre Vianna). If you just gotta have this book, I’m confident if you beg and plead to Maze they might be convinced to send you one of these skate must-haves if you offer up shipping costs.

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