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Spearlocator: Headed to Vancouver

vancouver.jpg.jpeg I’m headed to Vancouver and then Whistler tomorrow for the week. I’m primarily out there to speak at a special industry session during the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival but I have ample time to explore Vancouver and hopefully catch more spring powder if this snow keeps up. I’m looking forward to it all.

I’ve never been to Vancouver, crazy right? So– where should I go? Shop? Eat? Explore? I’m told I should also hop over to Vancouver Island and see some whales or run with the bears or something too.

If you’ve got thoughts please leave a comment below, or drop me a note. Thanks!

DWR x K2 Snowboard Contest

Design Within Reach may still not quite be within your monetary reach, but at least now they’re helping us to lend a hand. For the third year in a row, DWR — with the help of both its Denver and Seattle officers — are hosting the Design the Modern Board competition alongside K2 Snowboarding. Submit a graphic design by March 6th and you’ll have the chance to have your image take to the slopes. Voting will take place at the DWR Denver studio on March 27th. Proceeds from the boards will benefit the Snowboard Outreach Society that helps youth build self-esteem through outdoor activities.

Monument Snowboards

There’s no chill in the air just yet, but we can sense it coming. You better face the fact it’s going to be winter soon, and with that comes prime snowboarding weather. Why not celebrate the imminent frosty season by grabbing yourself new deck? The masterminds at Monument Snowboards (or MNMT) have just what you’re looking for with their new line of boss boards for ’08-’09, featuring some seriously sick designs from a slew of talented artists such as KRINK, Kime Buzzelli, and Todd Tourso. In additon to their top gear, MNMT has also launched a brand new site that allows you to take a gander at both the brand’s hard and soft goods, check out a few blogs, and become part of the Monument consortium by signing up for their newsletter.

Blotto Photto x (UP)Rising Sonz!

Snowboarders often migrate to the skateboard for the summer. The guys at Blotto Photto are no different — except they also document their efforts with soaring photographs and websites. Summer is about to end and they’ve got some new things to show from their skateboarding season before booking their snowboarding trips. Check out their new website featuring some amazing photographs for skating/snowboarding. If you were a fan of the 28 Days of Winter book we blogged about about a year ago, its the skateboarder’s turn with (UP)Rising Sonz! The book captures the excitement of first stepping on a skateboard photographs of the sport and the culture.


Freebording: not quite skateboarding and not exactly snowboarding. With a totally unique rider-driven design, Freebord gives you the look of a street deck and the feeling of carving a mountain. Using four outer wheels to simulate a snowboard edge and 360° rotating wheels in the middle of the board to initiate slides in any direction, the feeling (so we hear) is just like bombing down a mountain.

Recently they amped up their site with three fresh designs — Elite, Haze, and Riot — all fitted with new lighter trucks for better agility. Gripped and made from 7-ply Canadian Maple, the decks are light enough for tricks but strong enough to support any height or weight. Now go shred.

K2 x DWR: 2nd Annual Design The Modern Board Competition

DWR's Denver studio wants you"¦to participate in the 2nd Annual Design The Modern Board Competition. The contest sponsored by K2 Snowboards and benefiting the Snowboard Outreach Society is asking established and aspiring graphic designers throughout Colorado to throw their proverbial hats or graphics for a modern snowboard design in the ring. Participants must make their intent to submit known by February 28th, and all submissions are due by March 26th. Final judgment takes place the following day. The contest winner will receive a K2 Snowboard graced with their creation, while the 1st and 2nd runners up will get a trophy in the form of a top sheet of his/her winning graphic. Now if that don't beat all, then we don't know what does.

Tom Judd for Burton

Although this is old news to Spear Collective comrade Tom Judd, who did the illustration work for this Burton collab nearly two years ago in the Summer of ’06, and was subsequently sworn to secrecy, it’s new news to us. This 2008 Burton GTwin deck has ‘Tom Judd’ written all over it, although the top sheet was censored a bit to — I’m guessing — scale down the loudness to comport with traditional Burton style. At any rate, whenever Mr. Judd fancies splattering his ideas on a canvas — no matter what type of canvas — we like it. This deck is ladies-specific, so rejoice Tom Judd groupie-snowboarder-chicks!

Shred or Die

I’m exhausted. For the past few nights I’ve been glued to Shred or Die, watching pro and regular extreme sports enthusiasts get their skate/snow/surf/BMX/moto on, and as a person who isn’t accustomed to the quick energy burst from these types of short clips, I’m having a pacing problem. I went from watching pro skateboarder Bucky Lasek squeezing blood clots out of his elbow earned from some gnarly incident and Ryan Sheckler manualing around Tony Hawk’s backyard pool (for that one I tapped the video player’s slow-mo and frame-by-frame viewing options) to surfer Joel Parkinson coasting along in a barrel, and then I voted at the end on whether each video shredded or should die. It’s a ton of fun, not to mention addicting. The site depends on user participation to weed out anything that sucks, so the most yawn-worthy videos get stuck at the bottom of the list. Last night’s session got me into the Bails section, where viewers can watch skateboarders eating rock or concrete; and the inspiring Tips/Tricks sections, full of good advice I’d take if I could just even learn to ollie. Unfortunately, like the sports themselves, this site practically encourages me to go play instead of work, so I think I’m going to be up tonight again.

28 Day Winter: A Snowboarding Narrative

In August 2006, Burton photographers Dean “Blotto” Gray, Jeff Curtes and Adam Moran (also Burton Snowboard’s team manager) hit the road with six major international snowboarders, from Norway’s Terje Haakonsen to America’s Shaun White, to such far-flung destinations as New Zealand and Chile. 28 Day Winter: A Snowboarding Narrative is a culmination of that trip, a coffee table book that puts readers there in the flesh with the photographers as they witnessed these stars doing spectacular 720′s, grabbing air on their boards, soaring over objects like gasoline barrels. The photographs are stunning, showing magnificent backdrops of terrain, sometimes with a brightly colored speck in the distance that is the rider cruising across a blanket of white. Other photos depict riders bonding in their down time, an experience that snowboarders know are very much a part of the whole picture. When you reach the end of the book, you almost have to hold yourself back from hopping on a plane with all your gear and heading to snow country immediately.

The book comes out in December, but you can pre-order it at Amazon for a discounted price.

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