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Nara Doggy Radio

Doggy radio

Doggy Radio is a functional limited-edition art object created by world-renowned contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara, in collaboration with How2work & Sayer Studios.

Doggy Radio is limited to a strict run of 3,000 pieces, and each one includes a metal dog tag with its unique edition number. In addition, each doggy comes beautifully and safely packaged custom designed container with an exclusive easy-to-follow manual illustrated by Nara himself, as well as an USB cable and a power supply with international outlet adapters for easy and convenient use.

The Reverb Solar Powered iPod Dock

Regen Reverb Solar Powered iPod Dock.jpeg

Perhaps a competitor to the Geneva Sound System (I’ve got one in my house and I LOVE it), is the Reverb Solar Powered iPod Dock (it stands 3 feet tall, so that’s some dock).

It has built in solar panels so it can be used outside your home power-cord free! It fits a majority of iPhones and iPods but also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use it with just about anything. It goes on sale April 2010 for $2,299 and you can pre-order now with a deposit of $500 (a serious leap of faith that it sounds as good as it looks). Looks great though!

Parrot x Zikmu Wireless Speakers

If you’re a fool for your audio gear, you probably feel entangled in wires. That jungle of insulated black and gray is slowly being diminished by wireless options for any sound system. Parrot wireless speakers utilizes WiFi and Bluetooth technology, allowing you to set up your Philippe Starck-designed speakers anywhere in the room and stay in control of the music from your computer, iPod, or any Bluetooth enabled source.

Putting the Speak in Speaker

When reading a comic, the speaker is the character with a word bubble above his head. In everyday waking life our words don’t hover above our person to allow everyone within peering distance to catch our conversational content. For that, we employ another kind of speaker, the kind that blares song lyrics or comedy routines, not to mention embarrassing best man speeches we blurt into a microphone. These different definitions of the word speaker are echoed in designer Sherwood Forlee’s design concept for a speaker set. Forlee has created a pair of noiseboxes shaped like the speech surroundings of something said by Superman that just might sing the sounds of Sinatra or The Shins. Pretty awesome.

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