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Skate Obama

Last year, you sported Obama tees, held BBQs at your pad to get likeminded voters together, and threw a giant party on election night – with extra champagne on hand to drown your sorrows should the other guy win. But all of that is passe now that Obama is just days from being inaugurated, so you’ve got to find a new way to show your support. We think this skateboard will do the trick. Designed by illustrator Oliver Barrett of Go Media, this board that has been emblazoned with the President-elect’s mug serves as both wall art or, if you don’t mind a few scratches, your Democratic transportation around town. If you want it, snag it quick, because like tickets to the Inauguration, these 800 decks will go fast.

14 Days of Chrismukkah: Popdeck

The Gift: We’ve already given you a crack at one skateboard to take home for the holidays. Here’s another chance to win a bright, shiny new deck of your choice (that you can promptly scuff into oblivion). Up to three readers will win a Popdeck.

The Rules: We’re feeling a bit retro and bit Interweb scavenger-hunty. Find us the most awesomely Bones Brigade-era deck graphics that we can look at and fondly remember when Christian Slater’s fivehead was only a forehead. Just post a link in the COMMENTS section (please, not too long — if over 20 characters, use

The Deadline: Contest runs now through midnight on 12/14.

14 Days of Chrismukkah: Bustin Boards

The Prize: Would you rather bomb hills than countries? Skate or die? We’re serving up one customized Strike longboard from our friends at New Jersey’s Bustin Boards. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure — if your adventure consisted of graphic, color, scheme, trucks, wheels, etc. This one comes with Randal 180mm trucks and Bustin Boca wheels, with an option to upgrade your prize for a little extra cash.

The Rules: In the COMMENTS section, name your favorite hill. (Blueberry, Hamburger and King Of are already taken). Only one entry per reader. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

The Deadline: Contest is open now through 12/12

Gavin Strange and the JamFactory

Super one man design house Gavin Strange has caught our eye for his pumping fresh t-shirts, skateboards and these amazing little toys, Droplets. Droplets are little drops of high-gloss vinyl with personalities. They remind us of some character we created in Spore, probably of the vegetarian and social evolution chain. Each box comes signed with stickers and badges, but you won’t know which color you’ve got until you open the box. To make that magic moment of cracking open the box even more exciting some droplets are rarer than others, the black one is the hardest to get of all. Droplets like friends and for £5 friends are likely. Check out Gavin’s design house site (JamFactory) and his store for the Droplets.

ARTSPROJEKT x Zazzle Skateboards

ARTSPROJEKT, a new online “interactive and culturally relevant online community for the arts, pop culture and action sports” has teamed up with print-on-demand company Zazzle to make high-tech, high-art skate decks. Some of the many artists and micro brands involved include: Lil Jon, Shepard Fairey / OBEY, Crooks & Castles, Blood Is The New Black, Angry Woebots, Alex Pardee, and Dalek.

Zazzle’s engineering team collaborated with Andy Howell to develop the decks, which are produced within 24 hours, a first for the industry. The decks can be ordered in a handful of sizes or as a complete board with veteran boarder-approved parts. Need more authentication?

“Skateboard graphics were one of the main things that inspired me to become an artist, so it goes without saying that I want my art to translate beautifully on skateboards,” said Shepard Fairey. “In the past, printing on a curved board surface had detail limitations or smudging could occur at the bends. The ARTSPROJEKT boards utilize new digital technology to create perfectly crisp graphics with impeccable detail.”

And from Alex Pardee: “I actually got to see first-hand this insane technology and the quality of the final printed deck, and I was blown away. It seriously was like looking at a Giclee print ON A SKATE DECK!”

Mustache Rides

They say that clothes make the man, but we beg to differ. In our estimation, nothing makes a man more manly than a classy, well-manicured mustache. Ditto goes for a distinguished looking deck. It looks as though Lawrence Melilli agrees. He’s chosen to adorn his new gentlemanly line of boards entitled “Mustaches” with a few esteemed looking mustachioed fellas. These decks owe their stately appearance to their fine facial hair as well as their hand-painted detail. If you’re looking to make your time on the half-pipe appear more prestigious, perhaps it’s time you put in an order for your own custom-designed, well-groomed gear.


If the word “whoa” hasn’t yet worked its way into your vocabulary it’s about to, thanks to the eye-popping, fully-customizable skateboards created by Corbusboards. In the past “fully customizable” meant merely blanketing your board in decals and graffiti, but Corbus eschews the traditional yet limited wooden board base in favor of a durable aluminum one, welding it to match some absolutely dope designs. The result is a few functionally ferocious decks that are ideal whether you’re bombing or grinding.

Laser-Designed Skateboards

Eventually, we’ll get sharks with laser beams attached to their heads to fill our backyard pool. But until then, making “Pew! Pew!” sound effects will have to suffice. Not Damion Silver. This member of the Nu Artist movement has used his chaotic, layer-happy graphic style to design images for a wide range of companies — from Converse to Timex — but recently he created an intriguing personal project: laser-designed skateboards.

After creating boards the old-school way, Silver stumbled upon the technique of using focused light as a design tool. He liked the method’s clean and precise feel, so he found a partner and started working on his first deck. In about two weeks, he will be offering five decks, which all have the same essential design on different colored backgrounds, for $300 on

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